(Closed) SPINOFF: Do you like HIS friends?

posted 6 years ago in Relationships
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    I like some of them. Taking his side of the bridal party for instance, I love his best man and one of his groomsmen. We used to work together with one of his groomsmen and while he wasn’t influential in us getting together, he was definitely a sounding board while we figured out our feelings. One of his groomsmen and one of his groomsmaids I like a lot, though I don’t know them very well. His other groomsmaid I very strongly dislike. There are very few people I have said I hate in my life (usually reserved for Brett who wrote in my 6th grade yearbook “Go to hell, but before you do that have a nice summer”) but I pretty much hate her. She is a huge sticking point between us because I don’t like the way Fiance acts when he’s around her. She’s an incredibly negative person who tries to bring everyone around her down and she makes ridiculously irresponsible choices that Fiance will go along with when he hangs out with her (one time they went to a bar and got drunk and then drove an hour to a casino because “she wanted to drive her new car some”). But no matter how many fights we’ve had about her, she’s “like a sister to him” and she has to be in the bridal party. So I will bite my tongue and probably enlist someone to keep her away from me all night.

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    I like all of my DH’s friends – probably because we are already so much alike.  He is always the same, considerate person around his friends, so I am sure that helps.  But I do realize when he’s with the boys – he’s with the boys.

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    I LOVE his friends. Unfortunately they all live in London, so a bit far for the casual hangout. I probably have more friends (even girlfriends) in London now than I do Cali. Sigh.

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    I LOVE my DH’s friends! They’re all funny/intelligent/great people to be around.

    But he HATES most of my friends, which I find funny. He’ll hang out with all of us and be funny and charming and polite, and we’ll get in the car and be like “How old are your friends, again? I considered butter knife suicide during that two-hour conversation about the new Pokemon game.” Which I find funny, because I ALWAYS agree!

    My friends just never aged past high school.

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    @MrsPanda99:  I love all of FI’s friends…he only has a few close ones and they are all guys I love:) and I love their wives, and their children too. I have no idea how I got so lucky:) 

    There is one family friend (they grew up as “cousins” because Future Mother-In-Law is friends with the guy’s mom) who I intensely dislike. He’s an immature asshole who still lives at home and thinks its ok to be a dick to his mom. Not impressed with him, at all. 



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    Ugh. Where do I begin? I “like” (ie tolerate) my FI’s childhood/high school friends. They are your Irish-American types who like to drink… A LOT. I’m talking 20 beers each at one party. They are loud and tend to be obnoxious, but I know that they like my Fiance and my Fiance knows that the way he acts around them is NOT how he should act around me. A bonus point is that their wives/girlfriends are nice, so yeah, I can deal with hanging out with them every so often and was happy to invite them to our wedding.

    His college friends on the other hand? I don’t understand why he is even friends with most of them. Honestly, I couldn’t keep quiet and let him know what I thought of them. They are extremely selfish, only out for themselves, and blatantly use my Fiance. They are also blatantly rude. The first time I met them, we were supposed to go to another friend’s wedding, and we had to meet at one of the friend’s houses before all going over in a couple of cars. They had zero regard for the ceremony start time and just kept pre-gaming, and we walked in to the ceremony about 15 minutes late. I was humiliated b/c the bride and groom were already up front doing their vows, but could not say anything as I had just met these people and was putting on my “first impression” face. Then despite carpooling, they refused to give us a ride back to the friend’s house who was hosting the pre-game. I had a few drinks in me, so in front of them, I was like, “Wtf? Why the hell are you even friends with them?! I’m sorry, but your friends SUCK!”

    It also doesn’t help that his college friends have the bitchiest. wives. ever. Omg, I’m going into a rage just typing this. One of the wives’ first response to meeting me (for the first time) was, “You’re wearing THAT?” Another wife who I just met that night had the gall to LECTURE me on my alcohol consumption even though every guy in the room was passed out drunk – basically one of those “holier than thou” bitches who holds women to some ridiculous standard that she doesn’t hold men. Gah, I just hate them.

    His childhood friends are far from perfect, but they are never rude to me, and show way more class than his college friends even with 20+ beers in their system.

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    So far, of the friends I’ve met and spoken to, I like them! ๐Ÿ™‚  He complains that I gang up on him with his girl best friends. ๐Ÿ˜›

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    I like all of DH’s friends except for one… and it just happens to be his oldest friend.  But they have nothing in common now, they have different values, different views and said friend can never be counted on…. The ONLY reason they are still friends is b/c they’ve known each other so long/have so much history.  They fight all the time and Darling Husband gets really upset by this.. ughhh it’s so irritating but Darling Husband won’t drop this friend bc of the “history”….

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    @MrsPanda99:  DH’s friends are really mature and funny. I love them. They are grounded and at the same stage of life that Darling Husband is, so I think that is important in order for us all to understand each other. They are a responsibile group of guys, so I never have any problem with Darling Husband hanging out with them, and they are always nice to me. The one even gave me a hug when he saw me, which blew me out of the water since he and I get along very well, but I never expected that moving gesture ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @MrsPanda99:  I love some of his friends more than others!  hahaha!

    There’s a few people that we hang out with as well, his friends that have GFs and we do get along well.  There are couple that I don’t necessarily care for, but, I’m not in my relationship to dictate who my SO is friends with!

    I will say this though-I could not STAND many of the friends of any of my ex’s.  I was busy dating ‘bad boys’ and they ALL ran with the wrong crowds.  UGH UGH UGH. 

    My SO’s friends, even the ones I don’t care for, I mean, they are not bad people by any means.  I just don’t necessarily clique with them as well so unless its a group setting, if my SO wants to hang out with them, I just do my own thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The friends that sound good on paper, I never get to meet because he rarely if ever hangs out with them. The friends that are total bums and have done nothing with their lives, are around all the time. Some of them are good folks and I mostly like them but…they’re his friends. I don’t have to like them, I just have to act semi social around them. 

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    I love his close group of friends. They are close to us so we see them alot which is great. Thankfully they all have awesome girlfriends too!

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    @MrsPanda99:  I voted that they’re OK; I get on great with three of them, and pretty well with the other three, but wouldn’t say I love all of them; love is a strong word lol.

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