(Closed) Spinoff: Is “You Guys” Rude When Addressing a Group?

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  • poll: Is "You Guys" Rude When Addressing a Group?
    Yes - It is rude to address a group as "you guys", especially if there are women. : (5 votes)
    7 %
    No - It is no different than saying "y'all" or "everybody". : (56 votes)
    81 %
    I don't know. : (2 votes)
    3 %
    Other : (6 votes)
    9 %
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    Sugar bee
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    I say “you guys”.  I was born in Michigan but grew up in South Carolina (and was raised by my Michigan-raised mother).  I agree with you and I don’t think it’s any different than Southerners saying y’all although everyone always looked at me weird when I’d say it when I was in South Carolina and people would even tell me it was strange. 

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    Sugar bee
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    I have always said “you guys”.

    “Hey you guys!” or “OMG, you guys MUST see this”, etc.

    Lately, because I realize some women probably don’t care for it I started saying “ladies!” Or “Hey girls” if it’s a group of girls.

    I’ve never meant to imply that I’m speaking to males, it’s just more of a “hey you human beings over there, pay attention to me for a second!”.

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    I used to say it a lot, but when I started bartending it felt weird to say “Hey guys” to a party with women in it. But I still say it casually around friends.

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    Sugar bee
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    @.twist.: lol agreed on all points… especially the last one!

    most of my friends growing up WERE guys (girls is crazy, y’all) so that + being from the midwest = “you guys” being commonplace? i don’t know. i usually say “hey y’all” in a paula deen voice now so i can’t really comment too much.

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    Bee Keeper
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    I voted other – I think it’s totally fine in informal situations (and I use it all the time), but I don’t think it’s appropriate in a more formal setting.

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    Sugar bee
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    It doesn’t bother me, but if I’m in a group of all women I’d prefer “ladies”.

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    Blushing bee

    I hate it. hateithateithateit. But if I hate it that much, I must have some kind of problem. For the original thread about “no problem” I came down on “grating but taken in the spirit in which its given” – it’s not a big deal. But even if I’m the only woman in a group of men, I don’t like “you guys”, much less for a mixed group, or a majority or all women.

    I don’t know what my hangup is. I kind of thought it might be regional – Bees, do you think it could be a southern thing?

    I live abroad, with one particularly close friend who wants to speak very proper English and asks me to correct him, so when he sent out a group e-mail saying “You guys” I said “hey, wait” and explained; And then I found that he learned it from one of his New Yorker women friends, and I felt awful.

    I think it’s becoming so accepted, it might be useless to fight against it.

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    Honey bee
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    I say “you guys” if I want to be really specific that I’m not just talking to one person (eg, the indistinguishable “you.”)

    Hey, it’s better than “yousn’s.” (hehehe…)

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    Honey bee

    I think its fine. In many languages where they define between male and female, the male version of a word is often meant to be the all emcompassing world.

    Like in spansih its os versus as for girl and boy, but many words simply end in o or os, “Hey All” would be Hola Todos- the os indicating a masculine ending.

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    Busy bee
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    I grew up saying “you guys” too.  And I’m no where near the midwest… It really doesn’t bother me and I never thought anyone would take offense to it.  Undecided

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    @red_rose: I dunno… I think I’m going to have to disagree. “yousn’s” seems pretty spectacular, I might just have to start using that!!!!

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    Sugar bee

    If it is a mixed group of men and women, I would say, “hey guys!” or “hey everybody!”. If it were a group made up of only women, it would be “hey ladies”. I would never be offended by someone saying, “hey guys!” when I was included in that group. It isn’t as if they have mistaken you as a man, it is just a saying.

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    Blushing bee
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    I am from the Midwest too and say ‘you guys’ in an informal context. If you are addressing a group professionally, or formally, it is best to address them as “you all” or “everybody/everyone.” At my work it is a part of our training to not use ‘guys’ when addressing a group of people. 

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    Bumble bee
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    In my profession, I speak to large crowds regularly.  My very first boss heard my say “you guys” at some point and asked me not to use it again.  I haven’t. I assumed it made me sound too Jersey (even though I don’t have any accent).

    Now that I’m in the south, I’ll throw in a y’all if I think it will work with the audience.


    “You guys” doesn’t bother me, but I stay away from it since it apprears to annoy some people.

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