(Closed) Spinoff does your hubby cook at all?

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    Darling Husband does most of the cooking. That, however, is based entirely upon our work schedules. I leave work between 5:00-5:30 p.m., and I commute over an hour, so I’m getting home usually around 6:15 or 6:30. Darling Husband gets off at 4:30 and commutes about 15 minutes. He’s home before 5. We like to eat earlier, so it wouldn’t be possible for me to cook dinner. On weekends and days he has overtime, though, I love to cook. Before I started my new job, I would get home around 4:15, and I always cooked dinner. We’re both great cooks, so either way works!

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    Fiance has a small selection of recipes he can cook well.  He goes for more simple recipes, because he thinks it is a waste of money to buy fresh herbs and seasonings.  But then he comments everything I cook tastes better because I use them!  If he would just stick to a recipe he would be fine, but he will leave out the little things that make it taste better because he can’t be bothered.

    I do all the cooking, and he will chop the ingredients for me.  I am not quite sure what he did last year while we were LDR, I think he ate the same 5 or so meals the whole year…

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    My Darling Husband cooks more/better than I do! He’s actually taught me how to cook over the years, but his food is always amazing.


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    He says that he makes the best lasagna… 8 years and I’ve never even seen such! He makes awesome quick food- you know, the kinda food you make when you are really hungry and needs a warm meal now.

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    Mr TTR does the majority of the day-to-day cooking.  He LOVES to cook.

    Lol, which is ok by me, as I had my fill for 20+ years as “the Wife / Mom” in my last Marriage.

    I find meal-planning “What’s for Dinner” now to be a huge chore.

    Mr TTR on the otherhand didn’t do the majority of the cooking in his previous marriage, so he sees cooking as a fun thing.

    It works for us.

    I do cook sometimes… but I am more of the “specialty” chef now… I will make the exotic stuff, family recipes, stuff I see on Tv, Preserves, jams, jellies, pickles… etc.

    Mr TTR LOVES it when I get in the kitchen and “rattle those pots and pans” cause he knows something wonderful is in store.

    Lol, he offers to be my Sous-Chef, and Clean-Up Crew.  I LOVE that, I like to cook, but I HATE to clean.  So we make a good team.  (Lol, and when I cook, I use every frickin’ thing in the cupboard… Bowl, Plate, Knife, Measuring Cup, Strainer, etc or so he tells me).  I admit I LOVE Kitchen Gadgets and having the right tool for the job.

    Mr TTR does day-to-day stuff well… we never go hungry.

    He especially likes to use the BBQ Grill.  So I get to enjoy his Steaks, Ribs, Chicken, Fish etc.  (He makes a fabulous Steak… this is the one thing I missed the most when I was divorced, I couldn’t BBQ a good steak)

    Hope this helps,


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    He can boil water for pasta and make a mean frozen pizza. He had an italian mother, enough said. I have never dated a guy that didn’t cook before Darling Husband and I will say, I love Darling Husband to death but I miss having a man do all the cooking.  I hate cooking and I’m not particularly good at it.

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    haha…not really.

    His specialty is spaghetti.  So that about sums it up.

    He does chop for me and opens cans though when I ask him.  But I still have to remind him how exactly to do it when I ask for “chopped” or “sliced,” etc.

    I love to cook and I love to bake even more so I do almost all of our cooking.  Though maybe once a month or so he’ll cook dinner for me.  Since it’s only the two of us I only have to cook dinner 3 times a week due to leftovers and whatever else we have going on.  I also cook breakfast/brunch every Saturday and Sunday if we’re home.

    I make all of our bread too so I’m usually baking at least once during the week.  I’ve been making a lot of croissants recently since it’s a favorite of both of us.

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    Fiance does his fair share of cooking.  He’s always in charge of grilling, and he’s been known to make a mean pot of chili.  My aunt gave us a pasta maker for an engagement gift, and he’s taken it upon himself to learn how to make pasta.  Although I think that’s partly due to how much muscle is needed to deal with pasta dough.

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    Fiance can cook, and he can cook fairly well, but… I can cook better.  And I love cooking.  And I hate doing dishes, and the rule in our household is “he/she who cooks does not clean”.  So I do 99% of the cooking.  FI doesn’t enjoy doing the dishes either, but his response to “how about you cook one meal per week?” was unenthusiastic.  

    Once we have a kid or two and I go from cooking these big elaborate meals to snarling that he can go boil some damn ramen if he’s so hungry, we’ll probably work out a schedule so the two of us share the cooking duties more or less equally.

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    @Serey:  Oh My Gosh!! Those look sooo good!!

    The closest my husband comes to cooking is flipping some burgers on the grill. My fantasy at the moment is coming home from work and having dinner waiting for me:) probably not going to happen but it’s ok. I cook he cleans up.

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    He cooks more than I do. He mainly does this because I work later and than work out when I get home. After that I like relaxing instead of jumping into cooking so if he didn’t at least start it we would eat really late. I love his meat loaf!

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    SO cooks sometimes…but I cook way better so I tend to do it more. 😛

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    Darling Husband is actually the one I learned to cook from. He is a great cook and he did most of the cooking when we were first together. Then i moved in and it slowly turned into me being the one that does all of the cooking. However, now that I am PG and having bad morning sickness, he is going to have to start fending for himself. If he wants to eat something other than goldfish, he is going to have to cook it himself. 

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    Fi loves to make chili and he can make scrambled eggs. Sometimes he’ll cook dinner when I’m tired if I shout step by step instructions to him from the living room :P. Usually he’s my chopper and fetcher when I’m cooking.

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    We take turns but he loves making breads and pizza doughs for freezing…

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