Spinoff! Let's complain about our roommates, past or present and pets count, too

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    Oh man. Reading all these posts is giving me horrible flashbacks from my house sharing days lol.

    Currently live with my husband and our kitty (who hates all other humans besides us).

    Okay.. this will be a novel comment, and I really don’t expect anyone to read the whole thing haha.

    Share house 1:
    I had just moved interstate by myself.. I was 22, and felt like a change. At first, the house seemed great. The lady who owned the house was cool, she had a cute toddler and a little dog, all very nice. The other housemate was cool too, he was a nurse and generally quiet. But soon enough I realise it wasn’t ideal. The owner lady was filthy.. she would leave uncovered raw meat out on the bench for days and days, and semi-cooked food in pots and pans on the stove for up to a week (I think she’d start cooking, then get distracted and go to her boyfriends house for a few days). The kitchen constantly stunk. I refused to clean it. The nurse housemate would always use my soap and leave what looked like pubes all over it. Then another housemate moved in, he didn’t work and was at home all the time smoking pot in his room and playing video games really loudly at all hours of the night. He also had a pet cockatoo called Harry, who would fly around the house at full speed and squawk so loudly, he also swore lol.. you’d walk inside and there would be Harry, going “Allo! What the f–k are ya doin?” I lasted about 6 months, and moved out.

    Share house 2:
    It was a huge two storey family home. Mum, Dad and four teenagers had bedrooms upstairs. I shared downstairs with another couple. The deal was I paid slightly higher rent in return for dinner cooked a few nights a week. Well, the Dad worked away, the Mum was an alcoholic who would spend every night at the pub getting home too late and too inebriated to cook, and the teenagers would just destroy the kitchen, making such a mess every day. I basically lived off takeaway lol. The Dad was a drummer, who would play his drum kit all hours of the day and night when he was home.. like even at 3am. It was in the garage right next to my room. I don’t think I slept for the 3 months I lived there. The other couple downstairs were nice, but really not hygienic. The guy would get home late from his restaurant job, make a huge stinky mess in the toilet, sometimes he wouldn’t even flush, and he would sit on the toilet for ages at 11pm at night talking loudly on the phone to his relatives overseas. The bathroom was attached to my room, so I could hear and smell everything. The girl in the couple was quiet and nice, but the final straw for me was when I went in to have a shower just after she had exited the bathroom, and saw a filthy bloody tampon on the floor. I was like NOPE, I’M OUT. Oh yeah, and I was paying $275 a week to live there, my room was so tiny, I had no cupboard space and I had no window. And I didn’t even have a key for the house, because they literally never locked the door. Ever. Even if they went away. The Mum said the kids would lose their keys all the time, so they just decided to stop locking the house.

    Share house 3:
    A lovely 3 bedroom house in a quiet street. A young woman around my age had rented the house and was looking for housemates. She seemed really nice, she was at uni, we had a lot of shared interests and seemed to click well, so I agreed to move in. Unfortunately, she was also very unwell mentally. Of course, you cannot condemn someone for their mental health struggles, and there is absolutely no shame in it, but goodness.. it was a little nervewracking at times. One day I got home from work, asked her how her day was, she said “Great! I’ve been drawing!” and I thought oh cool, she’s been doing some art, that’s nice. And then she lifted her shirt and showed me her ‘drawings’…. carvings in to her own abdomen with a knife. I took her to hospital. She was very familiar with the psychiatric ward at our local hospital, she’d checked herself in quite a lot. Really sad ๐Ÿ™ She was in there one time and asked me to bring her a bag of clothes and toiletries, and told me to not mind the mess in the bathroom. I was absolutely not prepared for what she meant… there were razorblades and blood EVERYWHERE. All over the bathroom. It looked like a crime scene. Another time, I was away visiting family for a couple of weeks in summer, and when I got back she was nowhere to be found but the house stunk like rotted food so bad… she’d used my electric frypan to make something, and then had a bad turn and ended up back in the mental health hospital. Whatever she had cooked was still in my frypan on the kitchen bench, covered in mould and absolutely reeked. We had another housemate who would never pay rent on time, always brought random people over to stay for days at a time (like different people every week), they’d party when I’d be trying to sleep for work, she was a hairdresser who was in to her funky hair colours – looked cool, but she ruined so many of my towels with bleach and dye. Then the other housemate got a dog, who was a lovely Cocker Spaniel, but unfortunately he suffered from separation anxiety. Any time he was left alone in the house, he would destroy things – he chewed and ruined the skirting boards, chairs, window sills.. poor doggo. 

