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I’d also like to mention.. None of the feelings I have or encountered have ever been good.. My brother used to cry when he was little there was someone watching us in our room.. 

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I used to live in a haunted house.

The woman who lived there before we moved in died relatively young… she had cancer and either just died of it or committed suicide — we don’t know. Either way, she died in her bed in the house.

Anyway, nothing too spooky happened, but my dad, who worked from home, would hear the front door slam some days around 3:00, followed by a loud noise, and then the sound of someone walking up the stairs. He assumed it was us kids coming home from school, but when he came out to greet us, no one was ever there.

It turned out that the woman who died in the house used to come home at that time every day and pull down the stairs (we’d built permanent stairs and a second floor, but in her time it was pull-down stairs leading to an attic), and walk up to the attic, where her dark room was (she was a photog.). 

We used to hear really loud crashing sounds occasionally, but when we’d get up our courage to go investigate, we could never find the source of the sound. Nothing was out of place.

I was little when we lived there, and I was terrified of the ghost… I swore I could feel her presence. She was “nice,” though… 

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@jjmomma:The pressure I felt in my body was powerful and I felt like I was being glared at.

This is how I felt when I visited Dachau, a concentration camp in Germany.  An overwhelming pressure in my body, like nothing I’ve felt before. It’s hard to describe but if I remember back I can still feel its effects. It was a powerful experience being in that place where so many horrors occured and evil committed.  I think evil like that may linger in the space, almost tainting it with memory forever.

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I love reading these! Good thing I’m in a well-lit office, or I might be slightly freaked out!

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Posting to read the stories!!!

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We aren’t too sure what’s up with our house, but my hubby is convinced that there is something creepy hanging around. When we first moved in, he would hear a lot of noises at night – in fact, he says he didn’t sleep well at all for over a week. He says he would hear the front door opening and the sound of someone walking up stairs but no one would ever be there. My SIL who stayed at our house while we were out of town also experienced the same thing. I am a heavy sleeper so I have never heard a sound!

However, we did find out that we are the 6th owners of this home, and it’s only 23 years old! I tried doing some research on the past homeowners and couldn’t find a whole lot. The one big thing was that the first homeowner is on the registered sex offenders list! Hubby is convinced that has something to do with the strange happenings. We have only talked to one of our neighbors about it and he said that everyone who has ever lived there was really weird.

Hmmph who knows?

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Bee Keeper

My close girlfriend lived in a haunted apartment for a number of years. The kettle used to turn on by itself in the kitchen and things would move around the apartment from one place to another without anyone ever touching it. Also her toddler son used to point and say “the man” and it would freak us all out. One night I stayed over to babysit and there was a loud noise in the kitchen that woke us up..her son who was 2 at the time woke up beside me and pointed to the kitchen and said “the man”. Lets just say I was sooo freaked out I never wanted to sleep there every again!! I’m glad to say she has since moved from that place!!!!

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Multiple people have said they think there’s a spirit in our house. I’ve had some things happen, like hearing footsteps or quiet talking and once I saw a figure outside the window. I assumed it was a neighbor and actually went outside to greet them and no one was there. Little things have gotten moved around. My brother always said he got a feeling at our house. My great grandmother used to live here (the house has been in the family since it was built) and I always sort of thought maybe it was her. We had the most activity when we were renovating before we moved in. I would spend the whole day at the house myself and I would always hear someone walking up the back steps and into the porch.. and I’d always run to see who it was. I’d hear whispering when it was quiet. DH thought he heard his name once. Once we started living here things slowed down and then has since stopped. But honestly, it wasn’t a scary feeling ever so it never bothered me. 

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Sitting alone in my apartment while Fiance is in class.  Reading this made me realize that my living room was too dark and I NEEDED to turn the lamp on!  :/

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@sweetchiquita12:  That would scare me SO much!

