(Closed) Spinoff-Have you ever been jealous (ever) of a ring?

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    yes and i would never admit it but on this poll (no post)

    yes and i will admit it

    honestly could care less uness someone is rubbing it in

    i like polls


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    I’ve seen rings I’d love to have, but it doesn’t make me feel envious.  I have felt envious over other things though, like homes, careers, etc., but not over a ring.  If I see a ring that I love, I’m gonna say so.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I’d say I’m envious over a particular cut of ring that other ladies have (asscher, and I have a RB) but it doesn’t make me love my ring any less.

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    I’ve seen some beautiful rings and thought they were lovely, but never coveted them.  Her ring wouldn’t mean anything to me – it was her husband who found it and saved up the money and presented it to her on one knee, not mine. 

    I have envied things that other people get to do, but I always own up to it.  I’m envious that my sister in law gets to stay home with my niece.  I want nothing more than to have babies and stay home and cook and clean, but that’s not our life right now.  I don’t want to change my life, and I don’t want her life, but I can see what I want for my life in hers – if that makes sense. 

    5 hot air balloons floated over my house the other day and I wished again that I had a hot air balloon but didn’t hate them for having them – it made my day to watch the dog wonder wtf that was floating over the backyard. 

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    @Hyperventilate:  +1.

    Maybe it would be different if I couldn’t afford a larger ring, but I can. It’s simply not a priority for us. I get jealous of people who don’t have to work and are free to travel. I also get jealous of rich people with beautiful homes. A ring is too trivial for me to care.

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    I work at a jewelry store, so I see lots of jewelry. We do free cleanings so anyone can stop in and have their things cleaned. I don’t care for maybe 80% of it.

    The most beautiful ring I have ever seen was an antique plantinum recreation, with the most gorgeous, well made detail, with tiny stones accented the setting, and it had a gorgeous practically flawless ~1.5ct european cut diamond. I see a TON of jewelry, but this was the one ring that made me gasp when she pulled it out for me to clean. Ahh it was so beautiful. I was gushing, and I had to ask where she had it made, luckily it’s close to me so when I have a spare couple thousand lying around, maybe I’ll pick one up myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I was only ever jealous when I was a waiting bee ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I do not think I get jealous of others’ rings.  I admire them, and often think they are beautiful.  But the truth is if I wanted a 20k ring that badly, I would have one.  I can have one, I just do not think I would ever spend that amount of money on a ring because it is not something both my husband and I will get to enjoy.  It is not an exotic trip, or a week at a spa, or a new kitchen, all of which are priorities for us. 

    I do get jealous of people who are constantly on vacation, and who do not appear to worry about finances at all (spend money without worrying about the consequences).  Sometimes, I wish we were more carefree.

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    i have my ideal ring, so no, but i was generally jealous of rings before i got engaged!

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    I will share my experience with ring jealousy…and bear with me because it’s ridiculous. 


    My ex husband, when he proposed to me, only did it because his mom told him to. He went and picked out a ring that was on clearance at a store that was going out of business. I HATED the ring the minute I saw it. He knew my style and what I hated and everything that was that ring, was everything that I hated (but this is how our relationship was) he was a dick, and I was young and naive and went along with it for almost 10 years until I finally divorced him. I began a new wonderful relationship with my now fiance (we dated as teenagers and have known each other for 15 years), and my ex husband began a new relationship as well. Within 3 months of our divorce being final, he got engaged to this woman. A week later they were married. THAT did not bother me in the least because I honestly had no feelings for him for quite a long time (YEARS). Keep in mind that my ex and I have two children together…so his new wife started flashing her rings around every time I would drop my kids off for their weekends with them, and of course I took a look. It’s a very large (1ct+) princess solitaire plus two eternity bands. 


    Here is why I was jealous…we have two children. He refused to pay me what was recommended in child support. I had to negotiate a lower monthly payment because “he couldn’t afford a higher child support payment”. But yet somehow there was money for her very large, sparkly set of diamonds. It hurt me, that he refused to do his duty by helping support his children, yet would spend so much money on her rings. 


    If this comes off as weird and scattered, I’m sorry – I’m in zombie mode as my littlest one has a fever and kept me up all night, but I thought I would share my ONE ring jealousy moment. 

    ETA: Maybe I am not jealous her rings, but just angry over the circumstances. That and the fact that my e ring from him was hideous lol. (I was only 19 when we got engaged and 21 when we got married…so young…so stupid…ahhhh!!)

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    @AngelR88:  This is me.  I don’t actually like rings all that much. Don’t get me wrong, I love my ring because of what it represents, but I don’t think I could describe a single ring of any of my friends beyond, “It has a diamond in it.”  They’re clear stones, I just don’t find them that exciting.  


    However, tell me you’re going on a 3 week trip to the Maldives or a backpacking adventure in Europe, and I will turn a little green with envy.

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    @veryberry13:  I don’t know if jealous is the right word. I’ve thought “wow, that ring is beautiful” before. I’ve thought that about a lot of rings, but of course I could only have one ring, not all of those, haha. So I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s jealousy. When I first joined the Bee I would see almost every ring picture and think “man, that ring is beautiful, I kinda wish I could have that one”, and then I started to realize that a lot of them are extremely similar and the same style over and over again, so now I’m glad that I designed mine a little different. 

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    @veryberry13:  I get jealous of LOTS of rings! (and I also have a 10K ring! Though I don’t just go around telling people that, except for here!)

    One of my friends has a step-Mom with a FOUR CARAT CENTER. It is INSANE. Super jealous!

    And there’s a Bee here with a peach sapphire. And even though I’m 100% a diamond person, I get a little jealous every time I see it!

    I think jealousy is a TOTALLY natural emotion! And I definitely over-compliment things that I’m jealous of. I have stopped people on the street to GUSH about how gorgeous their outfit/hair/bag/whatever is!

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    @nerdybird:  I feel the same way – I’m a bit jealous of those girls that get complete say in their ring.  My SO has asked for my opinion but he really wants to be the one to pick it out, which concerns me a bit as he’s never bought jewelry for me before.  He says since it’s his gift he should have the final say.

    Otherwise, I can’t think of anyone IRL whose ring I’m actually jealous of.

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    Wellllllll …… I might be a tad envious of women with yellow diamonds and step cut rings (and YELLOW DIAMOND STEP CUT RINGS! LOL) but how could I really replace my stone since it was FI’s family heirloom?? I remember that and snap right out of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Good enough for FI’s grandmother, good enough for me!!!

    I love to admire others’ jewelry in general, though. I consider it a hobby ๐Ÿ™‚

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    No, it is not a jealous feeling. It is more like an envy, be it a car, house, vacation, jewelry…I think it is a postisitive feeling because I have goals to work on so that I can get those in the future (hopefully lol)

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