    Share house 4:
    Lovely house and generally and okay time living there, except the guy who owned the place (and lived there) made Hitler seem like a nice guy, especially with the way he spoke to his girlfriend. He would also go in to our bedrooms and unplug all our phone chargers and move our things around etc. and would claim he couldn’t help us clean because of his “allergies” (even his girlfriend was like ‘wtf he doesn’t have allergies’). So he would watch us three women clean the house, and bark orders at us. He was just awful. He also wouldn’t let us have the heating on during winter, and every time one of us were just too cold and put it on, he would come out of whatever room he was in and would turn it off, eventually putting tape over the on switch saying “Not to be used”. We were paying our fair share of bills and rent, by the way.. and we didn’t abuse the heating, we’d only put it on when we were painfully cold. When our other housemate moved out, she turned on every powerpoint, every light and turned the heating on 28C and then left just to stick it to him LOL.

    I finally saved up enough money to get my own place, and lived alone for a couple of years, and then met my now husband, and am sooooo grateful he is easy to live with haha.

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    semperfi :  

    “Ole Stanky Boot”! laughing I love it. 

    I live with my husband and our puppy. Our puppy is beautiful and sweet.

    I once had a pregnant roommate who was fleeing her abusive boyfriend. He was the father of her baby. This woman was a devout Christian. She had the nerve to complain to the landlord that I “dated too much.” Can you imagine a Christian who was clearly having premarital sex judging me for dating? Oh the hypocrisy! 

    Another roommate I had was a man about 30 years my senior. He had a crush on me. He set up a  camera in the kitchen to take a picture of me in my pajamas when I left my room in the morning. That was very creepy. He also told me that we were going out on date to a dinner for homeless people. Yes, really. When he found out that I was moving away, he began to bang on my door and scream that I was a “fucking little whore.” I was on the phone with a friend and she called the police. It turned out that this man had a warrant for his arrest because he didn’t appear in court. I’m lucky that he didn’t hurt me. 

    After those two experiences, I decided to rent a bachelor apartment by myself. It was expensive but at least I had peace of mind. 

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    I had one college roommate during my freshman year who was so inconsiderate. We were in a dorm that had to be tripled meaning three people who had room in a two bedroom. I was on the top bunk and since there was no space to put her tv, she propped up two shorter drawers making the tv right next to my head. Now I don’t usually sleep in but it was 7:30 in the morning and she’s blasting Golden Girls right next to my head

    Another roommate of mine during my sophmore year who was supposedly my friend, I guess. I went home one weekend and I come back to my snacks all gone. I purposefully put my snacks in my suitcase underneath my bed. She actually went into my suitcase, without asking or telling me that she took it. I found out when I came back and noticed it was gone. They were snacks that my mom brought back from her trip abroad. I wouldn’t have minded if she had asked but she basically just stole it. 

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    desertgypsy :  omg no wayyyyyy. dying to hear more. What did the roomate do whose blanket it was? haha

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    hahah this thread is awesome. I also had no idea that what I thought was a horrible roomate situation wasn’t half as bad as these stories!!! 

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    Omg I have had some awful roommates! I’ve had some pretty bad luck.

    1. In college, she just up and left without telling me. Luckily we were in the dorms, so I wasn’t penalized. 

    2. I had a roommate who spent all day having sex with her boyfriend and then wouldn’t let anyone else come home because they weren’t done. She was mad that we didn’t let her know we were on our way home. Even though we told her when we would be home. The place reeked. 

    3. I had a super territorial roommate who wouldn’t let our kitchen stuff touch, left fish to thaw and jars of fat on the counter, stole a blanket from me when I moved out, thought it was appropriate for her boyfriend to spend the night when my mom was staying with us for a weekend, was super rich but would get mad if we wasted electricity by accidentally running the dishwasher twice, made fun of how I dressed, slept and ate, told me that living with me made her feel productive (I didn’t get up as early and was experiencing a super terrible depressive episode, so I spent my spare time in bed. Nevermind my super demanding job or anything). 

    4. I had to tell one roommate that she couldn’t make quesadillas in the toaster.

    5. Another roommate just wouldn’t clean. She wouldn’t do the dishes, clean the kitchen or bathroom. Her hair got everywhere but she wouldn’t do anything about it. She was super clingy and demanding of other people’s time. She basically wants roommates to be close like family which was just a lot of pressure. She didn’t get boundaries. She was super nice but sooo needy. 

    6. Then I lived with a bunch of dirty hippies. No joke. It was disgusting, but I was desperate.

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    One of my current roommates has the stinkiest farts, wakes me up constantly at 4am to lick my ear, and occasionally poops on my floor ๐Ÿ˜‚ (she’s a dog, obviously, our newest addition adopted from a rescue a few months ago).

    I haven’t had a bad roommate since college, and even then, it wasn’t THAT bad. I currently live with my husband and our 2 dogs and 1 cat.

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    Sugar bee
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    The story about the flat mate setting up a camera reminded me of another story from uni. 

