(Closed) Spinoff- Could you marry someone who eats completely different than you?

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    FH is a bigger meat eater and pickier than I am. He is a meat and potatoes type of guy and wants meat at every meal whereas I don’t have to eat meat at dinner. He also prefers red meat to chicken or fish, and I prefer chicken or fish to red meat. He also was used to food being fried, which I don’t do. 

    I do almost all of the cooking, so we had to compromise on some things. If I make chicken, I try to change up the recipe so it’s not the same thing over and over again. He doesn’t like diced tomatoes in spaghetti sauce, so I puree my tomatoes now. The only thing I’ve ever made that he refuses to eat is talapia, so if I want that I usually make it for my lunch. I thought it would be harder for him to adjust to not eating anything fried, he looked at me funny the first time I put french fries in the oven, but it’s been really easy for him. 

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    Yeah, you would just make it work. Although having to cook 2 different meals every night wouldn’t be that great. In that situation I guess both people should cook their own foods. 

    And you can always grow to like foods that you didn’t previously like. In some cases. 

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    For me, it’s the other way around. I’m an extremely picky eater (it’s related to my anxiety), but my boyfriend will eat almost anything. He just lets me pick most of the stuff at the grocery store, and then we cook almost every night together and eat it. 

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    It depends on how huge the divide was.

    My husband can’t stand veggies (thanks Mother-In-Law for teaching him that was okay lol) & that’s not that big od a deal to me as it doesn’t make dinner plans impossible per se.

    But if he were like a vegan.. eh, I don’t think I could have made a relationship work since food is sort of a big deal.

    and… now I sound cray. lol

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    My ex husband and I ate completely differently and we never had any issues (in that area, lol.

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    I couldn’t marry someone who was vastly different in that they were paleo or something. I just don’t care enough to be that picky about products and eating out.

    But my Fiance is an extremely picky eater. He doesn’t like salty foods, he doesn’t like pasta, many vegetables, many fruits, soup, salad, lemon, and more.

    It can really be challenging because I am such a foodie and love to experiment and try new things, and he is really reluctant to try foods he hasn’t had before or he previously had years and years ago and didn’t like.

    Food is such a big deal to me – it’s how we socialize in my family. We cook together, we eat together, then cook some more. It’s how I often show affection for people – I cook for them. I love making birthday dinners for people.

    I had to explain this to my Fiance because he didn’t understand why I could get so upset over his eating habits, and he seems to understand now. He really tries hard. He’s much more open to trying new things, and he has been trying to get over some of his preconceived notions of foods he hasn’t eaten in 10+ years. He’s gotten a lot better, and that means a lot to me.

    Ultimately though, I will make foods he doesn’t like, and on those days he’s fine being on his own for dinner. Usually though I can accomodate him.

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    @FauxBoho:  If you are an adventurous eater I assume you are adventurous in life. 

    I think there’s a lot of truth to this statement.  My fiance didn’t grow up eating a lot of exotic or different things.  To be fair, I didn’t either, but my mom did at least try to introduce some different types of foods into my diet.  According to my fiance, he grew up eating a lot of meat and potatoes, fruits and vegetables, some fish … And that’s about it.  

    I became a very adventurous eater when I went away to college.  I think it had a lot to do with “finding myself” and all of that.  I met my fiance a year after I graduated from college, and in the now over 6 years we’ve been together, he’s tried a lot of new to him foods including Indian, sushi, Thai, lamb, mussels, etc.  Even better, he’s loved all of them!

    I’ve dated a few picky eaters in the past, including one guy who would literally (no joke) eat only Mexican (but that included only one sit down restaurant and fake fast food Mexican like Taco Bell), hamburgers, baked potatoes, and the occasional steak.  That’s it.  It drove me insane!

    Interestingly, he wasn’t simply picky with his food.  He refused to fly anywhere, and really had no interest in even taking road trips lasting longer than 3 or 4 hours.  He didn’t care to see new places or learn new things.  Needless to say, that didn’t last long!

    My fiance, on the other hand, loves to travel, constantly wants to learn new things, etc.  We’re both very into having awesome, exciting experiences.  I can’t imagine spending my life with someone who didn’t feel the same.

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    If he didnt eat meat , i couldnt do it at all! I need a hunter.

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    My BF is a picky eater, and although I eat really healthy, I am a HUGE foodie! I even went to culinary school. At first it annoyed me, but 3 years in, he is willing to try new things and has expanded his palette immensely! Changing peoples’ minds one dish at a time!

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    My bf and I cook separate meals every day. It’s not because either of us is picky. I have fitness goals that I’m trying to acheive (fitness competition) and my meal plan is very calculated. He eats whatever he wants (but is still slim – damn men).

    We’ve made it work for us. We still sit down together for a meal when we can (mostly weekends our eating times line up).

    He is very supportive of my training and helps me as much as he can. He’s amazing and I couldn’t do it without him 🙂

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    When you really think about it… eating is what most of us do most often with our SO’s. It’s hugely important. Not having at least similar tastes is a complete deal-breaker for me!

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    @Lolasmomma:  God this is such an issue in my house. I love ethnic food, mexican, thai, indian, greek, sushi, etc. My DH only likes baked chicken, steak, veggies, and italian food. I can eat whatever I want and not worry, (high metabolism), DH just looks at food and gains weight. If bring any kind of sweets into the house its gone in an instant, DH has a major sweet tooth – and then regrets eating desserts bc he gains weight and feels bad about himself. I have literally hid a brownie cake one time just so I could have some when I wanted it without it disappering. Same with chips, crackers, they disappear. I eat more grazing style and can savour things. He hoovers.

    A lot of the time we have seperate dinners. Sigh, it sucks.

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    I was a vegetarian and Fiance was a carnivore when we first got together. It honestly didn’t bother me at all. Now we’re both pescetarian… it’s kind of like we compromised, but it’s just a coincidence. I started eating fish again because I wanted to make life easier for myself when I lived in Japan, and Fiance gave up meat because he wanted to be healthier but didn’t want to give up his favorite food of all, sushi.

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    I am a picky eater and my Fiance is not at all.  Thankfully he doesn’t really care at all what he eats so I can pretty much make whatever I want and he’ll eat it.  When we go out to eat, he gets to be adventurous and eat whatever weird thing he is craving.

    The good thing though is I am becoming more open about my food choices and slowly trying new things.

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    @Lolasmomma:  I’d marry a picky eater as long as they didn’t expect me to cook for them. If they wanted to make all their own meals, whatever, I don’t care. I prefer a non-picky eater but as long as I’m not being harangued to make things the stupid way they like it I can cope. 

    DH is in the middle. I make what I want to, I tell him what it is, often he’ll want some, and sometimes he’ll go “eh” and make himself a hot dog instead. His prerogative. He is pickier about what he’ll eat on a daily basis than I am, but he has tried a few things I didn’t want to during our travels. (Then again, I’ve tried a few things he didn’t want to as well.) 

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