(Closed) Spinoff- Could you marry someone who eats completely different than you?

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  • poll: Could you marry someone who eats completely different than you?

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    I don’t think I could – people who are picky eaters annoy me!!!  I guess it would be different if he was a vegetarian or gluten-intolerant or something like that, but just being picky seems childish to me.


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    @Lolasmomma:  Well considering I stopped dating a guy because he didn’t like cheese, I would guess that I’d have a difficult time being with someone that didn’t like the same things I did.  However, one of my best friends is an extremely picky eater, so when we hang out I will cook dishes that he specifically likes; I’m just not sure I could do that on a day to day basis.

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    I couldn’t. I’ve certainly tried to have a relationship with people like that but after a while the constant complaining about “different” or “weird” food drove me crazy. My Fiance will try any food and is not picky at all. Love him!

    As far as advice, sorry. It seems like it’s one of those things where they will only change if they want to. Maybe if he has to cook/prepare his own food he’d be a little more open?

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    I’m a very picky eater. One day about 3 years ago, I lost my appetite for almost everything I used to love: mexican food, chicken, pork, turkey, any kind of deli sandwich. It was weird, but I still haven’t gotten an appetite back for those things. The thought of those foods makes my stomach turn. I would prefer to snack on things all day long than eat 3 big meals. DH loves basically all kinds of food except fruit, and eats 3 giant meals a day. The only time we ever have an issue is when we’re out running errands and he wants to pick up something quick, and I’m not ready for a full meal, but he doesn’t think a smoothie is an acceptable choice. 


    Aside from that, we both compromise. I love red meat, so he still gets his burgers or steak and potatoes. If he wants Mexican food, I just eat somewhere else first. I can generally find something to eat at most places, except Mexican restaurants; the smell alone upsets my stomach. Other than that, I try to cook things I know he’ll like, and try to eat a little of the stuff I don’t like, and load up on stuff I do. Either that or default to breakfast foods, which we both love.

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    I think it depends. If I was a vegan then I doubt I would date a meat eater because our values aren’t the same. If he doesn’t like pickles and I do, then I think that’s a silly thing to get fussed about.

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    If my husband is picky, he gets to make it himself. I don’t feel like i have to provide for someone if they only eat unhealthy things, you know? 50% of the time we eat the same thing together, the rest of the time, we make our food separately. There are millions of other ways to show your love for someone other than falling down a starch and fattening food tunnel with them.

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    Picky eaters annoy me, so I couldn’t marry one.  I find it supremely off-putting and unattractive when adults are fussy eaters or have child-like palates.

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    If it were severe, probably not.  There are obviously small things that each of us dislike of course.  But seeing as I cook the majority of the time, I get annoyed when he complains about me putting a certain ingredient in the food that I love and he hates (celery for example).  We can deal with that, but I don’t know if I could live with a vegetarian because I enjoy meat too much and woudn’t want to have to cook two meals all the time.

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    Probably not!  At least, I couldn’t marry someone who was a seriously picky eater.  I love to make new foods and try new things so I want someone who is open to that.  Not someone that refuses to eat anything except spaghetti.  I don’t want to eat at Applebee’s the rest of my life.

    I also make a lot of vegetarian food, so I don’t think I could handle someone that refused to eat it.  Fiance eats everything that I make except eggs.

    I eat everything except olives.  Fiance only refuses a few things…the only one that irritates me is that he won’t eat eggs!  And I love to make eggs, omelets, and quiches.

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    I married a very specific eater! He has a lot of stomach issues ( IBS related), so a lot of  things are off the table as far as what he is able to comfortably eat and digest. Not going to lie, it SUCKS. Especially since I love, love, LOVE to cook spicy Cajun food, beans, rice, and all sorts of really, really flavorful things. DH and I pretty much eat lean and easy to digest meats, veggies and very, very little seasoning. Boo. When I am cooking for a group, I cook ” my” way, when I am cooking for just us, I cook stuff I know won’t upset his stomach.

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    I’m vegetarian and my husband is too. I know couples who are omni/veg, but generally when at home they eat vegetarian. He grew up eating this way, I have been vegetarian since a teen. It certainly is nice to enjoy the same food. Cooking is one of our favorite hobbies.

    While I dated omnivores, I don’t think I could be with someone who ate unhealthy foods and didn’t show an interest in cooking. To me, what you eat is a sign of how much you value your health. 

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    @Lolasmomma:  My mother has completely conformed to her husband’s eating choices. It kills me! She no longer eats half of her favorite foods because he doesn’t like vegetables, except for corn or beans and they have to be canned, he doesn’t like casseroles, he doesn’t like fruit, he likes his meat only cooked this way, blah, blah, blah. WTF Mom? She doesn’t make him cook his own damn food since he’s so damn picky. They both work full time. It is ridiculous. I know it’s her life and she says she’s happy with it, but damn. I cook what I want you can eat it  or pay for/cook your own. I’m all for trying out new recipes and what-not. But I sincerely hate fresh cilantro and beans. I will use dried cilantro and I have one soup that has beans in it. I will make it with beans (so everyone else can eat them) and then spend 1/2 hr. picking the beans out of my soup. Fiance loves fresh cilantro, so he will add it to his plate only. Luckily Fiance thinks I am a great cook, so no complaints. 🙂  Would I get involved with a vegetarian or someone who wanted to make me eat the way they do? Probably not.

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    I said unsure. Reason being is that I could probably handle having different food preferences, I mean everyone has things they do and don’t like. What I wouldn’t be able to handle is someone who eats only junk food. If I don’t want to have carbs, I am fine cooking up some rice for him for example. But I couldn’t handle making myself a nice meal while my husband hit up the local taco bell. Gross

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