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@FutureMrsT1221:  No they’re definitely not like that normally, and I agree I shouldn’t be the one to be embarrassed there…regardless though I am insanely embarrassed about crying in front of them for any reason at all!!

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We’d been married for about 2 weeks and were spending Labor Day at the family cottage with DH’s sister, parents and grandma. It’s a 3 room cottage (bathroom, master bedroom and living area) but it’s all very open and you can’t do anything without everyone else knowing. 

Well, I wasn’t feeling well when we got there Fri and wound up sleeping a lot of the day.  Saturday night, I woke up in horrible pain because an ovarian cyst had ruptured. (DH had seen this happen before, IL’s had no idea how bad it really got).  I wound up spending the night throwing up, cold sweating all over the futon bed DH and I were on and crying because it hurt so bad. It woke everyone up and all I could think was “This is so embarrasing!”  It lasted a full 32 hours before I was even remotely human again.  That was also the weekend that DH’s grandma and sister found out that there was a good chance that I can’t have kids.  Talk about awkward.  

The whole thing happened again in November, but at the extended family Thanksgiving party.  It’s not a horrible thing that the ovary was removed this past June.  

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Not my current Future In-Laws but I have a mortifying, insane story from years ago!

I can’t even change the names in the story because they’re too crucial! I had just started dating my ex and he was visiting his family for the holidays and they live in the way out tidewater and his cell service was crappy so he said if I ever wanted to talk, to just call the house if it wasn’t too late. So I call his parents’ house # and his mom picked up so I said “Hi Mrs. So and So, my name is Kay, may I speak with Howard please?” I hear her call out to him that “some Kay girl is on the phone” for him and he picks up and calls out he’s got it. The phone clicks when she hangs up and he says into the phone pissed “too much Faye, she’s off the line but what the hell do you think you’re doing? my kids are here!” I was stunned because he told me he didn’t have kids so I said “excuse you asshole, it’s Kay and you told me to call your house!” and I hung up on him.

I was telling everyone the story about this piece of shit guy with this psycho double life who didn’t even remember my name. He called me that night and I flipped out on him so he thinks I’m a psycho because he says he never talked to me. Turns out it was his dad that answered and I had literally spilled the beans. His whole family calls him Howie because he’s the third so when I asked to speak to Howard, his mom thought thought the call was for his dad. Considering I pretty much caught his dad in some crazy ass affair, when I met them for real months later at a football game, it was an extremely fake, tense encounter. My friends and I refer to it as the twilight zone game!


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My inlaws are quite different than my family and I’ve put my foot in my mouth many times.

One time we were out camping and DH and I were venting about how stupid their poltics were in the tent at night.  It was abundantly clear in the morning that they could hear us.  I still feel really bad about that.  I’m probably the last person in the world who should be talking about politics.  What a snot.

Another time we were going to DH’s friend’s wedding.  My Mother-In-Law was invited as well and said that as a wedding gift she planned to bring the couple a plate of chocolate chip cookies because she knew how much the groom liked them.  I laughed because I thought she was joking.  She wasn’t…

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Hah I have one.  I will preface this by saying that I rarely get very drunk — I love a glass of wine or three, but as I’m now almost 30, the days of me getting fall-down drunk are pretty much….never.

The second time I met FI’s parents (so this was about 2 or 2.5 years ago), we had only been dating about 4 or 5 months, and we were all at the beach for the wedding of a guy that Fiance grew up with (and therefore, his family was close with).  Fiance and I went to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night as Fiance was a groomsman.  His parents kindly offered to drop us off / pick us up so that we didn’t have to worry about driving.  (Again, the plan was not to get blackout drunk…just have a few drinks….).  So we go to the dinner, and they served keg beer and cheap wine.  And we both drank too much of it.  Then we went out to a bar and had another drink or two.  His parents came to pick us up around 11:30 or 12, and in the car I started to feel bad.  We got back to the condo where we were all staying, and walk up to the door (it was on the second floor).  His dad was fiddling with the lock, and all of the sudden I felt it coming.  I sprinted down the stairs and projectile puked in the bushes – some got on me, on my shoes, on my purse…and on Fiance.  Lord.  It was awful.  His parents THANK GOD didn’t actually see this, but of course they knew what was happening.  So after I…finished….we went inside.  I am, of course, MORTIFIED.  I headed straight to the bathroom to take a shower, and his mom took my dress and his clothes and washed them.  I thought for sure they would think I was some horrible drunk who was not worthy of dating their son.  Thankfully, they are AWESOME and it didn’t phase them at all — they knew that wasn’t the normal me.  I am so lucky that they love me and that it was totally a non-issue.  But God was I embarassed for weeks over that.  The upside was that while I was bawling in the bathroom, Fiance told me he loved me for the first time….so yeah, there was that.  Ha!