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I don’t live in a haunted house – but we believe something paranormal is going on a my brother’s. When they bought their house they were told that a woman had died there, the cause of death and location of where she died in the house was unknown. They lived there for about 5 years with absolutely no problems. I should just add her that my brother is very skeptical, a complete straight shooter. He has a rational explanation for EVERYTHING. Then in 2011 they started noticing odd things. The light in one of the spare bedrooms would turn on and off at all different times of the day, they put it down to an electrical fault (even though the actual switch would be down). They have outdoor dogs who very very rarely come inside but when one ran in behind my brother as he opened the back door she started barking at this particular room even though nothing was visibly unusal about the room. They have a cat who refuses to go near the room and when they have tried to put her in there she would scratch and claw to get out (these particular events could be coincedences.) Fast forward a few months, they decide to go away for a long weekend. Dogs & cat are in boarding, noone at the house (they have a very secure home fit with alarms etc) they come home on Sunday afternoon to find every cabinet door and drawer in the kitchen wide open and chairs pulled out from under the dining table. Thought it was odd but moved on, a few months later they go away again (same situation, dogs & cat in boarding, noone there) and this time when they come home a special ornament usually located in the lounge room is on the pillow of the spare bedroom. They moved it back to it’s place, went to bed. Then next morning it was on top of the stove. It’s quite heavy so to say the cat could have picked up this time would probably be a bit of a stretch as it is also high on a cabinet. Fast forward another few months, they start renovations, during this time they are not living in the house as it was completely gutted. They finish tiling at about 11pm one weekend, pack up their stuff, set the alarm and secure the house (the locks were checked 3 times as they had expensive hire equipment in the house overnight) go back to the apartment they were staying in for the night, come back to start work again at 8am the next morning, and written in the concrete dust is a woman’s name. Noone is our family knows anyone with this particular name. I suppose just for the fun of it, they write “Hi ****, how are you?” The next morning, underneath their writing is the same name written three times again. They decide to not try and ‘interact’ anymore and leave it at that. Nothing has happened since then, this was a few months ago now, but I should add that before they started renovating, they moved house for 6 months and rented out this home. When my brother was picking up the keys at the end of the lease, he very vaguely asked “so did you have any problems when you were living here, we had some electrical trouble in the spare room?” to which the tenant replied “no, no problems, but can I ask you something? Do you ever get the feeling someone died here?” my brother asked him what he was talking about and the tenant said “I don’t know, whenever we walked the hallway we felt cold and like someone was standing right beside us, just creepy stuff”….Who know what’s going on, but it is kinda creepy! 

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My house is haunted. When we put the offer on our house, the listing agent (who was friends with the old owner) cried and said, “the old owner’s name was Angie and she passed away (not in the house), so this is meant to be!” Well, my name is Angie.. So we weren’t sure whether to be creeped out and RUN or go for it because the home was a good deal.. We went with the latter, and have an extra resident now!

Once in a while, the lights will turn on at random times.  At first, I chalked it up to being in a bigger home and forgetting to shut off lights when I left the room. Then one night, hubby and I went to bed with the door open.  You can see the family room and kitchen from our bed, so any lights on would have kept us up.  I woke up the next morning with the kitchen light on, so I woke up my hubby to ask him to make sure he shuts the lights off when he gets up in the middle of the night.. He swore, he didn’t get up! So i proceeded to get ready for work, and the lights had been turned on throughout the whole house! (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a hallway, kitchen, dining area)

A few days later, I came home from work when the sun was out (so no lights needed to be turned on) and I went straight to my neighbor’s house.  Without my ever telling her anything about “Ghost Angie”, she proceeds to tell me about how the old owner used to turn on random lights all night so any potential burglars would notice activiy in the house at all hours and would be deterred…. I stayed at the neighbors for a few hours, and when I went home, it was dark.  Lo and behold, the lights were on (porch, bathroom, kitchen)!! My husband was out of town at the time so there was no way anyone else would have turned them on. 

Our ghost doesn’t creep us out or anything, but we just figure she’s just trying to keep us safe. Every once in a while, she still turns lights on, but we just come in and thank her.

