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  • poll: Would you rather people put clothes back nicely/do you put clothes back once you've tried them on?
    Yes - do your best to put the clothes back nicely; the effort is appreciated. : (35 votes)
    35 %
    No, don't bother - it's less work to just do it right the first time and to know where the mess is. : (16 votes)
    16 %
    Yes - I always put clothes back; I do as good of a job as any salesperson. : (22 votes)
    22 %
    No - I would rather leave the clothes with the salespeople who will do it right. : (28 votes)
    28 %
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    I voted “No don’t bother” but I do hate it when people get tons of clothes, more than they’re allowed to have in the back, and leave them all crumpled on the floor.  They get stepped on, tags get ripped off, it’s just a huge mess.

    If I have to choose between THAT and customers trying to do it themselves, I appreciate the customers who make the effort.  But if you’re courteous and leave the clothes on the benches or hooks or hand them back to me when you’re done, I prefer that! 

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    Wow, I wish that when I worked retail there were more people like you. Most people are assholes and leave it on the floor, hung up in a random area, not anywhere near where they first picked it up.

    The effort is appreciated and noticed. After working retail, I always make an effort to put it back the way I found it, if I can’t then I give it to someone that works there and not on the FLOOR.


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    I work in a bookstore and I think I can speak for everyone I work with when I say we would much much rather that customers just bring us the items they no longer want, wether it be at the customer service desk or at the register when they go to check out, than to just randomly shove it on any shelf where it does not belong, hide it in the magazine racks, hide it under a chair, leave it in the restroom, throwing it on a display table, or any number of other places.

    The next best option would be for the customer to remember where they got it from and put it back, even if it doesn’t look perfect that’s okay. No one expects customers to undertand that the tables are supposed to pyramided, or that only the first magazine in each stack in supposed to be visible in the newstand, but at least if the item is already where it needs to be then it’s easier to recover the store at night. 

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    This depends a lot on the store. In a low-cost or mid-cost department store (JCP, Macy’s, etc.), you really should at least hang the item and bring it out of the fitting room to the racks in the fitting area. At higher end stores (Nordstroms, Saks, etc.), there is enough staff usually to handle doing this for you and usually a dedicated fitting room attendant just for this purpose.

    At non-department stores, I’d at least hang the stuff or leave it as nice as possible, but again, there is usually enough staff to clear the rooms or handle the merchandise at the front of the fitting room.

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    It’s not that hard to put a shirt on a hanger.  Really.  

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    I always leave it with the fitting room attendant. They get pissy if we try to put them back for a good reason! Most people fold the clothes up wrong, hang it on the hanger backwards, or put it in a random spot. 

    My Fiance is a manager at TJMAXX and he cringed when I asked him this question. He said “NO don’t put them back people!!!! Hand them to the attendant we have sitting there!” Apparently it’s a real pain in the ass going around making sure things are in the right place. HE also said.. they pay people specifically to do that. 

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    I haven’t worked in retail in over a decade, but I did a stint at Banana Republic when I was younger.  My store was in a high end mall and despite women traying on pretty expensive items (back then, we always had these beautiful, a-line skirts in leather and suede), they’d leave them in a ball on the floor of the dressing room.


    I always, always hang my things back up, with the logo of the hanger facing the right way.  It takes 20 extra seconds.  I don’t understand why it’s so hard.

    If I’m buying something, i usually return anything that’s from a rack on the way to the counter.

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    When I worked at a retail clothing store in college, I prefered people would hang the clothes back the hangers, then leave them hung in the dressing room or give them to a sales associate. We had to keep everything “sized” (hung in order of size from small to large), so that was easier for us.

    However, MOST people would leave the clothes they didn’t want in a heap on the floor. THAT was annoying. I was always amazed and how big a mess one person could make in the dressing room. 

    I worked in a juniors clothing store (Vanity), I always figured the huge mess was due to the fact it was a lot of teenagers shopping there. I would hope a department store or store that catered more to ages 20+ wouldn’t be as bad.

    As far as what I do when I’m shopping, it depends on the store and amount of staff. Sometimes I will re-hang things up on the rack I got it from, but I always do it by size/color (especially if I am still thinking about it, so I carry it around with me after trying it on). Most of the time I leave it with the attendent or hung nicely in the dressing room.

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    I am one of those people who always forgets where I got stuff, I shopped for a long time in both the Jrs and misses departments but usually tried stuff on all at once. So I would hang stuff back on the hanger and put it on the rack for the sales associate to put back in the correct place. But if I do see where it goes, I put it back. I can’t stand when people just leave the clothes they didn’t want strewn about the fitting room.

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    When I worked retail it would always depend on how busy it was…if we were slammed I really appreciated people who would fold their clothes nicely and put them back on the hangers. When we were super slow I loved having something to do so I didn’t mind as much if people left their clothes in the fitting rooms. However, it was always awful to me when people would just leave the clothes in a ball on the floor. Do you really want to buy clothes that were left on a dirty fitting room floor? Probably not. So even if you don’t buy them, be considerate of the people who buy them after you try them on! In retail, it’s just nice to see that customers are trying to be considerate- even if it’s just the fact that they would hand me the clothes rather than leaving them in the fitting room.

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    I worked in a bookstore and I HATED when people put books back on their own. Sounds insane, but the difference between you putting a book away and a sales person can be save hours of work. For example, you pick up a book from the gluten free section of cooking and a few from the regular section. You re-shelve them all in the regular section. Customer x is looking for that specific book which takes close to 20 minutes to find since it is in the wrong spot.

    As for clothing, I always hand it back to the change room person because I am hopeless at putting it away too!

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    I always hang stuff up on their hangers but leave them on the rack outside the rooms. Unless its a hanger-less garment, then I fold as nice as I can and place in the basket under/over the rack. I know the clerk will refold but I don’t want to leave it messy.

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    If I can put it back correctly on the hanger, I will, then hand the items to whoever is mannning the changing rooms. If I can’t (I can never work out things like bras or bikinis, they always look a mess) I’ll put it loosely on the hanger and apologise.

    In the case of folded clothes (most things here are hung on hangers) I fold them loosely and hand them back; there’s no point me attempting to fold them as they were, as again, I’ll make a mess, so the assistant will only have to re-do it anyway.

    I would never leave clothes on the floor, or just thrust them at the assistant in a pile; that’s just rude.

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    @novacaineandlaughter:  i am one of those customers in bookstores (if there are any like me) who will not only put it back but put it back in the right spot, and will push other books back in if they are sticking out, or put them in the right place if they are in the wrong spot, if they are slightly out of the alphabetical order for example. i am kinda ocd about it lol

    i never worked in a clothing store, but i think it is better for customers to put them back, i try to put them back in the right spot, but i don’t always fold/hang them the right way

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