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1. yes

2. mirena was taken out on my period, I had another about 22 days later (my normal is 25-26).

3. Other than 1 cycle about 3 months after where I was 5 days late, I have been very regular since.

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My AF was really heavy and wonky before Mirena. I had it put in at 38 and taken out at 40. While in I would spot for months on end then nothing for months. Once it was taken out, AF was crazy–super long and super heavy. But I think that was an age thing, not a Mirena thing.

It’s been out for 2 years and I’m still TTC (one BFP, but MC). But again, I think it’s an age thing since I’m 42 now.

Good luck!

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I got my Mirena IUD taken out a year ago (Jan of 2012) and I STILL have not regulated!! I was always like clockwork before I ever had the IUD. I had no period while on the mirena after the first few months. When I had my IUD taken out it took almost 2 months before I got my period. I have had it off and on since then. I use to be on a 28 day cycle and now, if I am lucky to be on time, it is around 35 days although it varies (I am 4 days later right now and not TTC). Last year in September I was 21 days late. I don’t know if my body will ever regulate at this point. =(

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1. No, more like light spotting if that.

2. 2 days later. 

3. They were immediately regular didn’t get pregnant the first cycle, but the next one I did.

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I don’t use mirena because I’ve heard from several people that depending on a few factors that it can be pushed out of the way.

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1). Did you have periods on Mirena 

Nope it went away immediatly.

2). How long did it take for you to get a period after having it taken out?

Next day I had AF and it was really heavy

3). Were your periods regular one you got them, or did it take a while regulate? How long?

Yup, immediatly went back to 28 day cycles.

I had my Mirena in for maybe 6 months until I got a nasty UTI driving cross country for 3 days and it was painfully low/failing out and I was in the shower and felt it was way out of place and gave it a gentle tug (didn’t even hurt) and went to PP next day.  I am now on Implanon, which uses the same hormone, so I also commented to sub to this thread since I am having that taken out in 4 days and TTC in June.

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I was on Mirena, but I had weird periods before, during and after it, so I can’t be much help there. However I am now pregnant! I went off it before the wedding.

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I was on Mirena for 8 years (two Mirenas), got it taken  out in June, starte trying Spetember  and pregnant in October.
1. no periods whatsoever on Mirena

2. I had spotting when got it taken out then a light period 30 days later. I had periods every 26 to 29 days after that, but I had realy short LPs (9 or 10 days) and the periods were super light (less than a single tampon and lasted two days with spotting or anything before or after). In September I had a real, full, 6 day long period with normal flow and cramping and the pregnant right after that.

3. Mine were pretty regular, but prior to Mirena they were always 28 days exactly. so 26 to 29 days was unusual, but not crazy or anything. 

I really liked Mirena and never had a problem with it!

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Also, I think the whole “you can get pregnant immediately” thing is always what medical people will tell you, and it is true from the perspective that there’s nothing inhibiting you from Oing anymore, but how your body responds to the hormones and how it bounces back is individual. I was freaked out about the light periods and short LP because I was sure had developed some sort of infertility (I am a worrier), but I now think that my body was just waking up and getting back into the swing of things and needed a couple of months to do that. I don’t think it’s neccesariy helpful to think you will for sure get pregnant right away without knowing how your body responds to the hormones in your birth control! 

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i got mine out the same day as you! i got my period 4 days later and i started charting on jan 28th. so far i haven’t ovulated yet. i didn’t get periods when i had the mirena.

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