(Closed) Spinoff: Is smoking a dealbreaker for you?

posted 8 years ago in Relationships
  • poll: Is smoking a dealbreaker?

    Yes. Smoking anything is a dealbreaker.

    Yes, conditionally. (depends on the substance being smoked).

    No. (I am a smoker also)

    No. (I am a non-smoker)

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    Sugar bee
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    I’m very allergic to smoke, and the smell of smoke on clothes and skin.  So yes, it would be a dealbreaker for me.  I can’t live my life always sick because of smoke or the smell of it.

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    Busy bee
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    Um, DISGUSTING. Hell yes it would be a dealbreaker. For those saying that it’s different for people who are actually involved with someone…no it’s not. I broke up with someone who promised they would quit. Well 2 years went by and nothing changed so I ended it. I really did care for the guy but his hacking couch, yellow teeth, brittle nails, and football face leather skin really made it easy to walk away. Great guy, NASTY habits.

    Smoking anything is just repulsive to me. I like minty fresh breath and WHITE teeth and for all those people saying you can’t tell that they smoke…yeah we can. Trust me, it’s not a secret well hidden. 


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    I couldn’t be married to a smoker and lucky for me,  smoke makes dh as sick as it does me. Copd,  cancer and generally stinking are not attractive,  some people get extremly lucky and live a long time as a smoker. But the health risks and costs are insane. Its not just the obvious lung cancer. It increases risks for other cancers, causes blood pressure problems and that can lead to a host of other things like strokes and dying. I have several nurse co workers who smoke and its disgusting, it follows them and I know it would suck to be a patient with respiratory issues and a nurse who reeks of smoke. I am anti all smoking but despite its illegal state in many places given the option I wod deal with pot in people other than my spouse before cigarettes.

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    Buzzing bee
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    It wouldnt be a dealbreaker as if he smoked there would never be a deal on the table. Its disgusting and harmfull to everyone around the smoker, therefore selfish.

    If it was weed that he smoked, I wouldnt care how inlove I was I would call the cops. Even now, with Fiance if I caught him smoking weed (or any variation of taking it) I wouldnt hesitate to call the cops.

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    Blushing bee
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    My SO finally quit smoking in January, but if he were to start again, I wouldn’t leave. He’s a wonderful man. He also is very healthy. And no, his teeth aren’t yellow!

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    Honey bee
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    Yes. I can’t stand the smell and honestly when I see someone smoking it is SUCH a turnoff. If he smoked but agreed and really attempted to quit then I’d be okay with that as long as it really happened. I hate when a smoker says, “well everyone will die from something.” Yes this is true, Einstein, however lets control the things you have the option to control and not add fuel to the fire!

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    BIG deal breaker for me.  I would not even date a casual smoker.


    I grew up in a home with two inside smoking parents.  It was foul.

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    Sugar bee
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    Complete and utter dealbreaker for me. I have VCD and am literally allergic to smoke. One whiff of it is enough to shut my airways down to a mere wheeze. More than a minute of exposure is enough to bring me to my knees from lack of air. I wouldn’t be able to be in the same room as someone who just finished smoking much less have a relationship with them. Luckily Fiance is very much of the mindset that it is stupid and disgusting and does everything he can to keep me away from smoke. He’s even noticed recently that he has become more sensitive to smoke because we are exposed to it so little.

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    My husband smoked for 15 years, about half a pack a day. When we started dating he was a smoker but was very careful about not doing it around me. Never smoked in the house or in the car – HIS rule, not mine, because he didn’t want everything to smell. It didn’t fuck up his teeth or breath and he didn’t cough 24/7 or taste like an ashtray or anything – he tried to quit multiple times but it never stuck. He managed to quit about a year ago (thank you e-cigarette!!!), but it was ROUGH. I’m so happy he was able to quit.

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    Honey bee
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    I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so yes it’s a dealbreaker! Even if I wasn’t, though, I thinkbit would still be a dealbreaker, especially if we were planning to have children.

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    @mrsbruff2b:  My SO used to smoke years ago and he has the occasional cigar (which I am ok with). I am not sure I’d just call off the relationship if he started to smoke again, but I would do everything I could to make him quit. I can’t stand the smell, it makes me sneeze, it’s expensive, and it’s not exactly great for your looks or health. I can’t imagine why he’d start smoking again, though.

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    … that is, until I fell in love with a smoker. Oops. Not at all something I enjoy, but I love him so much that I’ve put up with it. 5 years later and he’s in the process (finally!!) of quitting. 

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    Yes- it is such a disgusting habit in my opinion.  With all of the studies and knowledge about how detrimental it is to your health, I can’t respect someone enough to marry them if they can disrespect their own health and wellbeing by smoking.

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