Spinoff: Co-sleeping with Cats?

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Honey bee

Does one really have a choice when it comes to anything a cat does?  

My cat sleeps in my bed and keeps me up all night if I don’t lay a certain way.  He is the worst.

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Busy bee
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Yeah that’s a no from me, my cat is still juvenile and thinks my feet are something to attack which is not really something I can sleep with so she doesn’t sleep with us.

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Buzzing bee
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My cat (RIP) would never sleep at the end of the bed & always wanted to be as close to me as possible. when I was single he would sleep in the hook of my arm.

Cats are way cleaner than dogs!!

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Bumble bee
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I’d love if my cat slept on the bed with us, but she’s just not interested. Our previous cat used to sleep by my feet until I turned over and accidentally kicked her off the bed… After that she started sleeping by my pillow and would occasionally bite me in the head, just to remind me who was boss.


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Busy bee
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We’ve got four cats. Two of them are really young and run around a lot at night. For obvious reasons they’re not allowed in the bedroom at night. The two older cats are allowed to sleep in the bed when we feel like it. When we know we can sleep late and won’t mind if they wake us in the middle of the night, they’re allowed in. On weeknights, they usually sleep in the lounge. If I had a dog, I probably would still let it sleep on the bed though. I love cuddling with furry creatures.

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Sugar bee
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Yes, my cats allow me to sleep on my bed with them. I am grateful to my feline overlords!

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Busy bee

I just finally let my 2 cats sleep in my room at night but they wake me up between 5-6 am so I usually throw them out and go back to sleep until my alarm goes off. But it’s starting to piss me off and put me in a cranky mood lol, so it might end. This girl needs her sleep. Lol. 

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Honey bee
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Our cat is easy to share a bed with, especially now that she’s older and settled down a bit. She usually sleeps at our feet in the summer, but come winter, I tend wake up to her nestled against my stomach or tucked into my arms like a teddy bear (haven’t quite figured out how she burrows in there withoout waking me).

She used to try to wake us up early for food, but an automatic feeder broke her of that habit. However, she cannot handle it if our alarms go off (no matter what time) and we stay in bed. She gets antsy and starts to headbutt us and walks on us. 

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Bumble bee
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We sleep with our cats, but they generally don’t disturb us at all.  The worst is that sometimes I get pinned between our big cat and FH, but one of those is easy to move (it’s not the cat), lol.  Our other cat sometimes likes to walk across the pillows, but it’s not enough to really disturb you.  He often sleeps on the guest bed anyway.

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Sugar bee
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APancakePrincess :  delicate!? L. O. L! I have 2 cats and while one is delicate an sleeps at the fot of the bed, the other is a 17lbs monster who alternated between trying to be under the covers with me, on my pillow, or laying on top of me. He eats my hair and paws at my face all night… I feel like I get a full night of uninterrupted sleep maybe once a week.

but i wouldn’t change it for the world. I love them

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Busy bee
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My old kitty slept with me every night, who couldn’t love what I like to call “the 3am pounce” when she all of a sudden decided my feet were an attackable object.

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Bumble bee
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Our cat sleeps with us when he wants to. He usually either sleeps at one of our feet or at my head on my pillow. I don’t really mind when he does at all. In fact I sort of prefer it because at least this way I know where he is. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Our cats sleep on the bed often.  Not always, as you know cats like to change it up sometimes.  When my kids were newborns and slept in the bedroom with me I shut the door so they could not get in but once the kids were in their own rooms they came back in.  I don’t like them actually on me so I’ll move them closer to my husband.  They like to sleep closer to my husband now lol.  He’s a heavier sleeper so it works. Cats don’t have any smell so it doesn’t bother me (not a huge fan of sleeping with dogs for that reason). 

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Busy bee
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Yep, our cat sleeps on top of me in our bed. I wouldn’t change it for anything! DH is totally on board with it too, he loves it. 

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