(Closed) Spinoff: How would you rate yourself… on the inside!

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  • poll: So, 1 being a murderer and 10 being a saint, how beautiful is your heart?
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    @OnceUponATime:  Towards friends/loved ones/animals, probably an 8 or 9, towards other humans probably a 3 or 4.  My biggest fault when it comes to this is I hate people.

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    I am known for my big heart. It causes me a lot of problems to be this way but I can’t help it. I’m extremley empathetic to the point someone else’s pain hurts me. I’ve tried to wall this off a bit as I’ve grown older so I gave myself an 8. 5 years ago it was probably a 10

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    I come on really strong and it turns people off sometimes…but i’d rather those people go away so i can focus on the people who can handle me. Im really a big softie on the inside. I work in a helping profession and i love having a personal connection with others.:) im no saint though!

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    5, im no saint and try to help people but sometimes people rub me the wrong way and i am cold to them…


    people always say am super sweet?!?! i remember bdays, and send treats and stuff but i dont think im doing a big thing.

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    7. I TRY, gosh darn it I TRY! For me, at least, making good choices and self-improvement are infinitely harder than slapping on some makeup.

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    Whew… what a hard question. I didn’t vote. I couldn’t. All I know is that there’s planty of good stuff about me, plenty of bad stuff, and plenty that needs working on… but I wouldn’t even know where to start judging myself agsinst those sort of numbers. It’s also pretty arbitrary… what is a “good heart”? What is a “saint”? Ghandi was dedicated to his cause and his country, but completely neglected his family. Martin Luther King was a great man, and a fantastic public speaker, but he was also a famous womaniser who was repeatedly unfaithful to his wife.

    Also, when you say “murderer”, do you mean the man who killed in defence of another, the mass murderer who is educationally subnormal and has severe mental problems, or the creepy bloke who rapes and kidnaps 6 year olds? Also (perhaps worryingly), maybe some sadistic killers are completely normal in every other respect of their lives.

    I think this is why we are not supposed to judge our fellow human beings if we can help it… it’s really hard!

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    Tought question. I generally try to be nice and respectful to everyone I meet. I try to be inclusive. I get along with most people. I oppose bigotry in all it’s forms. I try to keep negative opinions to myself. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt and don’t jump to worst case scenarios. To most people I am very level headed. I am the peacemaker in my family.

    My most noticable shortcoming are being so short tempered with my fiance (and my grandmother, to some degree). I think it’s because we live together and I know that he knows that I’m not really super mad at him but I get frustrated when he doesn’t follow through on things around the house or remember what’s going on… I also have problems with laziness. I have great intentions, but often need a kick in the butt to get things done.

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    Around a 5, because I’m in a major depression right now, and I feel like my heart is in a block of ice, surrounded by an iron cage.

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    @nyscpa2be:  Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.  I’ve definitely been there.  I hope you feel better soon.

    I honestly have no idea.  I volunteer and I like seeing others happier rather than having myself be happy.  But I am definitely not a saint.  I’d say like a solid 6.  I can’t help from being a major Ahole sometimes.

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    I said 6. I try to be hard working, driven, loving, and caring. Truthfully though, I can be vain, materialistic, and sometimes cold hearted (depending on if I know you or not). Oh well, I’m no saint!

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    If I died today I would not be ashamed of what I have done and felt and thought, so that brings me peace of mind, but I still see lots of room for improvement before my actual dying day.

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    I’d say 6. If you needed a shirt I’d pull it off my back, but this is kind of what makes me bad. Sometimes I just wish I could be more mean/blunt when necessary. Instead I bite my tongue and am super evil in my head, which says a lot meaner things than my mouth ever could, lol.

    I think the ability to be genuine and totally embrace whoever you are no matter what the consequences is deserving of a 10 no matter whether it’s bad or good.

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    Toward most of my family, friends and my pets (pretty much all animals) I’m probably like a 9. Toward other humans? More like a 3 or 4. I tend to judge and look down on people basically because I don’t like people. Generally though I at least appear to be nice. I’ll help you out if I know you need it, I give to charities and try to donate things to local animal shelters. I think I do good things, but I’m just not a people person. 

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    I honestly couldn’t vote…I’ve been told over and over again that I have the soul of a poet, the heart of a thief and the cunning of a corrupt politician…I can at times be so very just and noble, and at others the epitome of an awful and soul-less hag…for me, it all boils down to one, simple, question…who’s side am I on? 

    After that it’s merely a question of what needs to be done, and doing it…I can be qute cold and calculating when I feel provoked, Mr. 99 has always said, “Christ am I glad your on MY side.”

    So honestly, I would say, to the select people I love and adore, I’m a 9, to everyone else…a sleeping 2.

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