(Closed) Spinoff does your hubby cook at all?

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    Special occasions

    Every day :)

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    I feel the same about this thread as I feel about the recent laundry thread where tons of bees said their husbands don’t know how to do laundry, ruin clothes, can’t fold things, etc.  And there was another thread awhile back where bees were talking about how they had to pack suitcases for their SOs because otherwise they’d forget underwear or whatever.  And the piece de resistance, a thread by a bee who was going out of town on business and contemplating arranging a meal delivery service for her SO because otherwise he’d starve.  Who are all these men who are old enough to get married yet have never mastered basic life skills???

    If you do the bulk of the chores because you’re a SAHW/M or you do all the cooking because you like to do it, okay.  But to be a grown-ass man and incapable of handling very basic, routine tasks of adulthood?  Nope, don’t get it, and don’t find it funny, cute, or endearing.

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    My husband is a FABULOUS cook! He’s better than I am! It’s one of the sexiest things about him, IMO.

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    My fiance does all the cooking ๐Ÿ™‚ I can cook, and have cooked, he’s just better at it and has more patience for it.

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    I am SUPER lucky to have a husband that likes cooking, and will take it over at the drop of a hat. I’ve been incredibly busy the last few months, and unfortunately haven’t had as much time to be awesome and cook for him all the time. He doesn’t mind tho, since what I’ve been doing is good for our future, and he does it without complaint. Bonus — he’s great at it!!

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    I’m so jealous of you ladies with cooking men! My Fiance tries so hard to help…. lol

    He’s amazing at serving ice cream, microwave pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. Anything that involves any physical or chemical change through heat is frankenscience cooking to him. But I gotta give it to him he does a great scarmbled egg and bacon breakfast that he sometimes will surprise me with. But usually I’m the main cook, he always offers to help but usually just kinda stands there lol. 

    I gotta add I enjoy cooking, its therapy for me. Fiance was so skinny when we met in college (he would live off of crackers, granola, bananas, and turkey sandwichs. Then my cooking happened and he gained 15 lbs. I beleive in grilled chicken!

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    @Serey:  Those pancakes look frikken amazing and I’m sooo jelouse!!!!

    My Fiance tried cooking once and it was…palatable. He doesn’t and can’t cook. If I’m sick and bedridden we’d probably be eating delivery and take-out until I recover.


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    If FH doesn’t cook, I don’t eat lol. I’m an awful cook, and he’s been teaching me easy meals to cook. My favourite meal that he cooks is either a roast pork and vegetables, or a pasta bake. It’s tuna bake, but since I’m allergic to all kinds of fish, he replaces the tuna with chicken. It tastes so good <3

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    He’s the specialty guy – he’s the one who comes up with interesting plans, or finds cool recipes, or attempts a new kind of cuisine and researches flavor pairings and things.  He also bakes!  SO basically, if it’s going to be epic, he’s on it.  I cover the daily stuff – make lunches, quick dinners, etc.  He’ll pitch in and do that stuff too, and sometimes I make special meals and help him with his.  We love cooking togther!


    But he’s the one who bakes.  Alone.  I don’t go anywhere near baking unless it’s something super simple!

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    We both work in a restaurant of a casino, and all staff are provided with food in the break room there. Therefore, neither of us do a lot of cooking at home, as we both work afternoon/evening shifts, and lunch is usually just something light. When we do eat at home, however, it varies on which one of us cooks. My husband likes to cook steak and alfredo, while I like to make casseroles, stews, and so forth.

    Growing up, my dad made most all of the meals during the school year (my mom taught school), and then my mom would experiment during the summer vacation with recipes she saved all year long. I much preferred when my dad cooked!

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    He is the chef of the household ๐Ÿ™‚

    He cooks every day, except when we have leftovers (he wisely makes extra). I help and chip in here and there.

    He’s a very creative chef… I don’t know if I could pick a favorite thing he makes. My favorite thing about his chef skills is that, no matter what improbable and unappetizing things we might have in the kitchen between grocery runs, he has this amazing ability to turn them into yummy food ๐Ÿ™‚

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    We both cook most every night.  Some nights he takes lead, sometimes I do.

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    DH cooks very often! I would say maybe 60% of the time. Our house rule is whoever doesn’t cook has to clean the kitchen  and he hates doing that so he’d rather cook most nights. 

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    We both cook, he helps me 90% of the time and everytime I’m sick or tired, he will cook (he is such a sweetheart and makes all my favourite foods) and vice versa.  He actually didn’t know how to fry an egg when we met (I’m totally serious!) but he had an interest in learning and he has become quite the cook! I love cooking with him, its one of those times I really appreciate because we spend most of the time being affectionate and laughing a ton (versus me being stuck in the kitchen alone). 

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    We cook together every day. I do the meal planning, we both go to the grocery store, I pick what we eat each night, we cook, he does the dishes, I empty the dishwasher. It works ๐Ÿ™‚

    In high school he was a line cook and is very good at cooking, but since I have the pickier palate he prefers to let me do what I do and just help out instead of taking charge.

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