(Closed) Spinoff: Do you and your mom (and sisters) have the same body shape?

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  • Wedding: July 2011

My mom and I totally have the same body shape! We’re both curvy–have hips, booty, and a large chest. I’m taller than her though. People mistake us for sisters ALL the time. She loves it, haha. 

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YES YES YES and I love it! All my family members are very thin (Asian…)  Mom and I share clothes but I have bigger feet and mom has tiny feet so can’t share shoes.

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@kaylee26: I know, we are told that ALL the time! Smile

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  • Wedding: May 2011

Yup. My sis, mom, and I have the same short stumpy legs, haha.

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My mom and I are built exactly the same (except I’m taller) and our bodies respond exactly the same to things (which should make for a really “fun” pregnancy for me when that time comes).

My sister, on the other hand, is built like my aunts (my dad’s sisters).  Very thin and athletic and can hardly gain weight if she tries.  But she does have a big booty like me and my mom!

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  • Wedding: December 2010

My mother is short-waisted, virtually all legs, and fairly banana-like in shape (as are all the women in my family). I’m a pear with a long torso and an apple bottom–I’m the only one in my family who has an ass. Still waiting for my chest to catch up with the hips/butt, and it’s getting there, thankfully. I didn’t really have much of a chest until I was 17, and I doubt I’ll get out of the B-cup range in this life, but who knows?

I’m 5’4″; my mother is 5’7″. From what she says, my father was well over 6′, so what the hell happened to me? Lol. I think I got most of his genes…I feel like a mutant in my family sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜›


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Nope, we are all different. My mom is short, large chest, and very overweight. My sister is short, smaller chest like me, and more curvy. I am tall, flat chested, and have zero curves. I think I take more after my dad, whereas my mom and sister are similar. BUT we all share the same characteristic that we gain weight is our stomachs first, hips, thighs and butts last. Especially frustrating for me, as I have a small chest and any weight gain in my belly looks out of proportion on my body.

Search “boob to gut ratio” on weddingbee and you will probably find a thread I started lamenting this problem, lol!

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Well, my mom is a much different shape now than when she was my age. From what I can see in pictures though, we looked pretty similar. My sister and I do not have the same shape at all. She’s much taller than me and more straight up-and-down. I’m shorter and more hourglass.

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My mom, three sisters, and I are all shaped differently!

Mom: 5’5″, wide shoulders, medium chest, medium waist, wide hips 

Sister 1: 5’3″, wide-shoulders, small chest, thin waist, narrow hips

Sister 2: 5’8″, narrow shoulders, small chest, medium waist, narrow hips

Sister 3: 5’2″, narrow shoulders, large chest, medium waist, medium hips

Me: 5’8″, narrow shoulders, small chest, medium waist, wide hips

We are all in good shape/health, but I think we have every combination covered! I have always wished my sisters and I could share clothes, but nope! : )

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Yup, me my mom and my sister all are built the same way. Mom’s 5’8, I’m 5’9, and my sister is 6’1 (lucky!!).

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Hmm, really, I’d have to say no. I’d say overall, I’m a classic hourglass; my mom is also hourglass, but with slightly different proportions; my sister is “thick” and tends to store weight in her stomach more.

Height: My mom is 5’4″, sister is 5’2″, and I’m the shortest at 5’1″.  

Bust: My mom is large-busted (C cups), my sister has more medium sized breasts (B cups); I’m stuck with A cups.

Hips: My mom and sister have less pronounced butts than I do; I have a more shapely butt (which mom used to yell at me for when I was teenager; she say “what’s going to happen to you when you have children and your hips get even wider?!”). I’d say I have the biggest hips in proportion to waist size of the three of us.

Other: I am very short-waisted, but have long legs for my height. Mom and sister have longer torsos and more normal proportions in that regard. Plus, the shape of our limbs is different for each of us. I am the leanest & have the least body fat, but that is probably primarily because I work out more than the other two, and I lift weights, which they don’t.

So overall, I’d say I’m closer to my mom than my sister in shape, but the three of us definitely have distinct physical differences.  

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  • Wedding: May 2011

Me, my mom and both grandmas started out as solidly-built, semi-short (5’2-5’3.5″, with me being the shortest), hourglass figures.  Thyroid problems run strong on my mom’s side of the family, so losing weight is difficult.  Maintaining weight is also difficult, as our hubbies all love our cooking and want it as often as possible.  I was at my optimal reasonable measurements (dense muscle, though) before I joined the army, where they forced me to stop eating like a bird and I didn’t have time to do my flexibility/balance exercises every day, then they put me on a no-exercise profile and I ballooned.  I used to eat 600 calories a day and exercise an hour a night, and I felt full and energetic and healthy.  Now, I feel like a hippo, and my Fiance won’t hear of me eating less than 1600 calories a day.

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My mom and I have very similar faces so people often say we look alike, but our body types are very different. I am so thankful I got the best of both worlds. The women on my dad’s side have small waists, small bust (I’m talking A or less), and curvy hips whereas the women on my mom’s side have a large bust (D or bigger), medium waist, and flat butt. I turned out a mix of both with a large bust, small waist, and curvy hips thank goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m 4 inches taller than my mom, and all leg. My mom has really short legs and a long torso. I also carry more weight in my thighs, where she carries hers more in her torso. I have broad shoulders, hers are narrow.

So, I guess that’s a “no” ๐Ÿ™‚

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