(Closed) SPINOFF: Have you ever been in a physical fight with another woman?

posted 6 years ago in Relationships
  • poll: Have you ever been in a physical fight with another woman?
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    No, and I never would : (90 votes)
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    In high school, I once had a co-worker threaten that she was going to “wait for me in the parking lot”. Fortunately, all of our other co-workers hated her — including the managers — and shut it down.  

    I’ll never forget it either. she was so trashy, with her super short cutoff jeans and a half shirt. seriously, it was like I was in an bad 80’s movie. 

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    I got close once, a few years ago, but a passerby broke it up before I could deck her. Late at night on the streets of NYC and some disheveled drunk bitch with a bottle in her hand starts following me and begging me for smokes. I told her to back the f off and leave me alone… things escalated from there. It’s actually really funny now looking back at it. I called her a crack head and she said “Why I gotta be a crack head? I ain’t no crack head. I’m an alcoholic!” I totally could have knocked her out in her drunken state but not so sure if I’d have the confidence if she was sober.

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    Only when I was like 20 and under. I’ve been in many fights with girls unfortunatly. However they were always when someone started it/in defence, but I could have avoided some of them by walking away instead of the “bring it” attitude I used to have.
    I avoid drama now, and don’t let people push my buttons.
    But I would If I needed to, and I’d lay a b– out. 😉

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    The last time I was punched was by a 70-pound girl in 7th grade, it only kind of hurt for a second, because her knuckles were so bony. Then I slid behind her and held her wrists together behind her back while she tried to bite my shoulder.

    Last time I punched someone was in high school, 11th grade I think, he was being a dick so I punched him in the face. And now he and my bff are dating and live together lol

    So no… and now I wouldn’t hit someone first, because I don’t want to be charged with assault,  buy if someone hit me I might punch them back.

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    I have the good benefit of having “crazy eyes”. So I’ve come close, but never had to.

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    Both men AND women, tyvm, and I’d do it again if I needed to.

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    No, but I would if I had to! Definitely.

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    I’ve come close, but I’ve got a big mouth and a scary side, so people usually back down first. Barring something crazy happening, there’s only one person I think I’d ever hit (because it would be so satifying), and I haven’t done it yet, so…

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    Yes but it’s a twisted story. My friend was having a nervous breakdown out of nowhere after She had invited us to hang out at her place. Both her kids and my son were there. Out of nowhere she left the room and came back with a fully loaded .22 rifle. She wanted to kill herself. She was waiving it around. My instincts kicked in and I literally waited for my clear shot so to speak. When it came, I ran over and knocked her the hell out and kicked her to the ground. I don’t even care. She almost shot her own daughter when she waived it around. The cops asked why she was bruised and bloody but did not press charges against me. He said that if I wouldn’t have reacted that way, someone could have been killed. The shit still freaks me out to this day. Turns out she hadbeen a paranoid schizophrenic who had been off of Her meds for quite some time.

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    This wasn’t a girl on girl fight but easily could have been… I just turned around and took it out on the one that I felt was more guilty.

    In my early 20’s I got into the worst fight of my life at a carnival. I was with my ex fiance and some girl came up to us asking who I was. She had been seeing my ex fiance and ‘said’ she didn’t know about me at all (which was a lie). Instead of taking it out on her I turned around and started screaming at the top of my lungs at him. I started to walk as fast as I could away and got to the field outside the carnival and he kept following me trying to talk and calm me down. Well I was too upset for that and told him to go but he wouldn’t, I told him it was just OVER. He grabbed my arm to try and stop me and I turned around and swung hitting him in the face and then just started screaming again. I noticed a ton of people followed us and were gathering in a circle around us by that point. I just started ‘telling’ the crowd what had happened and the whole time I was just swinging and yelling hahaha. My ex was just blocking me from doing any actual hits and someone must have thought he was going to try and hit me so they grabbed him but at that point I just tried to get out of the circle and leave. That was intense and terrible. I am so glad I didn’t stay with that jerk.

