(Closed) Spinoff: impairments and distractions when you drive

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  • poll: Have you ever driven under the following conditions?

    After drinking

    When texting/on the phone (not hands free)

    When eating

    When putting on make-up/other personal grooming

    When you were on prescription medication

    After taking illegal drugs

    When you felt stressed

    When you felt exhausted

    When you had a physical impairment (i.e. a broken bone)

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    I used to be absolutely exhausted after leaving work (I had a physically strenuous job) and sometimes I’d have to stop somewhere/pull over to perk myself up so I could just get home. It was a 45 minute drive one way, and it was awful and scary. I am so glad I got laid off.

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    @MrsPanda99:  I had the opposite problem of having to drive in to work exhausted, I had to drive home!  Every 2 moths I worked a week of overnights, 7 days straight of at least 16 hour shifts (ER veterinary clinic, so if something came in right before day shift came in I would have to stay longer).  I only lived 5 minutes from the clinic, but there were times I didn’t think I should have been driving.

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    I’ve driven on perscription meds as I mentioned on the last thread. I didn’t realize how impaired I was until I was already on the road. It was such a struggle to focus and I knew I shouldn’t be driving; it was very nervewracking. I’ve also driven exhausted. I was coming back for a very long and ardous shift when I was about 17. There were powerlines down over the road close to my home, firefighters pulled me over and made me turn around. I actually drove to a nearby park and called my mom because I was too tired to think of an alternate route home. I think the only time I’ve driven on the phone without an earpiece was during the worst storm I’ve ever experienced. the entire area was flooding and I was trying to get out. Periodically I would talk to my dad who had a constantly updating map of road closures and was trying to help me find a high route home.

    Other than those instances I think I for the most part have been a safe and alert driver, granted I don’t drive much if I can avoid it because I don’t really like it. Niether Fiance nor I have ever been in an accident, and I’ve never been pulled over by the police, just by the firefighters.

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    Seriously…not that many people eat while driving? I eat and talk on the phone about 75% of the time I’m driving. It saves me time!

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    Be very careful if you are on sleep aids. I’ve experienced 2 episodes of sleep driving. The first time I managed to get to the mall, 1/2 hour away, in my pajamas and slippers, but arrived safely thank goodness. The second time I drove onto the sidewalk, hit a stop sign, and got a flat tire. I don’t remember calling my dad but he found me wandering in the middle of the street in my PJs at 3 am on the other side of town. 

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    Ahhhh these results scare me! I’m an auto claims adjuster, I seriously DON’T do any of these things because after seeing the fatalities, dismemberments, quadriplegia etc that I see in my every day work enviroment, it scares the shit out of me to even drive! Let alone take my attention off the road for even a second. I get sick to my stomach even attempting to make a left turn at an intersection.



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    Geez, I’ve done almost all of them. I was definitely super irresponsible (and dumb dumb dumb!) and drove under the influence in college. Like…there were definitely times while I was DRIVING and going “uh, definitely should not be driving right now”. Which is not a good thing to think.

    Chalking that up to young and dumb and thankfully I never had to suffer consequences and always got home safely.

    If I go out to happy hour with friends now, I limit myself to one drink every two hours, two drink max. I never ever drive after more than two drinks – a cab is always cheaper and safer than a DWI/accident.

    I text infrequently, but I do. I’m always talking on the phone with my mom, but I avoid stressful conversations. (neither of these are illegal in MO). I have a short (3 mile) commute that involves waiting for a lot of stoplights, so I figure it’s not that big of a deal. I definitely eat while driving – I usually wait until I’m starving and run through a drive thru so I have to homph gomph asap.

    My BIGGEST distraction is messing with my phone or gps for directions. I’m really bad with directions/wayfinding, so I’ll make left turns when I should be making right turns and get all confused and messed up and spend way too much effort/concentration on figuring out where the heck I need to go.

    When I used to live at home after college, I had a minimum hour and a half commute one-way. I fell asleep while driving (on the intersatate, no less) regularly. It was really scary and not a good thing, at all. I would get home at 7pm or 8pm, eat dinner, pass out at 10, wake up at 5am to get ready for work, and just be SO exhausted, but I didn’t really have a choice (a good job, but huge student loan payments. I couldn’t afford an apartment closer to work).

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    Stessed, exhausted, and occasionally with an obstructed view, without glasses, while searching for something in purse, or while texting. Yikes, naughty me.

    I almost never text and drive, or look for something in my purse and drive – I do those things at a red light. Sometimes I just continue after it has turned green if the road is not busy.

    My eyes aren’t that bad, so if I’ve forgotten my glasses it’s not like I’m too blind to drive, but damn, I can’t read street signs!

    And obstructed view – yeah. Just when moving this weekend I had a hard time seeing out the back, but then I’d make sure my side mirrors were good and I didn’t have to change lanes.

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