Spinoff: Co-sleeping with Cats?

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Helper bee

We had to start shutting the cats out of the bedroom at night because the youngest one thinks that licking our faces and attacking our heads while we sleep is the most fun ever.

The dog sleeps on the bed when he feels like it, which isn’t very often.

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Busy bee

Right now we don’t sleep with our cats in the room. We have two that are just under a year old. We’ve allowed them to be in our room overnight a handful of times and there was no sleep to be had. I’d love if they would sleep in bed with us, but right now they just attack our feet. ☹️

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Busy bee
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We have two cats, and both are allowed on the bed at night with us. 

However, they are only allowed down by our feet. I REFUSE to allow them anywhere near my face or pillow at all. Luckily my Darling Husband supports this as well. After 9 years both cats know the routine, and are trained fairly well in that regard. 

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Blushing bee
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Me right now. He loves to sleep in between limbs, like in between legs, or right now he’s in the space between my top and bottom legs bc my legs are curled up. He’s the best 😊

APancakePrincess :  

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Sugar bee
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APancakePrincess :  I would love if both of our pets could sleep in our bed! But we only have a queen so we don’t have room. 

Our cat is a little stinker and does whatever he pleases. He usually curls up between my legs at night which is fine. But when I go to move he gets mad that he has to reposition himself. I swear he thinks it’s his bed and we just borrow it lol.

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Honey bee

I sleep with my cat, call him Alpha. He’s quiet (although sometimes he snores lightly), small and gets regular baths. The other cats have to be in their own rooms at night or he will attack them. I made the mistake of inviting another cat to jump up on the (made) bed. Alpha was not pleased. War was declared and rages on to this day.

The dog and the cats have made a serious effort at detente and they exist in mutual disregard. The exception is when the treat drawer is opened, they will join forces to overpower the staff. When they met, war was declared and in the first battle the cat was the victor, while the dog was left quivering on the rug, asking why I had invited such a bellicose creature into the house.  My 95lb Doberman pinscher is not allowed on the bed. She has a zillion very comfy dog beds scattered throughout the house.

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Worker bee

We have 3 cats and they all sleep with us, usually on my SO’s side. I tell him I’m jealous, but really it’s nice to be able to move around at night without having to worry about the cats, haha. I like when they cuddle with me when watching TV and go over to him when we’re settling into bed. Win-win!

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Sugar bee
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My rule has always been my cat has free reign in the bedroom until it’s bedtime, and then he gets kicked out. So if I lay down for a nap or something that’s fine, and he’ll usually lay on me and nap with me, but if I’m going to bed for the night, he can sleep anywhere else but the bedroom. That’s been my policy since I got him over 10 years ago. He’s just too disruptive when I want a good night’s sleep. He will, however, let me know when it’s time for him to be allowed into the bedroom in the morning. 

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Bumble bee
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Soon2BMrsFredericks :  The exact same thing happens with my cat! I always end up kicking her out of the room around 5 am and then sleeping fitfully until my alarm goes off at 6:30 🙄

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Busy bee

My cat sleeps in my bed with me every night. She will settle ontop of my chest at first which crushes my lungs (she’s 17lbs) but then she moves to the crook of my arm. When I move to my side she will be next me….like I’m spooning my cat. Ha.

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Bumble bee
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When I had a cat, she slept with me every night. I got her when she was 10 weeks old and she was so tiny that she slept curled up in the hollow of my neck, then she moved to sleeping at the top of my head once she got a little bigger. Eventually she graduated to sleeping pressed up against my legs. So I basically couldn’t move all night, but I loved her so much I didn’t care lol.

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Busy bee
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Our cats sleep with us every night. I usually have to kick them out around 4 because one of them is super needy and tries to wake me up (yep, only me – NEVER my fiancé 🙄)

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Sugar bee
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Basically my cat allows me to cosleep with him lol. He pretty much owns the bed and is on it 70% of the time. On a rare occasion he will leave to sleep in his cat tree, but usually he is snuggled up on my side of the bed and heating me up to about 1000 degrees. It works out, because my husband is a blanket hog. 

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Buzzing bee

My cat generously lets Darling Husband and I sleep in her bed. She also doesn’t let us forget that it is her bed, and not ours. She wants to stretch out across half the bed? That’s fine, we’ll spoon over here on our half. She wants to sleep on my chest? Okay, I guess I’m sleeping on my back tonight.

Seriously, though, if she’s not in the bed, Darling Husband hunts her down and tries to relocate her to the bed. She usually sleeps in the canyon between Darling Husband and my legs, but sometimes she surprises us. She’s a pretty good bedfellow. She doesn’t generally wake us up, she cuddles nicely, she waits for me to get up to enthusiastically start her morning.

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Blushing bee
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Our two cats sleep on the bed with us, and I like the extra company except for when the bigger one has taken over half my side already before i come to bed, haha. My fiance hates that they wake him up at 5am for food, but I’m a deep sleeper so they never bother trying to wake me. Downsides for me are the amount of hair on the doona and the fact that we’ll have to get one of those zip up dome top bassinets when we have a baby. We’ll be having our future dog sleep on their bed on the floor though, mostly because we have no more room on the bed as it is and will likely get a big dog lol

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