(Closed) (Spinoff) Do you share a bed with your husband/wife? [POLL]

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  • poll: What is your sleeping arrangement with your FI/DH/DW/SO?

    We sleep in the same bed.

    We sleep in different beds in the same room, like Lucy and Ricky.

    We sleep in different beds in different rooms.

    We use the same bed but sleep at different times (shift work).

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    DH and I sleep in the same bed. He’s a doctor and has to be at the hospital super early in the morning, so we actually try to get into bed at the same time. Though I usually stay up later (playing on the bee, etc haha) while he goes to sleep practically as soon as his head hits the pillow. He does snore sometimes, but luckily I just have to push him and tell him to roll over and he does without hardly waking up, lol.

    The only time we don’t sleep in the same bed is when he’s on call overnight or is working the night shift at the hospital. Which certainly aren’t my favorite nights!

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    Fiance and I sleep in the same bed. It’s harder to cuddle or do other stuff right before falling asleep if you’re in separate beds. Fortunately, neither of us has any major health problems that would keep us from being in the same bed. Until I read PP’s post, I nearly forgot that when I had to work overnight, we’d sleep apart. I haven’t had to do that for months now but will get to do it again, for the last time, at the end of the year.

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    I can’t imagine not sleeping in the same bed. I love it… But, those I know who sleep elsewhere are in a troubled marriage. It is not a snoring/some sort of physical discomfort kind of thing for them. 

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    We share a bed, although I have sleep issues at times, so I fall asleep on the couch quite a bit so I don’t disturb DH.  I’m usually using the tv to distract me and sometimes need the couch to be in a more comfortable position.  I usually wake up at some point on the couch and crawl into bed, even if it’s 4am.  I don’t do this regularly it probably averages out to a few times a month.  On occassion if I feel really horrible, DH will sleep on the couch or spare bed instead.

    There was a time, when married when during the week we were sleeping hours apart.

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    sometimes I fall asleep on the couch and refuse to move into the bed, lol, but other than that.. I usually fall asleep before Fiance and then when he gets home from work he crawls in bed with me. We would never sleep seperately on purpose.

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    gingerkitten:  We sleep in the same bed, same room, and do not plan on not doing so (though the little snot steals the blankets and hogs the bed……lol). Neither of us snore, at least not disruptively.

    My parents though do occasionally sleep in different rooms. My dad has horrendous seasonal allergies, and snores like a freight train. When that’s going on, one of them will go and sleep in a spare room just to get some sleep. 

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    We sleep in the same bed (& while I wish we had a king, instead of our queen haha), I wouldn’t trade falling asleep next to him every single night for the world!  With that said though, neither of us snore & we both enjoy cuddling so it works out for us & I can see how this wouldn’t work for others.

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    We sleep in the same bed, but occassionally my husband will sleep in another room (on a camp stretcher! Lol) as he snores/heavy breather, and it keeps me awake!  I tell him he doesn’t have to, but he wants to, so I can get a good sleep!  I get tired and grumpy from no sleep!! I am a shift worker too – working all shifts: earlies, afternoons, and the dreaded night shifts – so getting enough sleep in important to me!!  When I am on an afternoon shift I often sleep in fairly late in the mornings as husband has gone to work and it seems like the only time I can get a restful sleep! Lol.  I am thinking about getting another bed to put in a spare room, so I can go and hop in it to sleep away from the snoring husband!! 

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    We sleep in the same bed. I do not wish we slept in seperate beds. I sleep poorly when he is gone. The only issue for us was heat — I turn into a furnace at night, so sharing a thick comforter with my husband makes both of us miserable. So, I have a much thinner, lighter blanket, and he gets the thick, cozy comforter.

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    We sleep in seperate beds. He snores loudly, and I’m a super light sleeper. I’ll wake up if a door slams outside. I’m in my final year of school, too, so I can’t be overly tired for classes and exams.  So no go for us! We just make more intimate time throughout the day. 😉 

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    gingerkitten:  We are upgrading to a king.  But we’re both 6’1. So we are the fill of a queen.  

    I’m a shift worker.  So 75% of the time we share a bed.  I lurve that other 25% where I get the bed alllllllll tooooo myyyyself!  Starfish sleeping?  Why I don’t mind if I do…. (I come home every morning to find him snuggled up to my pillows shaped like a log.) 

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    We mostly sleep separately. I snore loudly and I don’t want my husband to hear it.

    He says he doesn’t care but I feel ashamed of my snoring. 

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    We’re LDR but when we’ve been together for extended periods of time, such as lived in the same city, we’ve slept together 99% of the time even though we’ve never actually lived together.

    I usually sleep like a log and sleeping with my SO makes me sleep less soundly…which I actually prefer. It means I’m less likely to accidentally sleep through my alarm after a late night! Plus, if one of us wakes up enough to realize we’ve stopped spooning, we try to get back into spooning position…which is probably the sweetest way to get half-woken up by my SO in the middle of the night. 😀

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