(Closed) SPINOFF: Keeping dogs outside?

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  • poll: Do you think dogs belong outside or inside the home?
    Outside : (11 votes)
    10 %
    Inside : (58 votes)
    50 %
    Given a choice via dog door : (46 votes)
    40 %
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    Sugar bee

    My dog wouldn’t know what to do with a doggy door.  She’s not that bright.  

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    Bumble bee
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    Ours is outside during the day but we have no natural predators and the temperatures are real moderate (mid 70sF). We are looking to fence the yard in hopefully soon so she doesnʻt have to be on a 100ft runner. We have discussed a doggy door but sheʻs huge so weʻd have to cut a huge hole through the wall which Iʻm not thrilled on.

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    Bumble bee

    happiekrappie :  unless you live outside with your dogs then they shouldn’t be outside. I would hate myself if I left my dog outside while at work and we experienced a sudden rain storm or bad weather. They have feelings and get cold when left out in the rain, overheated when out in the sun, etc. 

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    Busy bee

    happiekrappie :  Mine are mostly inside, and let me know when they want out, then let me know when they’re ready to come inside. In my experience, dogs are much more well behaved when they’re around family. They don’t develop nervous habits, like barking, chewing, or peeing indoors. My dogs have never been crated, either. They don’t bark when I’m gone. They’re very content. We do plenty of outdoor stuff, like swimming and long walks. The only dogs I’ve owned who preferred to be outdoors (especially in the cold), were my Alaskan Malamute and my St. Bernards. 

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    coffeecakez :  Is right on the money!

    It completely depends on the dog, how it was raised and where you live. Just like people. I love to eat outside, FH thinks it’s the worst thing ever, “why would you ever eat outdoors, there are bugs.”

    Everything is situational, a husky in an apartment that goes on 3 mile runs with it’s owners everyday, walks around the city and goes with it’s owners out to dinner on pet friendly patios or goes to doggy daycare may have it better than the one who has a yard and home and is never walked or taken anywhere because it has a yard.

    Leaving your dog in your yard while at work on a 65 degree day where they have a porch and dog bed and water is far different from outside in 120 in the desert without water. Leaving a husky outside at 30 degrees when it refuses to come inside becasue it loves the snow and cold is different than leaving a 5lb mini poodle outside.

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    Honey bee

    I think inside mostly but I live in a city/suburb. So I think if I lived put in the country there is more room for dogs to roam more and have more land area to be and maybe stay outside if the dog was the type to be outside. I’d think inside/outside is best then. Same deal for working dogs. 

    I live in a 2bd apartment so the idea of a dog outside all day is impractical to me and doesn’t apply here really.  

    Conversely a dog that is stuck inside and never walked or taken out us equally a bad situation. 

    So stuck in a dog run or stuck inside is both bad. People talk less about the stuck inside dog but I think it’s equally unfair. 

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    Buzzing bee
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    I feel equally sorry for both indoor dogs and outdoor dogs, as they both seem to be missing out on aspects of “the good life”. Nature is beautiful and most dogs can weather a variety of weather (pun intended) and seem pretty happy. Even my little 10 lb yorkie likes a light rain and a little snow. He also enjoys a nice sunny day.  How sad would he be if he could no longer patrol his parameter, chasing random bunnies, squirrels and birds! He enjoys cuddling on the couch with me & sleeps with me, though. And I know that our bonding makes him happy, too. 

    Just like me, he enjoys an indoor- outdoor existence.

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    Our house is perfect for a dog

    We have a golden retriever – Plato. Almost 6 months and already 30kgs. He’s a massive boy.

    We have a good sized block of land, so Plato has penty of space to run around the house. He’s home for abuot 6-7 hours a day by himself

    While we are out at work he doesn’t have access to the house. But he has his own enclosed alfresco area which is fully air conditioned. If it’s a hot day, we crank it up.

    The alfresco has glass doors leading to our backyard, which has a doggie door installed. It’s also got roller shutters to keep the heat out if necessary.

    Then, when we’re home, we open the doors leading to the alfresco and keep them open at all times. He can come in and out as he pleases. 

    We’re not game enough to let him access the house while we’re at work – he’s a 6 month old hurricane of destruction. He’s already chewed one of our walls (which was freshly painted only 2 months prior, little shit). But we do let him access the house if we’re going out for a couple hours on the weekend or whatnot. He sleeps in our room at night, but is fully toilet trained and lets himself out if he needs to go.

    But yeah. Perfect house for a dog. Allows him to be safe and secure during the day, without worrying about destruction of property inside. 

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