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  • poll: Do you share social media accounts with your SO?

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    peekaboobs :  age exeption, of course, as i have several aunts and uncles 50+ who share an account. And you know its just because uncle never goes on there. 

    but i have a cousin who is 30 years old and I am not really sure if they have a joint account? hers is HerName ‘N’ His and then he has an account named HisName ‘N’ Hers,but he nevers goes on. They are suuuuper religious and im pretty sure no one has cheated, but maybe major codependency. 

    DH doesnt have a facebook and we don’t share mine. I think its weird when you arent sure who you are talking to. 

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    I think it’s weird and I always assume someone cheated/trust issues 

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    mrspuppylove :  it’s more common than you think.  One partner cheats (using FB, usually), so the other partner forces them to delete their facebook and create a joint account so that their activity can be monitored.  It’s a false sense of security for sure, but it happens all. the. time.

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    I am with Cloverbells. I refuse to have a facebook account (havent had one in over 5 years) but my boo thing does. While I have never logged in to his facebook on my own, I do have the password and if I wanted to use it to contact some of my extended family, it’s open to me. However the user name is his name. 


    We are just very open about things. We have switched phones by accident and left home with the wrong phones. Neither one of us care or think twice about it. We have each others passwords, etc. 

    That being said, I would not create or modifiy his facebook page to include my name along with his. That’s his facebook page. Which I sometimes use to do things. It’s not our page, if that makes sense. 

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    I agree with other posters that it’s just weird and I assume someone cheated. This is what aggravates me the most: 

    -You can never know for sure who you are addressing if you want to tag them in a pic or post, if you want to chat or really connect at all. It’s creepy that you don’t know who you’re talking to

    -IMO, if someone is a cheater and you decide to share a FB account, what’s gonna stop them from cheating via Instagram, Twitter, etc.? I don’t see what it solves 

    -I don’t care how close you are with a significant other, don’t you want your own space and platform to be your own person? 

    My husband hates social media and only has a reddit account. He doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. And honestly, I like having my own space.

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    If you’re over 65 I’ll give you a pass because I’m nice. 

    Otherwise, you need to stop cheating on your spouse/stop thinking that a joint account is going to keep your spouse from cheating. 

    Its annoying because you can’t tell who you’re talking to. Then they will disagree with the same account. Or have conversions with the same account. Then I’m supposed to see you irl (which if I was obligated to see you irl is the ONLY way I’m friending a group account) and ask you if you know about something you were talking about online because it might not have been you. 

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    That seems weird. At best, I’d assume it’s really one person’s account, and the other one is just following along because they don’t care about IG or whatever to make their own account.

    By the way. Is it odd to comment on family photos when I know the husband, but not the wife – but the wife is always the one posting? That’s how a few of my friends and old coworkers usually share family pics, and I always feel a little weird commenting on them. I’m probably overthinking this, lol.

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    Yeah it’s gross to share one account. It’s hard enough to remember that even when married you still remain your own person and it’s healthy and vital you keep your own friends, hobby’s, etc. going as an individual as well as a couple. A few weeks ago I emailed my cousins fiancé. He emailed me and replied for her. It was super cringey. If I’m emailing one person I want an email back from that same person. It’s rude, and frustrating. Social media feels the same way. 

    Things that are cringe:

    -when in a new relationship the girl tags the guy in every single post, and posts all over his wall. (We get it your peeing on him, he is taken 🙄)

    – when you contact one person in the relationship and the other person replies. (No it’s not cute, it’s creepy. Pretty sure they can and should speak for themselves)

    – when the only time one half of the couple has a guys night or girls night is when their partner is out of town. (No you don’t have to do everything together always, remember your friends? Yep they still exist and think your codependent) 

    -joint social media, or email accounts. (Just ewww) *i picture jimmy Fallon saying this one lol. 

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    My boyfriends sister and her husband do this, they’re the only couple I know that does it and it’s because she cheated… I think it’s so strange.

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    I’ve never heard of joint accounts. Weird! I’m not even on Facebook

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    i Think it’s cringe and I would never do it 

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    I think it really depends on the reason/how the account is used.  DH and I had a joint email account for our wedding.  My parents (under 65) have a joint email account, my mom has never had her own and she would never ask people for their email address.

    I could see maybe doing it for instagram, neither DH nor I have an account there and we both don’t take many pictures, so having them all in one place would be nice.

    For something like facebook, unless it was for a clear joint purpose like a wedding, a business, etc. and for generlized use – yes, I think that’s weird.

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    Don’t pin shared accounts on old people.   My parents are both in their 70s and each have their own fb, although at times I rue the day they figured out Facebook. I’ve never actually seen anyone with a shared social media account.   It just seems so codependent.  That all being said, I was sitting here thinking earlier that I’d like to set up a joint Instagram for my two cats.  Would that be codependent and weird? everyonewillfollowmycats

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     nope I don’t like it and never will for all the reasons mentioned. I guess there is a 0.001% of population that its legit but mostly its just creepy and stupid reasons. 

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