(Closed) SPINOFF- If you drank at all during your pregnancy, what else is ok?

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  • poll: what else is ok
    Smoking cigarettes occassionally : (4 votes)
    7 %
    Smoking cigarettes daily : (2 votes)
    3 %
    Marijuana Usage : (3 votes)
    5 %
    Other drugs : (2 votes)
    3 %
    OTC pain medications : (27 votes)
    47 %
    OTC Cough and cold medicines : (20 votes)
    34 %
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    Your last two poll options make this a bit of a tricky one to vote for.  Some OTC pain medications are safe for pregnancy whilst others are not – for example, Tylenol is safe to take but ibuprofen is definitely not safe.   I’m sure there are similar issues with OTC cough and cold medications.   I’m fortunate enough to not have needed any medications during pregnancy but I know my doctor/midwives have told me numerous times that there are plenty of safe options out there, I just need to run it either by them or a pharmacist before I take anything.  

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    I think it really just depends.  While I don’t think smoking (of any kind) or illegal drugs are safe, there are SOME OTC meds that are deemed safe.  I think there are plenty of people out there who smoke throughout pregnancy and say their baby “came out fine”, but they aren’t necessarily weighing the long term effects.  

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    I would not smoke or take drugs of any kind unless I was really ill and it would be in my babies best interest and pre scribed by my doctor, 

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    I voted “OTC pain medications”, but I only take Tylenol (and then, 1/2 a normal dose).

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    I am not a smoker so I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I usually take advil when not pregnant because Tylenol does not do anything for me. So while pregnant I took nothing, only because Tylenol was all that was allowed and I figured it wouldn’t help. Lucky the cramps and headaches and other pains were not too unbearable.

    One thing I did do though- I drank a diet coke every day. At my birthing class, I pulled out a 20 oz bottle of Cherry Coke Zero and saw quite the scandalized looks on my fellow pregnant classmates. Oh well.

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    I only took Tylenol when I had a headache going on three days and the third day I couldn’t get out of bed. I take prescripton allergy meds that are OK’d by my doctor. I also took a prescribred cough medicine (while pregnant) as I had allergy/cold that I could not shake and was not able to sleep/DH not able to sleep as I coughed through the night – oh and I had cough drops. I took them sparingly, but needed to get through it. All OK’d, tho.

    Personally, I’m totally against smoking/other drug use even when not pregnant, so in no way think it is appropriate when pregnant (personal opinion!).

     @Tatum:  Caffiene is OK in my book – I usually start the day of with decaf and will have the occasional coke. When I was in Europe I had cappaccino’s daily, tho (2nd trimester) and didn’t worry about it. I’m more worried about keeping the baby too active at night when I’m trying to sleep.

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    I was very strict on what I consumed during my pregnancy.


    Then I got really sick and needed a couple surgeries and had morphine at one point for pain after surgery.

    I only took what I absolutely needed to take. I was glad I was so strict with my other sonsumption of “no-nos” I couldnt forsee that I’d have so many complications…

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    I took OTC meds, but all were allowed by my doctor. I even took percocet during my pregnancy but those were of course a script. I took Tylenol, Tums, and Claritin as needed.

    ETA: I just reread the post and I did not drink during my pregnancy so this may skew your results.

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    i voted OTC meds, but like PPs i heard some are safe and some are not. so i have taken tyelnol a few times.  

    I will not touch a cigarette the entire time i am pregnant, but i also don’t freak out about second hand smoke the way some people do. Like i was at a restaurant last week sitting on a patio and the woman at the table next to us asked if we minded if she lit up and i said no i don’t mind even though my friend minded for me! I just think if one whiff of smoke goes my way, it’s not the end of the world. i wouldn’t like it if someone blew smoke in my face or smoked indoors in my small apt of course – but i don’t like that at any time, pregnant or not.   I just think about the fumes that are in the city in general coming from cars etc, so second hand smoke outside not going directly at me is nothing in comparison.   I also had a pregnant friend last year who refused to walk across a parking lot to her car with me and my sister when my sister started to light up a cigarette and i thought that was a bit over the top.

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    I’m not pregnant yet but I won’t be against the occasional sip of wine of beer (especially later in the pregnancy).

    I will also be fine with taking certain OTC pain meds and cold meds.  I will even be talking to my doctor about whether it is better for me to get off or stay on my depression/anxiety med.

    I also will not totally cut out caffiene, I won’t freak out about deli meat, and won’t be crazy about avoiding second hand smoke.

    Personally, I think many people have become so overly cautious in today’s world that it is just becoming ridiculous.  Life is about moderation.

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    I’m finding that this poll implies that those who consumed alcohol must also smoke or do drugs. 

    I drank about 8 oz of wine, total, over three occasions during my pregnancy, but it would be insane to suggest that would mean that I condone drug use.

    ETA: I did not take any OTC drugs for pain or cold/cough either.

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    I hate to be that person, but millions of women in poor countries go through 9 months exposed to dirty water, diseases, and hard physical labor and still manage to give birth to healthy children.

    A pregnant woman should avoid unnecessary toxins and chemicals but frankly children in the US and other western countries are far more likely to be born with congentinal health problems than with any problems caused by taking too much Tylenol or drinking some wine.

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    The poll is pretty weird, it is written oddly. I have had about 3 sips of champagne so far although my doc told me a glass of wine from time to time is fine. I have never heard of a doctor or seen any study suggesting that smoking during pregnancy is okay.

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