(Closed) SPINOFF: If you Found Out you Were Pregnant…

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Bumble bee
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1.) I would cry uncontrollably simple as that. I’m really not looking to be pregnant at this point in my life. one day, but not today.

2.) My SO would be bouncing off the walls excited. He loves children and would have them right now if I’d “let him.” He views my period as my uterus weeping.

3.) I’d keep it and probably get excited about it relatively quickly. I’d probably freak out about not having any prenatal vitamins though. Also I’d work my butt off to try and earn some extra money before the baby came.


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Bumble bee

1. I’d be stunned and a little nervous.

2. He would be thrilled. There was a time where I decided to take a test because I was unusually late and he brought me the test and a bouquet of roses. The look on his face when it turned out to be a false alarm really surprised me! It looked like it just about broke his heart!

3. I would start canceling and making plans. And praying for a boy. Jk. Kinda. 

We would also have to work out the whole marriage thing because he hasn’t proposed yet but he’s made it clear that he wont have a child out of wedlock. I feel a bit differently. 

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Busy bee
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1. I would be kind of scared and nervous but also REALLY excited

2. He would be scared, nervous, and I think a little bit excited, too..but he would focus first on the worrying “how are we going to afford a baby right now?!” 

3. We would keep baby and figure out a way to cut extra expenses, like going out to eat multiple times a week, to make it work..

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Buzzing bee
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Both for #1 and #2, we’d both be wondering what happened to my IUD…

#3. We would more than likely continue the pregnancy. We’re planning more for starting to try in about 18-24 months but it wouldn’t be impossible if we got married and moved earlier than we planned and if I put my dissertation off a bit longer.


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Helper bee
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1. I would be extatic, a little worried since we are young and dont make a ton of money but nothing that would majorly put us behind.

2. My husband would be a little more like omg how did that happy we are totally not ready kind of panic but I know he would turn around after a few days.

3. I would definitely keep the baby and make a doctors appointment to know how far along I was

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Bumble bee
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1.) I’d be ok. (I am actually late right now and gonna take a test in a week if i dont get my period)

2.) Dh would be estatic! He has wanted children for a LONG time!

3.) I would take a picture of my non belly stat! I am so in shape from that wedding dress! I had a son at age 19 and never did all the traditional things that come with being prego so I’d look forward to all that stuff, planning a nursery, start a savings account for our baby, I’d also keep up the walking I have been doing (1-2 hours a day!) I’d keep up with my yoga and start prenatal yoga…hey I’m getting excited!



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Honey bee
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  1. How would you react?
    “fuck fuck fuck fuck… but kinda awesome!!!.. but still fuck fuck fuck” essentially I would freak out.. but then I’d be happy with it. 
  2. How would your FI/DH/other react?
    “YAY!!!! a little sooner than planned but Yay!!! wait.. your Dad is going to kill me…” overall he’d be happy but not as happy if it happened after we were married.
  3. What would you do?
    embrace the little surprise and think about what I’m going to do about the wedding and my dress since I’ll be 5mos along when the date comes to

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Honey bee
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1. I would be terrified, but excited!

2. Darling Husband would jump for joy. He wants a baby and he’s just waiting on me to be “ready.”

3. I would bug Darling Husband to start converting our messy spare room into a nursery!

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Bee Keeper
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@kittyface:  Lol us too on 1 and 2!

But seriously 

1. Id be scared shitless. I’m almost there but not quite and that kind of surprise isn’t what I’m looking for.

2. He’d be excitthebut also scared shitless immediately

3. We would get married as planned and just have a baby earlier than expected!

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Busy Beekeeper
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1- I would be crying of hapinness and scared at the same time.

2- He would probably pass out and then when he comes back he would be really excited.

3- Like @iheartnerds:  I would start converting our computer room into a nursery hehe

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Sugar bee

We would both be excited, nervous and scared. 

We would definently keep the baby

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Helper bee
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#1 and #2 – We would both be jumping up and down excitedly. We aren’t planning to start TTC for at least another 18-24 months but have crazy baby fever and feel ready to have a child (which is crazy because we are both just 23. Never thought my biological clock would start ticking so early or that I would embrace it so completely). We would then freak out because of the spiked lemonade I just drank and my lack of prenatal vitamin consumption. 

#3 – We would definitely continue the pregnancy and our life will mostly stay the same. We would probably have to move around our budget a bit and save a bit more money because this year is already full of big expenses (Buying a car, buying a house, MOH/Best man at a wedding, Anniversary trip to London/Paris)

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I would be happy, but a little stressed about the finances.

I think he would be really happy.

I would drink some chocolate milk.  (Always looking for a reason to 🙂

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