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  • poll: Do you and/or SO pack lunches for work?

    I do, SO does not.

    We both do.

    Neither of us do.

    SO does, I do not.

    It depends on the day.

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    I pack near daily and H orders food but the company pays for it. We try to eat in most of the time for dinner too. 

    I have food allergies so I’m limited in the places I can eat out so I’m kind of glad he gets to try so many different foods while at work. 

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    bouviebee :  most days I try to meal prep. Sometimes my husband does not know what meal prep means and if I do not put it in personalized containers he would eat it all in one sitting. That annoys because he does not know how much I spend making sure there is enough meat for us both.


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    Neither of us pack a lunch, however we both have food provided at work. I have a fully stocked kitchen with sandwiches, salads, etc for free. My husband has a subsidized cafeteria where most meals are under eight dollars. 

    I can’t imagine spending $30 on a steak for lunch. Where is he going out to eat? 

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    We simply can’t afford to spend a lot of money on eating out, so we pack lunches most days. I have a more flexible schedule and do a lot of work from home, so I take point on meal planning and prepping, which is great for when hubby works afternoon/evening shifts. He occasionally eats out at work if it’s a special occasion or to spend time with coworkers, and I’ll occasionally have a cheat meal if I’m meal planning (aka, no cooked meals in the house yet) or am eating dinner by myself. We save SO much money that way!

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    I work from home most of the time, but on rare occassions that I’m out all day I try to pack a lunch. My husband on the other hand buys lunch (plus usually an afternoon snack) every single day he’s at work. I’ve been trying to get him to cut back since we could be saving hundreds each month if he packed a lunch. That said, he’s the primary earner and he doesn’t have a lot of vices. Really the only thing he spends liberally on is food. So for now I’m not fighting him on it too hard. 

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    Dh travels a lot of the time for work, so he eats out but it is covered by his company. When he’s not traveling, he works from home and thus eats at home, too. I pack a lunch daily because I teach and am not a huge fan of the cafeteria’s food.

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    We meal plan and grocery shop every Friday evening for the upcoming week. Friday nights the grocery stores are dead- we love it lol. At work I don’t eat breakfast, but I do have coffee provided. I keep an almond milk carton in the office fridge for creamer.

    I also pack mine and my boyfriend’s breakfast and lunch every night for the next day. We save so much money compared to buying food at work everyday. I also enjoy cooking. Usually we get at least 2-3 meals from every meal.

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    Both of our jobs provide lunch (it’s a trap! They’re just trying to keep us there longer 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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    We both get lunch provided by our respective companies (it’s an amazing perk!), but in previous jobs where that wasn’t the case, we both brought our lunches almost every day.

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    I do most of the cookimg in the home, and with dinners I always make enough to pack Fiance leftovers for lunch the next day. I work from home, so it’s way easier for me to just make myself something for lunch at home, but Fiance would spend an insane amount of money buying lunch every day in our area, so I’m happy to pack away leftovers each night as I prepare dinner. It doesn’t require a lot of extra ingredients, but really does save us quite a bit of money overall.

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    I sometimes pack a lunch and sometimes buy something from a shop near work, it depends what i’m in the mood for.  Usually I make a nice salad if i’m bringing something from home, I don’t love the typical lunch options from near my office so it is more to do with that than saving money. I probably buy half the time. 

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    I work on an industrial estate with nowhere within walking distance to buy lunch. I could drive into town, but parking is crazy at my company so I wouldn’t want to risk not being able to park when I got back from lunch. I pack lunch almost every day. My husband will normally cook things for me to bring – he’ll marinate some chicken or make up some salads, and I’ll box them up to bring. 

    He will sometimes pack lunch, but he often walks to a local coffee shop to give him a break from the office. He can’t eat gluten, so he’s fairly limited with what he can buy for lunch, but this coffee shop has a few options he likes.

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    In the past we ate out WAY too much. I work from home so a lot of days I would eat at home, but because I don’t work in an office being able to meet up with people for lunch is my social interaction for the day and I would eat out A LOT. I guess in that sense the money I didn’t spend driving to/from work each day or grabbing a $6 latte made up for it. Even still, DH and I were soooo bad about eating out both lunch and dinner. Our days can be hectic and schedules a little crazy. He travels a lot for work and when he’s traveling his meals are covered but when he’s home we were easily spending $35 for lunch for the both us us and $70 for dinner. 

    Last summer after our baby was born we started a diet together and now we eat lunch at home 98% of the time and pretty much cook dinner each night. Not only have we lost a lot of weight we have saved A LOT of money. I do still splurge on eating out some, because if you don’t have those cheats I find I’m more likely to quit, but it’s way way less.

    Neither of us really like leftovers so I just make sure I’ve always lunchmeat/bread for sandwiches or the things I need to make a pizza or salad. 

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    Well my work provides breakfast every day and coffee. I used to be so bad and buy my lunch everyday. Now we have a dinner subscription service like hello fresh so i jsut bring leftovers to work. Husband works from home.

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    I started keto about 7 months ago and I *have* to meal prep everything. So far, I’ve been able to do it for every week except one about a month ago. But, my husband eats what I eat for lunch and dinner, as of maybe 6 months ago, so we both bring our lunches to work. The exception to that may be 1 day a week where we dine out. Same with dinner, snacks for me (my office actually fully stocks a big kitchen with all snacks imaginable and there’s usually breakfast and lunch too, but that’s all part of the reason my weight ballooned), and I make a smoothie for breakfast while he usually has provisions for oatmeal at work. 


    It does save save money for me because I’m also limited by food options thanks to diet and location of my office. My husband could potentially eat cheaper. 

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