(Closed) Spinoff: How much do you make per year?

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  • poll: How much do you and your SO make combined per year?

    We're students and don't work.

    Less than $10k








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    @galloway111: Yeah, we make under $50K and don’t have internet but we could. We just choose to use that $ on other things/save it. I know lots of recent college grads who barely make their rent and have no savings but still have cable and internet … sigh.

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    I make about $60k (once I graduate, I have the offer right now and did an internship there so it’s pretty safe to say I’m staying) and I’m 22. My SO makes under $20k because he’s following his passion and teaching ballroom dance. Unfortunately with this economy no one can afford to take lessons for their weddings or take lessons on their own for fun. I can’t wait for the economy to be better. He also does technology consulting for dance studios but needless to say who can afford that… They’d rather stay with pen and paper when they’re all losing so much money.

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    @galloway111:If you don’t have enough money to put food on the table, why in the world would you have cable/internet?  Cable/internet is not a necessity to live.  But that’s another discussion.

    I guess you’re right about the 50K…for some reason, I was thinking 50K was less than it actually was.  I forgot that some people only make 50K a year, and live just fine.   My bad…its been a long day.

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    @coffeegal85: I eat pretty good on our salaries. =)

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    I am 26, DH is 31. I make about 52K and he makes about 25K.  We live in the midwest and are ok.  I bought our home before we were married on my own so it’s easier now having a combined income.  We live north of Chicago, so if we were to go any farther south toward the City we wouldn’t be doing as well.  Hoping DH gets a promotion next year which would bump his salary up considerably so we can actually get a good savings going.

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    @galloway111: Yeah, I was going to say that internet is pretty much ALMOST a necessity regarding school, jobs, etc.  I know that I have to take “classes” for my job once in while through our website.  I’ll be back in school soon as well.  I know there’s places to go for these sort of things and you can stay at school, but I can’t focus in those sort of settings.

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    Combined we make about $127,000, but in our suburb of Philly, that doesn’t go that far. We live in a townhouse and all new houses being built start in the $400,000’s. Would love to keep our salaries and move down south! 🙂

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    Well I voted wrong. That’s what I get for not reading the question 😛 I make $34k and Fiance makes $49k, so combined, $83k.

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    Sam is starting his own business, so what I make is about $24k. That pays the for a 2 bedroom upper of a house, internet, heat/electric, groceries, and $ for going out and etc. We’re actually living quite comfortably.

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    I’m 33 and make about $91k.  Fiance is 27 and makes about $75k.  As I mentioned on the other thread, we live outside Boston in a fairly expensive area.  Also, a lot of his money goes to gigantic student loans.

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    Between all avenues of income that we receive, we’re in the $100k+ range. We live a comfortable life but we certainly still stress over money. In our area, $100k really should go far but it doesn’t seem to. The average home price is around $250k but you can definitely find great houses for less. Actually, there’s one on the market now that we love that’s $159k (3 beds/1.5 baths in a great neighborhood – actually less than a minute from our current complex). Too bad it’s under contract.

    FWIW, we’re both in our mid 20’s with no college degrees. Considering that, I think we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. 

    ETA: I should add, part of our income is DH’s consulting gigs. Right now he has quite a few lined up which will bump our income up even more but these are mostly contract jobs which end when the project is complete. A few months down the road he may have no consulting jobs which would drop our income. Thankfully our day jobs provide enough to live comfortably and still save.

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    We make a combined income of right around $47k.

    We take care of two children. Have a two bedroom, 2 bath, 3 story home with a garage in a great neighborhood. 

    We are able to live comfortably within our means on that salary because of where we live. 

    What we make is the best money I’ve ever lived with and consider ourselves very lucky. 


    And we are 28 & 29

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    We’re 26-27, in the 125-150 range, and we live in Ohio. For the area it is pretty high, but I still don’t feel like we’re anything close to “well off.” There are just so many factors that come into play. Like for example, student loan payments. Also the fact that we both basically HAD to buy cars right when we finished school because we’d both been driving beaters that were falling apart and becoming unsafe. Our student loan + car payments are more than our mortgage every month! 

    So as we are living right now I feel like we’re just barely comfortable. When we pay everything, buy reasonable (with coupons) groceries, go out to eat once/week, contribute to our retirement and savings plans, it leaves us $80 each spending money for the month to spend on clothes or whatever. So um… not much considering what we make! lol. 

    But I guess the fact that we’re able to pay everything AND contribute to retirement and savings and have $160 left at the end of the month makes us more well off than a lot of people. 

    Also, I know that the choices that we made tightened our situation a bit. For example, we did not NEED to buy a new 2600 sq foot home. We could have bought older cars (they were both used, but they are still nice-ish). We could have lived with lawn furniture rather than furnishing the house. So I know that we’re kind of “living up to our means” here.. when if we’d been really frugal we’d have a lot more cash. But, we’re pretty happy with our situation so we don’t mind feeling a bit cash-poor most of the time.


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    I accidentally answered for just me! Sorry.

    I grew up on almost nothing, always below poverty yet we had a great life- we had what we needed.  That said- I have no idea how my mom did it and I know it was hard on her.  Even though I didn’t have everything I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything either.  It also taught me the value of money and how to save.

    I just got a raise from 15360 a year to 16800 a year with no benefits.  And Fiance makes 40k a year with benefits. I am planning on going back to school to improve my job opportunities.  We are both 23.

    I also am paying off my student loan, he just got a car (a great deal!) and those are our only depts.

    I feel like we are very comfortable- but we do live in a tiny one bedroom apartment.  I know we could have kids with these salaries but I wouldn’t want to- and I would rather quit my job than spend the entirety of my salary on daycare so we would lose a lot of our income.

    We have internet and cable- internet we need- I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  Cable- that is a more recent addition, I don’t think we need it but he wanted it.

    I guess this gave a lot more information than you were looking for but it is what I think of.

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