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  • poll: Do you and/or SO pack lunches for work?
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    bouviebee :  That is A LOT for one person! My husband and I eat out way more than we should, which I’m trying to cut down on recently. I honestly don’t even want to know what we spend going out for food lol.

    But like I said, I’m working on it. I probably bring my lunch 2x per week, sometimes more if I actually meal prep on Sunday like I always say I’m going to. I’ll offer to pack my husbands lunch but he usually passes.

    I work with all men, and they all bring their lunches pretty much every day which I find really impressive.


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    I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom, but I do eat meals at home. My husband packs his breakfast and lunch. Occasionally people from his work will go on a coffee walk and maybe once or twice a year his team will go out for lunch.

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    I buy lunch in the cafeteria pretty much every single day. That averages about $140 a month for just lunches. I also buy breakfast and lots of dinners lol

    I sat down once and found that I was spending about $500 a month on breakfast, lunch, and dinner which includes restaurants

    Once I saw exactly how much I was spending, I cut way back. I don’t do restaurants much anymore and I’ve started bringing my lunch a few times a week.

    I’ve found easing myself into it gives me a better chance of being successful, such as “I’ll bring my lunch instead of buying it three times this week”. I started picking up our takeout instead of having it delivered so that saved on delivery and tips and such

    I would say I’m an extreme example, buying two meals a day, sometimes three. I’m focusing on spending less though

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    bouviebee :  I mostly pack a lunch. I eat out maybe 1-2 times per month at the office, which is a combo of “oops I forgot my lunch” and social plans. My husband eats out nearly every day BUT we live in a city with MealPal and so he spends about $75/month which isn’t that far off from what we’d spend at the grocery store (lunch is his biggest meal of the day) but it saves us the effort and he likes the variety. I’d give him so much shit if he dropped $30/day on lunch though. 

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    Holy moly! I pack almost every day and eat out maybe once every 1-2 weeks, but my SO is pretty much the exact opposite. Given his field of work, though, he’s rarely shelling out his own money, because his company either reimburses him (client lunches, etc.) or he has lunch meetings where food is provided. I’d say we both end up spending less than $40/month combined on eating out for lunch. I don’t think I’d be okay with $800-1000/month for both of us, let alone one (ETA I see now that he spends this much total, not just on lunch, but still!).

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    bouviebee :  we both take our lunches most days. Usually towards the end of the week, we’ve run out of fresh food or are just fancying a treat/something a bit more exciting so we’ll buy. I usually take leftovers but I’ll also make curries/soups/stews which I keep in the freezer to take with me and heat up. My husband will take a salad or sandwich. My husband’s work is a lot more social than mine. He has a daily coffee and cake run with his colleagues and they probably eat out once a month. Our work eats out together when someone is leaving or at the Christmas do. It’s partly the environment that he is in, dealing with clients and networking. I’m out talking to people but they’re not clients and they aren’t expecting to meet me at a restaurant or even a coffee shop. It sounds like part of the culture for your partner might be eating out and it’s expected, especially if he can afford to spend that much on food a month.

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    I try to fast through breakfast and lunch, sometimes I’ll snack on fruit, nuts and seeds from home. My SO often buys coffee, snacks and lunch near his work.. but he makes all the big bucks right now so I don’t say anything to him. He tries to fast during the day too, but I know some days he doesn’t lol. 

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    My H packs a lunch most days and probably eats lunch out 1-2 times a month if he has a team lunch meeting. 

    I eat lunch at home everyday. 

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    We both take ours (although I pack them both lol). My office is in a very industrial area that has one teriyaki place semi nearby, and it’s not worth it for me to go there. SO is on a construction site most days and doesn’t have time to go out, although sometimes he’ll get breakfast on slow days. We just try to make a little extra at dinner and one of us will take the leftovers and the other has a salad. Saves a lot of money!

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    My husband doesn’t work a traditional job. He travels alot and works off hours and a lot from home. So I can’t really answer for him. 

    Myself, I work a typical 8-5 office job and I pack my lunch probably 85% of the time at a minimum. I usually will buy lunch 1 time every 1-2 weeks. And it’s usually under $10 a time. 

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    I WFH, so I eat all of my meals pretty much here except for the occasional outing or mid week pizza night. 


    DH is a little more lenient here and brings his lunch I’d say 50% of the time. He’s gotten better but, he could still improve. We do spend a lot on groceries, though– we buy in bulk a lot and then freeze or store food so while we always have a lot of food on hand– I do feel like we’re constantly buying it at a faster rate than eating it 

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    I pack lunch almost every day – usually leftovers. I try to pack breakfast, too, though that works better when I prep freezer breakfasts on the weekend, which is about 50% of the time.

    DH will eat leftovers if I pack them, but he’s fine with swining by the grocery store or takeout for lunch if he forgots them in the fridge. Same with breakfast.

    I used to be REALLY good at this, but I’ve slipped a bit lately, which hasn’t been good for my weight or my wallet! Trying to get back into the rhythm of it.

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    fromatoz :   we buy in bulk a lot and then freeze or store food so while we always have a lot of food on hand– I do feel like we’re constantly buying it at a faster rate than eating it 

    I used to feel the same way! I finally had to stop myself and focus on using up what I had. Our basement freezer also became a place for meat to be forgotten about. Now I only use it for frozen junk food and keep the meat in the upstairs main freezer. 

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    I pack my own lunches and snacks most of the time (and breakfasts too, on mornings that I actually eat breakfast). For awhile I was also packing sandwiches and lunches for FH, but ever since his dad died a few months ago, his appetite has decreased, so he hasn’t wanted a sandwich in quite some time. 😢 Lately, he goes most of the day without eating, and then eats a snack when he gets home and eats whatever I cook for dinner later on. 

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