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Love the “rack” story. How funny!!

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@FutureMrsT1221:  Back when our relationship was new, I threw a used tampon in their bathroom trash (wrapped in TP) instead of flushing it because their pipes are old. Well, their dog dug it out and decided to walk around with the house with it (and leave it in the kitchen) before anybody noticed.


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@Mrs. Coyote:  my in laws don’t have a lock on their bathroom door either (well, they do, but it’s broken and no one feels the need to replace it. wtf?). so far, no one’s walked in on me *knock on wood* but my father in law doesn’t shut the door all the way when he’s in there so everyone has walked in on him at one time or another. so far, i’ve dodged that bulllet too, but everyone says it’s going to happen eventually, lol


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My first one is more funny than anything, but it really embarrassed me at the time. Christmas was just a couple of months after I moved up here, and my DH’s grandparents were kind enough to invite me to Christmas with everyone (I was just his girlfriend at the time). So we had a nice time, and when we’re getting ready to leave, GMIL gives me a big hug… aaand I kissed her on the cheek. I have no idea WHY, kissing people on the cheek isn’t something I do, nor is it something his family did, but for some reason I just did it?! At least they didn’t think anything of it, they just thought I was REALLY friendly.

The second one was mildly horrifying, but no one knew it was me. We’d gone camping with the family (same group), and DH and I got up early. We were freezing, so we were going to go inside FIL’s camper to warm up for a bit. There was a massive spider hanging off the little overhang above the door, right in front of my face! I had a little bit of a meltdown before it fell somewhere and I escaped the tent. Later that night, his aunt started talking about two people who were arguing that morning and how inconsiderate they were. That’s when it hit me that they were talking about me. I felt awful. But now it’s a secret DH and I laugh about.

The third isn’t something I did in front of the ILs, but something that was spread about me. It was absolutely pouring one morning. I was idling waiting to make a turn, and when I accelerated to make my turn, the car fishtailed like crazy before grazing a post and coming to a stop. The only damage was to my front headlight. It was really embarrassing, so DH and I kept it to ourselves. We ordered a new headlight and replaced it, but not before Mother-In-Law noticed and asked what happened to it. Months later, I found out that she had spread the story to the entire family, along with several other things. Now this, we don’t laugh about. It’s still kind of a sore spot to me that Mother-In-Law gossips our business like that, but that’s why we don’t tell her anything. :/

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I said in front of my in-laws “excuse me.  I need to go potty.” Not i need to use the restroom but go potty!  I was so embarassed. I work with kids and they say that a lot and that’s usually how I ask the younger ones if I see them wiggling in their seats. This happened on my first trip out to meet them so I was especially mortified. 

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As teens (18-19) SO & I were long distance. He still lived with his family and every 2-3 months I’d visit for a week or two. I don’t like wearing clothes…I don’t know why but I just don’t. Anyways, I had taken a shower, threw on my robe and went to SO’s room. It was hot because their AC went out so I took off the rob and ended up falling asleep on the bed butt naked in front of a fan. SO wasn’t home (he was at work). At some point during my nap, Future Father-In-Law came into the room to ask if I wanted anything from the store or anywhere else. He walked in, saw me sleeping butt naked, covered me up and left lol. I was initially really mortified. But, he explained to me how he sees me and he simply sees one of his daughters because he has literally known me since I was a little kid. The whole family thought it was hilarious and they joked about how now EVERYONE has seen me naked; they teased me for days. 

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Clogged the toilet at my MIL’s place. Awesome. Haha

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Oh so many… I’m pretty good at embarrassing myself.. 

First, Fiance, my boyfriend at the time has decided to take a photo of me laying in lingerie in a sexy pose. I was totally cool with it. i didn’t realise he’d made it his screensaver on his phone though, until one day Future Father-In-Law picked it up.. Handed it back to me with an embarrassed “you might want to change that” 

Then another night, we were sleeping and FFILs before we had moved out if home. Everyone was out for the night, and weren’t expected to be back until late. So we decided to have a “special” bath together.. When we left the bathroom, FFILs were not only home, but we’re half way through a movie! No eye contact was made for sever weeks… 

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