(Closed) Spinoff-Have you ever been jealous (ever) of a ring?

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    yes and i would never admit it but on this poll (no post)

    yes and i will admit it

    honestly could care less uness someone is rubbing it in

    i like polls


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    I’ve been jealous of people getting their rings before me (I had a crappy Waiting period), so in that sense I’ve been jealous of people having rings.  I’ve never been jealous of a particular ring, though, and I’ve never been rude to anyone over my jealousy.

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    I don’t think I would call it jealousy, but I votes yes in the poll for lack of a better option.

    I love my ring & it’s one of my favorite rings I have ever seen. Does that mean when I see 4ct stones in inticate Single Stone Jewelers settings that I don’t get ring envy & want those ring too? No, of course I want a 4ct stone in a Single Stone setting ๐Ÿ˜›

    Does that mean I would trade my ring for another ring? Heck no! I wouldn’t trade my ring for any other ring on the planet & I mean that with all my heart. There is so much sentiment behind my engagement ring & it’s already so lovely.

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    I rarely am the jealous type.  Even when I was married the first time and had a very modest ring for 20+ years…

    I was quite happy with what I had… and didn’t bother a whole lot with what others had.

    Sure there were occasions when I was married those 20+ years when I’d see a girl with a much more impressive ring (especially so in the 1990s & 2000s when the trend started to move towards more & bigger diamonds vs my early 1980s heavy on the gold, low on the diamonds set) and I was wishing that I could have that type of ring

    But in reality I was very pleased / connected (sentimental about) the Bridal Set I owned, and wouldn’t have traded them EVER

    Not to say I wouldn’t have enjoyed a nice Anniversary Blinged out Ring for my 25th Anniversary (a common thing to do, and what many of my GFs have) **

    — — —

    This time round…

    I am very happy with the Rings that Mr TTR has purchased for me.

    I know I am blessed, and they are more than I ever dreamed of

    ** In truth I got my fabulous 25th Anniversary wish come true… it just so happens to be with a better man, and a whole lot nicer ring(s) than anything my Ex Hubby would have ever bought for me

    Outside of that, I would never gloat about them…

    (So ya I get  @veryberry13: why your Future Sister-In-Law drives you nuts, and you are right she was FLAUNTING it and being RUDE)

    Outside of WBee, in the real world, I NEVER talk about my Rings at all.  That would be pretty tasteless in my opinion


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    When I was with my ex I envied girls who had guys that wanted to and could get their future brides a ring that she liked. So, yes and no. Jelous yes, but not of a specific ring. More like the thought behind it and the sacrifice made by their SO to make it happen. (My ex was a very selfish and greedy person)

     But I love my DH and my ring now.

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    I have a few friends whose rings I love, but I don’t think it’s really jealousy. I just like pretty things. 

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    i’m jealous of blake lively’s ring, the only engagement ring i’ve ever liked

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    I honestly don’t. Not to say that I don’t recogize a ring that is nicer or more expensive, but I just love mine. Because my fiance proposed to me with it. And spent time picking it out. So, to me, it will always be perfect for that.


    He told me when he gave it to me that when we get in a better place financially he would get something with a bigger center stone. I told him I never wanted another wedding ring! He is welcome to buy me a beautiful ring for another finger, but this wedding ring will always be perfect to me because it shows us as what we are: early twenty-somethings who fell in love and didn’t have all the money in the world, but certainly had all the love in the world. Not to be sappy lol.

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    I honestly don’t get jealous. All the other rings are perfect for other women and were a token of love from THEIR loved one and my ring is perfect for me because Fiance picked it out all by himself (I lovethe thought that he had me in mind when he chose it). I do however admire other women’s rings ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I dont think I have been jealous of anyones actual ring (except Blake Lively like the PP!), but I do get a touch of the green eyed monster when people get engaged (cause I’m waiting very impatiently to get my beauty hehe). Yeah, definitely more jealous of the sentiment of being engaged as opposed to the actual ring. SO likes to say we are “basically” engaged but that doesn’t really fly with me haha.

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    @veryberry13:  I have; but for what it represented in terms of financial security than for the style/size etc.

    A friend of a friend has a 1.35ct Flawless D colour pear solitaire, costing around £18k/$27k. I wouldn’t want her ring as my engagement ring, but I will admit, I get a twinge of jealousy when I think about it; I’m still studying, and OH is on a low-ish wage, and we won’t be able to buy a property until we’re at least 33ish; so, some years from now (we’re 27). Whereas they have a lovely property, a combined income of around $180k (very high for the UK in general, but particularly for their age), and are in a position to drop $27k on a ring.

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    The only time I have been jealous in relation to an engagement ring, was when I was waiting and jealous of women who were engaged and had the ring on their finger, and I didn’t have mine yes. Jealous of an actual ring? No, never. I love my ring, I have my dream ring and it is perfect for me.

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    I wouldn’t say I’ve been jealous….maybe envious? I love rings period…so anytime I see one I like…I think….”ohhh..I would love to have that”

    The only time I would say I was ever jealous would be when I was younger (mid 20’s) and my sister got engaged…and her ring was bigger then mine…I was probably offically jealous then, but I got over it and was happy for her. Even then it was more envy, I think ๐Ÿ˜‰


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    I’m jealous of a style of ring if that makes sense. I really wanted a halo engagement ring, but DH hates halos so he bought me a solitaire. I like my ring, but prefer halos so I always feel a twinge of jealousy when I see that particular style of ring. 

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    I don’t get jealous, I admire. I love love love my ring and don’t have any jealous/ring regret/enviousness. I admire different styles from mine, as mine is a very simple solitaire. So I do look at other, espeically blingy intricate rings and admire them, but never feel jealous.

    Even huge rings…I saw a lady this weekend with a freakin’ iceberg on her hand. DH and I agreed it was probably real, she had all the other accessories that indicated money, but she wasn’t flashy about it…understated wealth. Anyway, her ring was a RB, probably 4-5 carats. I wouldn’t WANT something that big on my finger. I thought it looked silly. But, more power to her and her DH! But no jealousy ๐Ÿ™‚

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