    I mentioned we lived in a Victoria terrace well both the houses on either side were student lets. We knew one side but not the other. 

    One day there was a knock at the door and it was the occupants of the house we didn’t know with their landlord. They confronted us about the camera we had apparently installed in their smoke alarm! 

    They were international students and it was quite clear that the landlord had put the camera there and when they found it he told them we must have broken in and installed it! 


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    Sugar bee

    Worst Roommate ever:

    – She would sleep in until noon every day and if I tried to use the microwave or anything in the kitchen before then she would lose it on me for waking her up. I woke up at 7-8am so it was NOT convenient

    – She would also borrow all of my clothes (and makeup, jewelry, bathroom stuff etc. etc) and keep them in her room, and since she was always asleep when I was getting ready I couldn’t get them back 

    – Whenever I spent time in my room alone  she would freak out because she felt abandoned. I’m introverted so this was hell.

    – She would get in screaming matches with our landlord

    – She once physically attacked me while we were at a bar saying I was ‘ruining her life’ and i had to duck for cover and run out of the bar

    – She broke into my email and read one where I was complaining about her and screamed at me and held it over my head for the rest of the year so I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone

    – She would wreck all of my stuff. One night I came home and she’d dragged my duvet through wet paint and smashed my full length mirror – both of which were in my room. 

    There’s more, but I should probably stop now.. Never had a roommate again after that. I pretty much had a mental breakdown after that year.


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    Busy bee

    Years ago one of my roommates in an apartment of three women liked to strut out of her room in bra and panties and pretend to “fall” on top of me and the other roommate while we were watching tv. She’d strut over and fall on top of us and say “oops! I fell” and then rub herself on us. We told her multiple times to stop but she’d continue to do it. She would also weep to us about her tough childhood until early in the morning giving us detailed stories of abuse, but the minute we tried to tell our own stories or relate in any way, she’d yawn and say she was exhausted and leave the room. She also was just generally a nightmare and trashed her room when she moved out. 

    Prior to that, my very first roommate post college was the only person on the lease, so me and another girl paid rent to her. Within 6 months of my moving in, there was an eviction notice on our front door. Turns out the roommate on the lease hadn’t paid rent for over a year and had blown our rent money on drugs and partying. The night before we were evicted, as I was rolling out my last suitcase, she was just sitting on the couch having packed NOTHING of her own (most of the furniture was hers) and she just kept saying she didn’t know what to do while she sat there petting her cat. I rolled my last suitcase out and slammed the door. Two weeks later she texted me about my share of the last electric bill. Horrible human being.  

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    SO and I are still in college, so unfortunately we still have housemates. Can’t wait until we have our own place!! Here’s some highlights of our experiences.

    – A girl who lived in our house decided after one conversation with her parents that she was moving back in with them, moved out without finding a subleaser for the upcoming year she had committed to. She blamed us for not finding one, despite it being her responsibility. Thankfully, we found one.

    – That same girl had earlier brought an emotional support kitten into our house, without asking everyone if they were okay with it, and despite having a strict no pets lease. It led to a battle with the landlords, and eventually it was revealed that the letter supporting her getting an ESA from a doctor was completely forged.

    – After moving out, this girl also said she couldn’t handle being friends with us anymore since it was “too much work” to fix the damage she’d done. Then I found she’d been tweeting bad things about us behind our backs for the last 6 months of living with us.

    – A current housemate let his girlfriend take over our house. At first, she stayed over with our permission. Eventually she lived here, calling it her home, inviting her mom over without warning, and use the house as a storage space for all her things. I talked with the housemate how I wasn’t okay with this, before finally snapping at the girlfriend to stop acting like it’s her place when she’s not on the lease and doesnt pay rent, and to not come over so much. It worked, and thankfully this situation is slowing becoming resolved.

    – Other current housemates cant clean or run the house to save their lives. Unless I nag/mother them, they can’t remember to shovel snow, take out garbage, sweep, vacuum, dust, turn off lights, put dirty dishes by sink, etc. I’m pretty sure they haven’t cleaned their bathroom in months, leading me to tell all new guests to use my bathroom and not theirs. 


    If it weren’t for me, this house would be unblievable gross. Even as is, we get ants every month or so, due to the other’s bedrooms being so messy. I hate mothering my friends and look forward to the day where I won’t wake up to 7 pizza boxes sitting on the counter for two weeks before anyone does anything about it. 

    Only one more year and we will have our own place. I’m looking forward to it so much!!

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    Brand new roommate Who wakes me up in the middle of the night ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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    lola5 :  oh man, this sounds exactly like my  old roommate.   She decorated everything so there was no space for my stuff and when I tried to put anything out in the common area she would put it back in my bedroom.   She loved that apt though.  She’s still there 5 years later.  

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