(Closed) Spinoff: Moving Companies–Your Experiences (Poll)

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  • poll: My experience with professional movers was:
    Great! I'll never DIY it again! : (19 votes)
    70 %
    A nightmare! (Please elaborate below). : (0 votes)
    Meh. It was a so so experience. : (2 votes)
    7 %
    I've never used professional movers. : (6 votes)
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    We used professional movers when we moved halfway across the country. Prior to this recent move, I had moved as a single person/trainee without much stuff. This time around I had a household full of stuff in addition to DH’s stuff. They packed and moved our things without much issue. They were professional and got the job done quickly. The vast majority of our stuff arrived in the same condition as when it left, but for the few things that were blemished, we were able to file claims for them. 

    In retrospect, I would recommend having the movers re-inventory your stuff when it arrives at your location. We opted to do it ourselves, and it was more cumbersome to do weeks later. I would also note that my employer paid for our move, so the cost wasn’t too much of an issue for us. I’m SO glad we had the movers, but if I had to pay for it myself, I might be more inclined to DIY.

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    I have moved my a** across america multiple times (dozen or so), packing everything important in a compact car and selling the rest. I don’t care the cost, I will hire and never DIY again. I am too old for that stuff. Moving is great, exciting. It is fantastic opprotunity to weed out things that you do not need. I can no longer fit my life in a small car, nor care to worry about it at pitstops between locations. Mover all the way!

    St. Louis- Seattle

    Seattle- LA

    LA- Michigan

    Michigan – NYC

    NYC- LA

    so on…

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    It was a two parter. I spent two days moving my stuff from NYC to my father’s house in Florida, toured for a few months, picked up the car and stuff and spent 4 days driving to LA. Not the most direct path. I drove the 10 from Jacksonville to Venice

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    We hired movers when we bought our house. It took fours from start to finish and we had energy to start unpacking when we got to the new house. Also everything was unloaded to the correct room and nothing got damaged. We will never never never DIY again. 

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    i always used moving companies.  whether it was with  my family when i moved or on my own. i even experienced an long distance move after my grandmother passed when we moved all her stuff to my mom’s house 5 states over.

    the worst experience i had, which really isn’t even that bad was the day i moved in my current house.  the movers were supposed to come at 2pm but didn’t show up until 8pm.  i tried to get them to come the next day but they wouldn’t.  their morning client took more time than they anticipated.

    anyway, the truck gets all packed up and then all of a sudden, wind and rain start like no ones busness.  it was a half hour drive to my new house and i saw a terrible storm in the distance.  driving on the highway, trees has fallen on cars. i had to drive over a light post that had fallen across an entrace ramp.  turns out it was a derecho storm.  the scariest drive i had even experienced.

    by the time i got to the location of my new house, not a drop of rain had fallen.  the movers were finished unloading around 2am.  i feared this was the worst impression i could make on new neighbors but when i asked, no one heard a thing.


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    I’ve used movers twice, both to move within the same metro area. I live in DC, so keep that in mind when I give the pricing. The first time I moved out of a one bedroom apartment and into a larger one bedroom apartment (city to suburbs, about 20 min away) and it cost around $700-800. The second time I moved out of that one bedroom and into a two bedroom on the opposite side of the city (~45 min) and it cost a little over $1k. The one apartment I had was set up very terribly for moving (long hallways, small elevators) so that made the move take a lot longer than it should have, thus costing more. I still would never prefer to DIY a move, it is just so much easier to hire movers.

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    sassy411:  We used professional movers for our short haul move 4 years ago (about 45 minutes away) and it was amazing!  They had everything out of our 2 bedroom apt in less than 2 hours and everything in out new place in under 2 hours.  It was incredible.

    I am constantly reminding Darling Husband of this every time he brings up DIYing this move!

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    We’ve done both and I prefer to use professional movers. They were much more efficient and did an excellent job wrapping our big pieces.

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    Busy bee

    sassy411:  I have used different moving companies for 5 moves.  Three were paid for by my company, 2 were paid for by me.  Once you have movers I don’t think you ever go back to DIY.  We had everything from full pack and unload to me packing.  Personally, I prefer to do the packing myself because it is a great opportunity to donate/discard many things that we no longer use.  Plus, I’m not real wild about the Packers going through all of my things.  Not that my stuff is all that exciting but that’s my preference.   So even though my company pays for a full pack/unpack, I opt to do it myself.   I can pack up a 5,000 sq foot house in 3 days.  I can unpack it in 1.  We have moved so much for work, I have a system down.  All of our moves were issue free except one where all of our belongings went into temporary storage for 3 months while one of our houses was being built.  Sadly, a lot of things were damaged.  Scratches in antique heirloom furniture, punctures in upholstered furniture, items in packing boxes were smashed.  The moving company sent out an insurance person and comped us for all damage but how do you put a dollar value on scratches in a Rev War armoire or 2 broken champagne flutes that were a set of 10 that are a discontinued pattern that were my great-grandmothers?  Even with that being said, I still use movers and had no issues in the other 3 moves post that one.  My theory is, the less they have to touch/move your stuff – the better.   They claimed the damage occured at their warehouse when they had to move our things around a lot during the three month hold.  Anyway, I hope that helps, best wishes!

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    sassy411:  I’ve posted this before so sorry to those who may have seen it. I have moved a bunch. Too much. And 2 of those moves were across the country (US). ALL of my moves have been just fine except one, so watch out for this.

    We hired a company to move us across the country. They came and loaded the stuff slooooowly. It took a few hours and shouldn’t have. We were loaded to the very front of the trailer which meant we would be the last ones to get delivered. (they load other homes on to those big trucks)

    When we finally got our stuff TWO WEEKS later I was home alone with these big, burly men in my house demanding more money than the contract or they wouldn’t unload for me. And here’s the key for you. I told them, “No, I don’t owe more money than the agreed upon amount because I have a closed contract.” He called his boss, his boss was mad, but in the end the had to unload our stuff.

    This was a few years ago so I assume it’s still the same?? Do NOT go with an open contract. From what I read it seemed like a free for all then. If it’s closed, they can only charge you a small bit extra (if it took more gas or the weight was higher than estimated).

    AND this ended up being a 3rd party. I hired <Big Name Nat’l Movers>, but they overbooked and farmed us out to <Idiot Jerk Movers Who Don’t Care About You>.

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    My aunt had a horrific experience with movers. She was a world traveler and had lots of stuff from all over the world…including 24 kt gold jewlery from Saudi Arabia. The movers stole almost all of her possessions. I would never use movers unless I was moving hours away. Growing up my parents always rented those U haul trucks and my dad drove the moving truck. I would never trust movers with my stuff.

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    I’ve moved across country several times and as a kid, we moved constantly. I will never DIY again.

    I don’t have good recommendations for packing and moving companies, but that is the route I would go and am planning on going next time. 

    I always pack a car full of precious personal things (my grandma’s China, her quilts, my jewelry, and a suitcase of clothes etc to last a week in case something gets delayed) and then let the movers do the house, though I prefer to pack dishes, antique pottery and glassware myself because I’ve never broken anything in all of my moves until I let a moving company pack everything.

     I’m all done packing entire houses up. Never again! 

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