(Closed) Spinoff ish: Did you grow up with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Santa?

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  • poll: Did Santa, the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy visit you as a kid?
    Yes, all three! : (140 votes)
    48 %
    No, none of them : (15 votes)
    5 %
    It was traumatic when I found out it wasn't real : (16 votes)
    5 %
    I was okay with finding out they weren't real : (83 votes)
    28 %
    I never bought the story! : (21 votes)
    7 %
    Just Santa : (5 votes)
    2 %
    Just the Easter Bunny : (0 votes)
    Just the tooth fairy : (6 votes)
    2 %
    Some combo of two : (8 votes)
    3 %
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    All three here! It was tramatic for about an hour.. then I got over it. I was being teased in school because I like to believe in a lot of things.. and I got the news broken to me fairly late in the game (they told me about one.. and instantly I connected the dots for the other two) and even then it was only because kids are mean and my parents didn’t want me teased. But with all of that being said… I loved it all and will be doing the same with my kids.

    Oh and this is how it was for us…

    Easter Bunny: Baskets with candy and some sort of stuffed animal

    Tooth Fairy: average a buck… sometimes more sometimes less

    Santa: Stockings and a good chunk of the presents… and he always ate one whole cookie and a bite out of cookie number two. He drank all of the milk that went with it.

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    I grew up believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but I always knew the Easter candy was from my mom. I started to suspect that the Tooth Fairy was a hoax, so I devised an experiment to figure it out. My tooth fell out but I didn’t tell anyone. I figured if I put it under my pillow and money showed up anyway, she was real, but if no money showed up, she wasn’t. Lo and behold, my tooth was still there in the morning. I wasn’t traumatized or anything, though.

    As for Santa, I’m still a believer Tongue Out

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    We had Santa and the Tooth Fairy- no Easter Bunny. My mom would give us candy and little gifts after church, but we always knew they were from my parents.

    The Tooth Fairy usually gave money and like a small stuffed animal, it increased as I had less and less teeth left. I’m not sure my little sister ever had the Tooth Fairy- I think my parents just gave her a couple bucks when a tooth fell out (oh how things change when the oldest and youngest are far apart!)

    Santa would bring 2-3 “big” presents, no stockings.

    I found out about Santa from my substitute teacher in Kindergarten- was shocked but handled it well. Didn’t put two and two together about the Tooth Fairy till around 3rd grade when one time my mom forgot to put something under my pillow. I went downstairs upset and she came in my room to help me look under things- turns out she’d “missed” my pillow and put it under the bed. Nice try, Mom. I wised up.

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    We had all three. Although Santa never brought that great of gifts. My parents theory was why spend our money and give somebody else the credit??  So the bike came from Mom and dad and the socks came from Santa. Haha. Also I kind of figured things out on my own rather than being shocked by being told or something. I think part of the “trauma” comes from being told and then embarrassed that you’re the only “baby” that still believes.  My mom just told me that santa was a real person at one point and his spirit lives on in the good will and giving ttoo there at Christmas time to honor his memory and then started letting me shop for Santa surprises with her for my siblings and dad which I thoght was pretty cool. 

    Easter bunny/tooth fairy I was never that attached to. Although my sister was probably more traumatized on that one. My parents KEPT our first lost teeth and one day when she was about 5 we found them in a box in my parents bedroom. Haha thinking back I’m glad that’s the MOST traumatizing thing we found snooping in there. 

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    I grew up with all of them. My mom still writes on each present from Santa. LOL But I do have younger sisters, so.

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    I grew up with all 3. The Easter bunny would hide eggs throughout the house and I’d get some kind of basket that was always in the strangest place (one year it was in the dishwasher). The tooth fairy would leave cash under my pillow for each tooth lost and Santa would handle the stockings and really cool gifts. When I found out they weren’t real, I was bummed for like a minute but then I got over it. I wasn’t scarred or pissed. I was more or less indifferent. I still get gifts from Santa every year.

    When we have kids, they’ll absolutely grow up with these fictional characters. Believing in these things are a huge part of why being a kid is cool. I feel bad for the kids whose parents never allowed them to believe. I feel that they missed out on something that the other kids whose parents weren’t quite so uptight got to experience. It’s normally those little shitheads who ruin it for the other kids too.

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    The Tooth Fairy always gave $1 for each tooth lost, the Easter Bunny hid my basket and I had to hunt for it (silly little rabbit) and I always left Santa cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer. In the morning all was left were a few crumbs on the plate and milk residue in the glass so I KNEW he was there.

    When my son was little we did the same thing… hiding his Easter basket (but his bunny left him notes with clues) and cookies/milk and carrots. Yes, he knew Santa was there cuz of the cookie crumbs.

    I do admit I was crushed when I found out Santa wasn’t real. I actually was mad at my mom for lying to me. I believe I was 5 or 6.


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    I voted all three, but, now that I’m thinking more about this, I am recalling that my mom told me that she was not very comfortable with encouraging us to believe that the Easter Bunny was real, because she believed that Easter was too important of a Christian holiday for Jesus’ death and resurrection to have to be shared with a mythical bunny. However, my brother and I each received an Easter gift and some candy, and I do recall us receiving baskets and dyeing Easter eggs when we were little.

    I remember believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, and I remember sharing my suspicions with my parents that Santa wasn’t real.  For starters, we had a chimney, but it went directly into our furnace, NOT a fireplace, and I was VERY concerned that Santa would catch on fire if he tried to deliver our gifts. That’s when my dad told me that he would leave the front door open for Santa and that Santa used the front door for houses such as ours.  When I wondered how Santa would KNOW that (since, from the outside, our chimney looked like a regular chimney) my father told me that he would actually fully prop open our storm door so that Santa would see it, lol. 

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    we had all three but we also knew at a young age the true meaning of easter and christmas.

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    3/3. I’m an adult now, and my mom still signs and buys extra presents for me, and signs them from Santa. It’s this weird tradition that she can’t bring herself to drop. 😛

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    Oh & I forgot to add that I was okay with finding out that it was all fake.

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    I grew up with all three, but was the stories were never really “pushed” on me. I calmly announced to my parents when I was five that Santa “was inside of all of us”, and I don’t really remember believing strongly in any of them.

    My FH was traumatized when he found out that Santa wasn’t real — or, to be more specific, he was PISSED that his parents had lied to him.

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    We had all three. My parents told me the Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy and Jesus were all pretend on the same day when I was about 8 lol. That made for an interesting Monday at my uber-religious school Undecided My teacher tried explaining my mum was wrong, but you try explaining to a kid that their parents are liars and that doesn’t go down well, especially as my teacher was trying to explain why three of those are pretend but one is real. I don’t remember being upset, I was just confused!

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    I had all three when i was a kid, but the tooth fairy fantasy ended pretty early, i think i found out about the easter bunny shortly before or after i found out about santa. Mum has told me the story of when i first found out about santa (sortof) and it is hilarious. We had neighbours we saw all the time, they had three kids, a boy about seven years older than me, a girl five years older, and another girl two years older, who i was really close with, we were best friends when we were young.

    anyway one day the mum told the youngest about santa and said ‘don’t tell Jacqui’. first thing she does, runs through the gate between their house and ours (we got it put in so we could visit back and forth more easily) yelling ‘JACQUI! JACQUI!’ then tells me that Santa isn’t real, that mum and dad buy the presents.

    so i went to mum really distressed, asking if it was true, that Santa doesn’t exist and that they buy the presents and pretend they’re from santa. Mum’s response? “Do you really think your Dad and I would buy all those presents” “No!” with a big smile on my face. Although a year or two after that I found out the truth. Sorry it was long 

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