(Closed) Spinoff: How does a Biracial couple do the Wedding Door Games?

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@Helloemi:  I think it’d be helpful if you explained what wedding door games are

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@Helloemi:  Aw I can’t see videos at work. That does sound interesting if everyone else is well informed as to what it’s about and how it works. 

Otherwise people may think it’s money-grabby if it doesn’t have context. What’s the meaning behind the number 9?? 

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can you please explain, i can’t see videos either.

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@Chrysoberyl:  The number 9 is significant because it’s a homonym for the word that means longevity. 🙂  That’s also why there are lots of Chinese weddings in September and on the 9th of other months.

As a (mostly) Chinese bride with a Serbian SO, I don’t think I’ll be doing the wedding door games.  SO says that Serbs have a similar tradition (minus the money and embarrassment part – the games are usually designed to be embarrassing/physically taxing for the groom and his groomsmen)…but even so, I don’t feel comfortable with it because:

a) SO hates parting with money and I’d hate to see money given away when we could’ve used it for a vacation or something
b) it’s not his culture/tradition
c) this exercise wouldn’t mean much to my family, unlike, say, the tea ceremony
d) he’s been dealing with a mysterious shoulder injury for a year – we hope he’ll be fully recovered by the time we marry and I don’t want to jeopardize his health by making him do pushups and stuff (a popular part of the games)
e) I don’t want him or the groomsmen to be all sweaty and gross for our pictures – I’m going to be flipping through them for the rest of my life!
f) my family’s from Hong Kong and the whole bridesmaids-during-door-games thing is a bit of a cultural inside joke (a popular HK stand up comic even did a whole segment on it in one of his shows); it can become a really ugly display and, besides the fact that my closest girls are too classy to behave that way, I just want my wedding to be an elegant affair

I’ve witnessed door games before and they can be a lot of fun to watch, especially if everyone’s a good sport, but it’s just not something I want to subject Mr. Pisces to! 

To give everyone a better idea of how door games are, here are some examples of games that take place – all the “challenges” are meant for the groom but usually his boys will step in to help him.:

-push-ups/situps/other exercises (i.e. having to do 99 or something like that)
-leg-waxing with wax strips (no, really, I have seen pics on FB to prove it!)
-answering questions about the bride/relationship while two groomsmen each have the end of a banana in their mouth, and each wrong answer means they have to take a bite
-doing shots
-swearing “oaths” that the bridesmaids have written about how he promises to do all the housework, childcare, endure the bride’s foul moods, indulge her every whim and command, hand over all the money he earns for his wife to spend, etc.
…and so on!

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@Helloemi:  If everyone is game, I think it’s a fun way to break to the ice at an engagement party. Participants don’t need to be Chinese or E-Asian to have fun and humiliate each other! haha

My family is Vietnamese-Chinese mixed, so our traditions are slightly different. Plus it’s the 21st century, so our goal is to make the groom do embarrassing things rather than ask for significant amounts of money (we also don’t have any significance with 9). 

We also had TWO levels of embarrassment: “door games” and “see the bride” games. The groom’s party technically has to “ask permission to enter the bride’s home”. We tease the groom and party at the door:

  • “There’s a toll! $5 to get inside”
  • “What’s the password? Hint: It’s your anniversary!!”

This is just a taste of what’s to come…Inside, the bride hides somewhere out of sight. The groom has to perform “challenges” to coax her to come down from upstairs. I have 3 older sisters so these are some things we made the groom-to-be do…:

  • Sing. LOUDLY! Loud enough for her to hear yooouu! 
  • Profess your love. Again LOUDLY to get her to come down. 
  • Hula hoop, push ups, jumping jacks, other physical stuff
  • There was something about a string tied around the groom’s waist with a banana hanging from it and I think he had to knock stuff over with the banana? I can’t remember the point of that one, but it was hilarious!
  • Pop a certain number of balloons using only his butt

So anyway, as you can see, you can do any variety of humiliating things to the groom in order for him to see his lovely bride! It really depends on the crowd, if they are extremely traditional or not. You should have fun with it! 

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