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    @MrsPanda99:  I’ve never been in a physical fight in any way, even with a sibling. I don’t think i have ever even SEEN two women phsyically fight in real life. I think I have witnessed a punch being thrown between two men maybe twice in my life, at bars, and then the guys were thrown out immediately.

    I guess I am “sheltered?” But, I just have never been around the types of crowds that engage in physical violence for any real length of time. It kind of boggles my mind to be honest. My husband grew up in Philly and claims to have been in soooooo many fights growing up, and I find it hard to believe knowing the man he is now.

    Personally I believe there is absolutely no reason to ever engage in physical violence unless you are defending yourself against IMMINENT (and only imminent) physical violence. It’s just irresponsible given the potential consequences and silly given the notion it wont even actually SOLVE your problem.

    My solution to the husband on the couch thing would be to discontinue in the dating phase seeing a man that ever showed any remote signs of at all being capable of such behavior, and thus choosing to marry a man that would absolutely, positively, never engage in such behavior. if it still happened, id be shocked, id walk away, and deal with the situation in a way that would actually solve my problem (which is with the HUSBAND, and not even actually with the “bitch needing to be laid out”) and leave me without a criminal record.

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    No, I haven’t, but if I got mad enough (as in some woman trying to get her hands on my SO, or someone who was hurting one of my animals) I might if really pushed to the limit. I prefer yelling scathing nasty things, though– it’s safer!

    I’ve only ever truly yelled at one person who isn’t a member of my family (my parents and I used to fight a lot when I was a teenager Embarassed). This guy was/is one of my classmates in grad school, and it was the end of a week-long field study trip and everyone was really tired and hot and dirty. Somehow, a conversation started about what we were all going to do about jobs after graduating, and I said something about being concerned about finding a job where my SO and I live, as we have put down roots in his hometown. As in, he built our house and owns land there. So I’m staying there! This has been an issue with my parents, so when this jerk guy in the class (who I disliked anyway, as he had led on and been disrespectful to one of my best friends) said something, I literally shouted at him, quite angrily. That moron!

    I try not to do that, though. I don’t like yelling and conflict, and I’m sure I would heartily dislike having to hit someone.

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    I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, and I was always coming home with black eyes and bruises. I’ve also done things like try to break up fights and ended up in the middle of them. To the best of my memory, however, I have never started a fight. If I caught my husband with another woman, I very much doubt that I would hit her. I would probably be too shocked to do anything initially, to be honest.

    EDIT: Thinking about it, I’ve been in a lot more fights with men than women, actually. The problem is that I act without thinking. Guy getting beaten up? Must help… er… using all of my 5 feet 0 inches against that huge guy…. er… not so sensible…

    As you probably imagine, I’ve been beaten up A LOT. Usually trying to save someone else from an arse kicking they probably deserve.

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    Only once, and it was this summer.  

    I wouldn’t do it again, and kind of got my ass kicked (very superficial lacerations, but lots of blood. She was a hair puller and scratcher. lol), but that was fine as it probably saved me from being charged (the police were called, but weren’t very interested in taking statements, and she was uninjured from what I heard). It also created some problems for my husband, and he was very angry with me, but we moved past it.

    I would be lying if I said taking a go at her didn’t feel good though, and on the bright side, it is highly unlikely I’ll ever see her where the fight occured again. (She won the battle, I won the war).  The general consensus is that she has had it coming for a long time, and people were pretty shocked that it would be me that went for it–she’s got about 40 pounds and 2 inches on me, and it is not in my nautre to be violent or even ragey at all.


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    Yes and no, but not intentionally and not for the reasons you mentioned in your post. My husband and I attended a concert a couple of years ago and we were down in the pit squished together like sardines. I could barely breathe there were so many people packed down there around us.

     Anyways, a woman in front of me was arguing with the woman directly to my left and they continued to scream in each other’s faces. When the woman ahead of me wound up to knock this other crazy woman out, she missed and hit me square in the jaw. I saw stars for a moment and then just completely lost my cool and shoved her as hard as I could. She was drunk so she went flying and security grabbed her and kicked her out.

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