(Closed) SPINOFF: Do you believe on God?

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  • poll: Do you believe in God?
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    47 %
    No : (212 votes)
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    Absolutely… YES

    I consider myself to be a Spiritual, in so much as I have pretty much given up on organized religion and brick & mortar churches / denominations, because I’ve come to realize that ALL Religions have waaay too many man-made elements to them.  So those who profess one over another tend to be too full of themselves… and not as open to understanding other people as they should be.  Hypocritical.

    Or that often heard quote… That doesn’t sound very “Christian” to me.

    — — —

    I believe in God… and My God is AMAZING & LOVING, NOT JUDGEMENTAL.

    My God has no gender (that puts an end to the age long is God a He or a She)

    My God is the supreme being… and the same God that all other Religions claim… so there isn’t no MONOPOLY ON GOD… The Christians cannot say that THEIR God is better than anyone else’s cause… there is only one God… people just have different names for God depending on where they are from (just like any other title in life… I am Mrs TTR in English, Madame TTR in French, and Senora TTR in Spanish… still means the same thing)

    My God is not cruel… My God is kind.  My God is Loving.

    My God makes the world an amazing place… it is man and poor choices that make the world a not so nice place.  (In Christian Terms… those 12 Commandments & the 7 Deadly Sins).

    My God encourages us to be good people and put vibes out into the world, so as to turn that sh!t around.

    — — —

    I also believe in science.  And like @Woodstock: the more I believe that Science & Religion can and do go together.

    There are just too many things in both that are hard to explain… and many a Doctor has said they don’t know what WHY something specifically happened, and many a Priest / Pastor who has likewise said that Medical Science is a wonder to behold…

    Miracles do happen.

    Sometimes the miracle tho is in what happens to the rest of the world after what looks like a tragedy.


    Today of course is the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination.  He was a man with a vision.  He had a strong belief that all men were created equal… and had something valuable to contribute… their dreams should not be contained… they should be able to take their dreams and make them happen.  Society should not tell someone what they dream cannot come true.  This message was soooo important, to the world, that after Kennedy was assissinated even tho he was dead this message carried on… and spurred on a movement that ultimately changed both America & the world.

    So altho the man was gone (having fallen at the hands of another man) … the miracle lived on.

    Knowing someone and their spirit can make all the difference… again what one puts out in the world comes back… same reason that people who have died a bit of them lives on in all the others who remain that knew that person.

    Another reason is because of an incident to happened to myself in my early 20s when a family member died tragically…

    I was grieving terribly… when someone said the most profound thing about life, death, and the world beyond life & death.

    To me it explained one’s soul… in such as scientific way.

    Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form…

    To me this explains WHERE that person goes when they die. 

    We all know we have a body, and we all know that we have our brain that is the energy behind that body… they are 2 seperate things.  In the same way as when we sleep we are sort of “absent” from the real world, while our mind functions on and takes us to “dreamland” while we sleep.  So does our “energy” (soul) when we die move on.  And clearly science has no true other explanation for this… WHERE that particular energy goes from a living thing (well at least not yet).

    Lol, I also believe in ESP, the Paranormal, and someday time & dimension travel will be possible by just learning how to control our mind. (Lol, altho that might not be here on earth, that might actually be when I die and move onto the next dimension)

    Ya Science & Religion are far more closely tied together than most of us realize.

    Hope this helps,


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    I believe there is a “higher power,” but I dont believe in religion.

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    @Ninteenthchance:  I do believe in God…I have to believe in God because there is no other explanation for how I acheived sobriety and turned my life around. I was living in the depths of hell for a decade…and now I am happier than I could ever, ever imagine…happy, joyous and free. I have no choice but to believe. It’s not necessarily a religious thing for me…but I have absolutely no doubt that there is a higher power out there that is watching over me personally. 


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    I don’t believe in the traditional way. I overall consider myself non-religious, but I believe in God, of some sort.

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    I voted no in the poll, because I believe in some sort of something, but for me god(s) is too strong a word. I was raised Christian but decided that a god that gives us free will but threatens to kill an entire boat full of sailors if Jonah doesn’t do what he wants is not one I’d personally like to believe in. But that’s just my interpretation, and I deeply respect anyone’s religion that helps them to be a good and happy person.

    I once went to a lecture with an atheist I was dating and the speaker, a guy who runs a blog called Caligula or something like that, gave a presentation on how evolution speaks of chaos, not order, and therefore intelligent design, in his opinion even a belief that evolution was guided at all by a creator, is illogical. I thought it was fascinating but I also thought he was an asshole because he all but straight out said he thinks everyone who believes in God is an idiot. 

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    @Ninteenthchance:  That’s not an argument that’s conversation ๐Ÿ™‚ there are varying views in philosophy, some like you mentioned but also some that talk extensively of proof that a higher power must exist. I was referring to the people who believe that all Christians just blindly follow their religions without question when in fact theology is a very real and progressive study.

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    Yes I do, but I don’t consider myself religious because man made religion has far too much hypocrisy involved. I’m very spiritual, and I have a relationship with God, but I don’t need to go to a specific location at a specific time with other people to develop my faith. 

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    Belive in God? Yes. On God? Erm… ๐Ÿ˜›

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    @laurel946:  Yes! So many medically unexplainable miracles happen everyday. I had my first ultrasound today and when I saw that little face on the screen I just can’t imagine God didn’t have something to do with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Definitely not.

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    I wish there was an “other” option. I am not Christian, nor do I necessarily follow a certain religion, but I DO believe in a higher power. 

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    I do not and neither does my grown daughter. 

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    Yes i do ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Atheist, I grew up in the Catholic and was always a skeptic, I even called the story of the resurrection of Christ, sketchy, in Catechism class. I used to be afraid to tell my mom but she doesn’t care at all, she knows I’m a moral person and that I am not anti-religion, I’m just anti-pressuring others to believe whatever you believe in. People are entitled to their opinions and I totally understand why some people need religion. 

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