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I believe that I grew up in a haunted house.  There was a little girl that died on the property while the house was being built, about 5 years prior to us moving in.  I always believed that my brothers room was intended to be her room because that is where most of the wierd things happened.  He had stories of feeling something sit on the edge of his bed, hearing someone else breathing in one corner of the room periodically.  His alarm clock would go off at random times without the alarm actually being set.  His room is also where our home computer was located, so I was in there often times alone doing homework or just browsing the internet and I would hear things, like change rattling like someone stuck there finger in the middle of a bunch of coins and swirled them around, things would fall off his dresser.  We also had a large porch and would here footsteps walking back and forth in the middle of the night with no one out there. I have also witnessed shadows that were lower to the ground, believing it was the dog, but when I called out the dogs name, they were in another room.

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I do! My mom didnt believe in ghosts until we moved here, so thats pretty awesome.

Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of reading! I’ll try to just put the most specatculur stories.

1. The first time I took a shower here, I was home alone. I kept hearing men talking. I kept turning the water off and listening, and actually got out and wrapped a towel around me and walked around the house for a minute and I didnt hear the voices anymore. So I went and got back in the shower. This time the voices were louder and then from right beside of me I heard a huge bang, like somebody hit the shower wall.

2. I didnt tell my best friend about this, because she’s a wuss and I didnt want to scare her. She was spending the night for the first time and took a shower. When she got out, she asked if I was knocking on the door because she kept hearing banging noises, then she said she thought she heard a guy talking. We then went back upstairs to my room where we had been watching tv… Only to find the tv off. We knew for a fact we had left it on when we came downstairs. We were freaked out, so we went back downstairs to sleep in the living room. When my mom got home that morning (she worked 3rd shift) she said that the tv in my room was on.

3. Another time a friend was spending the night, we were up in my room sleeping. I woke up and couldnt fall back asleep, so I went downstairs. I ended up watching tv in my moms room, and eventually got sleepy and decided to just sleep in there. Suddenly I started to hear what sounded like footsteps coming down the stairs, and they stopped directly in front of my moms room. I had my eyes closed because I was freaked out, but when I didnt hear anymore footsteps, I finally opened them…. Only to find the door wide open, when I knew I had closed and locked it. I went back upstairs to find my friends passed out, so I knew it wasnt her. I never heard footsteps going back up, anyways.

4. My mom woke up to get ready for work one day and she said she saw clear as day, a little kid run from in front of her door into the living room. Thats when she first started believing.

5. Me and a friend were standing in the kitchen talking, standing on opposite sides of the room, when we suddenly heard a kids giggle, from right in between us. I mean, it literally sounded like there was a kid standing in front of me giggling. Creeeepy.

6. I used to babysit a little girl, and I believe she could see the ghosts. She’d often smile and giggle and wave at absolutely nothing. She was only 1.5, so I dont think she was old enough to have make believe friends yet. One day she was in her high chair eating lunch and suddenly looked the right of me and made a horrific, terrified face. I called her name and had to actually pick her up before she snapped out of it. Another time she was laughing and playing with “nothing” and I took a picture and you can see a small child sized figure standing beside of her. 

7. I was in the living room, which is directly underneath my room, when I suddenly heard a HUGE crash. It sounded like something really big was either thrown or dropped. I went upstairs and nothing was moved. My dogs were all downstairs when it happened. A few nights later me and my mom were in the living room and I was telling her about it. Just then it happened again. 

8. One of my dogs has long hair and a really long tail. He also seems to be scared of the ghosts. He’ll go and stand in a corner and just growl and snarl for minutes at a time. Once he was laying on the floor sleeping, his tail was all fanned out. Suddenly it was like it seemed to be dragged. It went from being down around his feet to curled up over his back. Next thing I knew, he jumped up and started growling.

9. I woke up suddenly once and sat up, from across my room I saw what I thought was my brother coming into my room and walking over to where my computer was. I didnt think anything of it, because he was always coming in to get on my computer. I had to pee though, so I got up. And when I was walking over to my computer…. Nobody was there. Nothing. I had clear as day saw a manly figure walk into my room and walk over towards my desk. I was so freaked out, I could not go back to sleep.

10. I’ve also been sleeping and felt something tug at my blankets. I’ll get up and look down expecting to see my smallest dog trying to get on the bed, and theres nothing there. I’ve felt something actually get in the bed with me once. I didnt feel freaked out though, it felt like a child coming to get into bed with their parent. It was weird, but not creepy. 


I could go on and on with stories.

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I wish I never read this thread Cry

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