(Closed) Spinoff- Could you marry someone who eats completely different than you?

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    DH and i don’t eat the same stuff. neither of us cook for the other (it’s rare if we cook for the both of us). it’s not a big deal. i’m a picky eater compared to DH. he’ll eat anything. i ate like him when started dating and gained weight. i realized i can’t eat like him so i don’t. i don’t see the big deal if couples don’t eat the same stuff.

    eta- being a picky eater does not equal eating childish foods. for instance, i’m a picky eater and i hate condiments. i won’t eat cheeseburgers or hot dogs if there is mayo, mustard or ketchup on them but i like sushi, indian food, etc.

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    Did! My husband is a strict Atkins/low/no carb dieter: low carb wraps and occasional breakfast potatoes along with lots of meat, vegetables, and cheeses for the most part. I’m a Weight Watchers subscriber. Most of the time he cooks for himself and I cook for me. One year for Valentine’s Day we did that too!

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    @Lolasmomma:  I did, it works but it is a pain in the ass.

    My DH is completely opposite of me in every way when it comes to food. I love water and the occasional iced tea….he drinks diet soda like it is going out of style. I love vegetables and limited lean meat, he could live off of steak and potatoes and the idea of anything green other than iceberg lettuce makes him gag.

    At first I found myself cooking for him and eating things I didn’t like. That had to stop. At this point I cook for me and make minor modifications for him. So yes in essence I am cooking two meals on some nights. Sometimes he has to pick things out or have a slightly varied meal but overall the food is healthier and he has to suck it up sometimes. Over the past 7 years he has come around to a few things but still we are like night and day.

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    @crayfish:  That’s how I feel! I don’t live with SO, but we’ve talked about it in the future and I am excited to be able to cook for him. That being said, if he doesn’t like what I’m making then he can make his own food! Of course I will cook things that he wants in addition to what I want, but I could never do all the cooking and then also not eat what I wanted to eat!

    He eats a bunch of junk right now, but that’s because he’s too lazy/doesn’t know how to cook. In the future if he asks me to cook something else or add something else to a meal I’m happy to adapt, but the way I see it if he doesn’t cook he doesn’t get to be choosy with what he eats.

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    DH and I are huge foodies.  This is probably why we’ve gained some weight.  We’re willing to try anything at least once.  Being Asian, the food is part of my culture and I love that DH can eat anything my family serves.  He also uses chopsticks like a pro.  lol

    ETA: DH is white, if that matters.

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    Sure. Luckily my husband will eat anything I put in front of him and I’m the picky eater. I’m also 100% responsible for all the cooking in the house. I adore it.

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    Foods one of those things where it may seem ridiculous for a relationship to cave over it, but there has to be at least some compromise. I was lucky in that my husband was never a very picky eater (I was pickier). When I made the decision to become a vegetarian, he jumped on board with me. It’s made things a lot simpler.

    He complains about the amount of food I cook – i.e., that I don’t make enough. We have a standing rule that if he’s still hungry, it’s on him to find something else to eat, but I’m not supersizing dinner portions because a.) he usually doesn’t need it and b.) I don’t either!


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    @FauxBoho:  If you are an adventurous eater I assume you are adventurous in life. If you are afraid of food then I assume you are afraid of life (and terrible in the sack lol). 

    that mad me laugh but i totally agree.  i was so afraid of this when i met my now dh, the pickiest eater ever.  good sex is important to me.  well, he must be the exception because he is the best i’ve had and very adventurous (and i’ve had enough to know good sex from bad).

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    i don’t know. i guess i’d try, but i know i’d get tired of it. my husband will pretty much eat anything. onions are the only thing he hates. i’m actually the pickier eater out of the 2 of us.

    my husband’s buddy has been staying with us for the last couple weeks and he’s a very picky eater, so i’ve been trying to make things that aren’t too “weird” for him. he’s trying to be more open to trying new things and so far i’ve made 3 meals that he’s told me he’s loved, which i consider a pretty big deal, haha. i don’t mind having him here at all, but it will be nice to not have to worry about what to make for dinner when he leaves

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    I don’t know if this is lame or not, but I think the fact that we both love to eat really helped us bond. We both love similar foods, especially mexican (which he had never tried until he met me). 

    The only thing that ever bugs me is he refuses to try sushi and I LOVE it! Someday…someday.

    I once dated a guy who wouldn’t eat CHEESE! I knew that would never work…

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    @Lolasmomma:  It would be almost impossible for me to be with someone that had a totally different diet than myself. For instance, if I was vegan and DH was a full-blown carnivore, I’d have to make two seperate meals EVERY DAY to stick with our diets- that would end up costing more time/money than I’d be okay with.


    DH and I both will eat pretty much anything. The only thing I won’t/can’t eat is onions (they literally make me vomit; even the smell makes me vomit- and yes, I can definitely tell if someone has just removed onions from a burger or salad and passed it off as ‘no onions’ as requested). Fortunately, DH doesn’t love onions so we don’t ever have to use them in our meals.


    We will try anything once, though. We’re definitely not picky, and I’d eat onions if they didn’t make me gag at the smell, lol!



    ETA: DH has IBS, so what he eats doesn’t always ‘agree’ with him, but he will definitely eat anything. We love chinese, mexican, italian, spicy, etc.

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    I was JUST talking about this topic the other day with my SO!!!!


    I work in the restaurant industry (ugh, it’s horrible) and I see so many people on dates and married couples where there is one picky person in the relationship. No matter how long they have been together, the other person is constantly either rolling their eyes or locking eyes with me as if to say “How annoying, right?” 


    I once dated a guy who had to have everything BLAND BLAND BLAND. I like a bit of spicy! My current SO is a garbage disposal when it comes to food, he will eat anything. So, if we don’t eat something it’s usually my choice. I’m not allergic to anything but I do not like the taste of olives :::shudder:::



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    As long as he respects my food choices, I would respect his!

    But it would be a serious PITA to cook for a picky eater!

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    I’m Asian, so hubs puts up with all of my weird foods: a jar of fermented bean curd next to the mayo, salted duck eggs, mystery pickles made from daikon and carrots…  He was your typical meat and potatoes guy until I got a hold on him.  He now likes pho, roasted cauliflower, toasted garlic on salads… He’s really expanding his horizons!

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    my SO and I got along great as one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian for 5 years no issues w it

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