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  • poll: Do you think pubic hair is gross?

    Ewwwwwwwww! Yeah it is gross!

    I understand pubic hair has a purpose, I personally do not like it.

    My SO/FI/FH/DH has a preference so I shave/wax/laser to please him.

    Pubic hair is natural and I do nothing except trim and or shave bikini lines.

    My SO/FI/FH/DH prefers me natural looking so I do not remove.

    Polls rock!

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    I have to at least keep mine trimmed.  Otherwise, the hair pokes me in really sensitive places and irritates me.  Plus, I hate the odor that it traps.


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    For me, I prefer NO pubic hair. I keep none. I dont trim or cut it. It all HAS to come off. I dont care what others do. My husband also prefers NO pubic hair. 

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    It’s not gross at all to me, and I don’t think it’s “disturbing” if other people find it so. Pubic hair does actually serve a purpose. I keep mine trimmed and have been doing that for years. FH has a preference for hair and so I’m not getting rid of all of it. I told him once that some women shave/wax it all off, and he was so surprised, lol. I guess it’s not something that’s commonly done in Southeastern Europe? I wouldn’t know.

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    I get rid of mine because I always have to wear a leotard and tights to work – it’s just nice to not have to worry about a hair poking out. SO also likes it trimmed or bare if we’re going to do anything oral-related (TMI, I know), so it’s easier to shave or wax. On SO, I like it when he trims a bit so that it’s not in my face. He shaved it once and I hated the look of it. It just looked unnatural.

    No way am I grossed out by it though! I like the look of it better there to be honest, I just do what SO likes best, just as he does for me!

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    I don’t think it’s unnatural or anything, I just don’t like having any down there. I shave mine completely bare every day, and DH trims his. 

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    I trim

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    The idea of bald coochie is a turnoff to both me and my SO. Keeping the triangle trim and the lips low is more than sufficent.

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    Yes, it’s gross. Women naturally discharge and it traps smells. Hairless is cleaner and sexier. It may have had a purpose in the stone age, but not anymore. I function just fine without it. 

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    I place it in exactly the same category as leg hair and axillary hair.  Not gross, and I don’t care if other people have it or don’t have it, but my preference for myself is to remove it.

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    Guys Google Demi Moore bush and you will see why many thinks pubs r gross loll but hey, do what makes u feel comfortable… That’s the most important!

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    I don’t think it’s gross – just a matter of personal preference, same as armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, head hair, etc. I just trim – I’ve tried shaving it all off, which I think Fiance prefers, but there’s the horrible itchy aftermath and it’s just way too much damn maintenance.

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    First, I have no issue with hair or no hair. My best friend used to wax everything off and it worked great for her.

    For me, personally, I associate hairless vulvas with two things – porn and pre-pubescent girls. I don’t really want to represent myself as either of those things, so I’m not a fan of totally hairless. But I get that long hair gets in the way (especially during some of my favorite bedroom acts) so my compromise is to trim.

    It just occured to me that a previous job may have impacted my opinions about this. When I was an undergraduate, I worked as an art model for an advanced art class. A nude model. I was never directed one way or another by the teacher, but I definitely  would have been self conscious if I was hairless. In my mind, I associate nudity while hairless with porn, but nudity with hair can be art. Not saying that’s always true. Just how it works in my mind.

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    @trueblue14:  26 y/o here. I voted the “eww” option and mine have been laser removed. I think because of social media and the massive amount of porn our generation grew up with, we have been conditioned to get rid of pubic hair. One movie that comes to mind is Waiting which definitely portrays having a full on “bush” in a negative light. Also, since people have been getting rid of pubic hair, apparently crabs have almost been wiped out! They have no where to live, so heyo! one STD problem solved. I’ve also found that I just feel generally cleaner and more hygenic without hair there. Maybe it’s psychological? 

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    I shave just because i feel cleaner like that.  That being said, I’m not religious about it – I don’t mind going 2-3 weeks without shaving.  Fiance trims and shaves too… I don’t think pubic hair looks gross or anything, but it’s not something I really want near my mouth if I’m giving the boy some… ‘attention’. 

    When I was a teen with my first bf, he didn’t shave at all… and he was pretty hairy.  One night after hanging out with him and whatnot, i was home and showered and i felt something in my mouth.. and pulled a nasty pube from like, my cheek or the back of my mouth or something.  I almost threw up… so gross.  So no, for the sake of good sex, I don’t care for pubic hair!!

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