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  • poll: Do you think pubic hair is gross?

    Ewwwwwwwww! Yeah it is gross!

    I understand pubic hair has a purpose, I personally do not like it.

    My SO/FI/FH/DH has a preference so I shave/wax/laser to please him.

    Pubic hair is natural and I do nothing except trim and or shave bikini lines.

    My SO/FI/FH/DH prefers me natural looking so I do not remove.

    Polls rock!

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    @trueblue14:  I don’t like it on me, but I also don’t like to be completely bald – I usually leave a little strip. It is no different to me than removing hair off my legs and armpits, it’s something I do that makes me feel nice and fresh.

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    @trueblue14:  I started shaving in my teens and now I’m getting rid of it with laser. I find it gross personally, but I don’t think FI’s public hairs are. He trims down there but I don’t want him to shave anything off entirely. I find it okay on a man’s body, but I dislike hairs on a female body.


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    Gross? No. Do I like it? No. I’ve never had a bacterial or fungal infection people claim you expose yourself to once you shave. If that’s how it is, no one should ever shave. Ever. Infections, ho!

    Sure, the pubic area is a little more sensitive and definitely a lot more humid than say your face or your legs, but unless you’re wearing filthy secretion stained underwear for three weeks straight, I don’t see this as a problem. Most people shower daily anyway, so any risk would be minimized.

    I’m a shaver and not much will convince me to stop. 

    ETA: I do agree that girls having unrealistic expectations for their bodies is a huge issue, but it needs to be addressed by parents and trusted adults. I don’t think women shaving their legs or armpits is in any way backsliding from what we fought for. We fought for the right to have control over our own bodies and not tell us what we can and cannot do. If I want to shave, that’s a choice that my ancestors wanted. Just like someone has the right to not shave. 


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    @trueblue14:  I personally don’t see removing pubic hair as a sign of the women’s movement being set back. I think a woman deciding she wants to remove her hair is every bit as empowering as her deciding to keep it because it was her choice, her body and her view of her own sexuality. Putting the idea of an “empowered woman does x, y and z” into a box is what erodes the decades of hard work. 

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    I’m too much of a wuss to shave (I can’t see down there and don’t want to cut myself!) or wax (Um…ouchies!). I just keep it trimmed neatly and shave bikini lines. Somehow I had this conversation with SO once, and the thought that women actually wax completely blew his mind, haha! Needless to say, he would never ask me to do that unless I really wanted to for myself. For you ladies that can handle the waxing and shaving, I salute you!

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    I shaved when I was a teenager and stopped after I had my daughter. I would change her diaper and think “ew this is what I look like” and it made me feel like a little girl, for that reason, I do not shave but I trim from time to time

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    I don’t think it’s gross, but I’m not particularly fond of it either. I keep mine shaved or trimmed. FH just prefers that I don’t have a jungle down there. Past that, he couldn’t care less. 

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    I generally keep my pubic hair trimmed, but I have been known to shave, too. However, I absolutely cannot shave my bikini line…well, I could if I wanted huge razor bumps, but I don’t. The strange thing is that I don’t get razor bumps when I shave the most sensitive areas with pubic hair.

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    I don’t do a damn thing. I know that husband would prefer some trimming, but I just don’t get it. I shave my legs and pits and that’s it. That said, he does do some manscaping, but I wouldn’t care if he did it or not. It’s just his preference.

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    Yes, it’s gross to me. Here’s why: urine and discharge and sweat. If it’s not trimmed or removed, it’s basically a sponge sitting there to absorb bodily fluids and smells. Think about the hair on your head. Your hair absorbs odors/substances from the environment around you. Pubic hair isn’t any different. If you want to shower 3 times a day, then fine. Otherwise, trim it down. Hair on the mons pubis isn’t a problem; it’s the hair on the labia.

    ETA: I mainly keep it trimmed, but I am sometimes natural (not my favorite) or completely bare (too irritating and aggravating). 




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    @trueblue14:  For me, I don’t find shaving to be related to women’s rights/equality. If I was forced to remove my hair that would be a different story, but I have the right to choose if I want to shave or not. I am 24, so I guess I wasn’t around to see the change in attitude you are speaking about.  I started shaving my legs, armpits and pubic area when I was 11,  right after I hit puberty and started my period. At that age I had no interest in boys, and I didn’t have sex for another 9 years, so for me it didn’t have anything to do with men’s preferences. I also had never been exposed to porn or really seen any naked women at the age, besides my mother, who did not shave. So I wasn’t doing it to try to look like a model/porn star/ anyone else. I have grown my pubic hair out to it’s full length a few times, just like at times I have gone weeks without shaving my legs. But I prefer the sensation of having smooth, shaved skin.

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    I don’t think it’s “gross” but I am completly bare. I have done laser hair removal in that area because it is my preference and also my FI’s… Plus its so much easier than shaving/waxing!


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    Waxing/Shaving pubic hair may increase the risk of transmitting STIs.

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    I am lucky enough to have minimal body hair because of genetics. I have barely any hair at all on my arms and legs (what little hair there is nearly invisible), I don’t have any hair at all in my armpits, and my pubic hair only grows on my mons pubis. I never shave or wax anywhere, but if I had more hair down there, I would certainly bikini wax and trim. I did try to shave my pubic area completely when I was 11, believing it would be more comfortable. I hated the stubble, it itched something dreadful, and I never tried it again.

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    This. All of this. Beyond the smells (and I am a clean person) I can’t feel sexy with it my husband prefers me bare, I prefer him bare as well. That way, neither of us gag on pubes. 🙂

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