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  • poll: Travel or save money?

    Travel now. You won't be able to when you're older and have a career.

    Save it. You're using enough up just by existing and not working. Forget seeing the world.

    Travel... that's what student loans are for!

    Travel, but just a very little bit...


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    @lolot:  Hahahaha

    OP, I say travel. There is nothing more enriching than travel. Make sure you hostel so you save as much as you can. Central America (not Costa Rica!) is suuuuper cheap too. 

    Shit, I feel my own travel bug brewing now.

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    @yanamari:  YES!  Thailand is amazing!  Certain parts of the big cities are definitely “red-light-y”, but that is the vast minority of the experience.  You kind of have to seek that out.  Mostly it’s just warm and tropical, the people are incredibly friendly and everyone speaks English, the food is SO good and cheap, the culture is so intriguingly different than here… awesome stuff.  The islands in the Bay of Thailand are seriously like paradise.

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    @WillyNilly:  Agreed, Central America is pretty sweet too.  Hosteling is definitely the way to go.  My fiance and I are going to Nicaragua for 3 weeks in January!!!  Can’t wait!  We’re climbing volcanoes, getting scuba certified, surfing, and vegging on the beach.  Helllll yeah.  

    In general we definitely don’t have a lot of money, but we’re willing to spend a couple thousand every few years to travel.

    OK back to work I go.  Ciao ciao ladies!

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    It’s a common conundrum. When you’re not working you have the time but not the money, when you’re working you have the money but not the time. I would be saying something different if you were struggling to pay debt or had duge responsibilties, but since it seems that you’re living fairly even keel right now, then I say go for it and travel! Maybe not everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go, but one good long trip. Like 3 weeks in Europe or 2 weeks in Australia or something like that. Do it as cheaply as is comfortably possible (hostels, grocery stores for breakfast, public transit, etc) but go for it. Budget it so that you don’t completely lose your savings. I travel a lot and it is expensive, but as long as you plan appropriately, you should be fine. Just don’t go too nutso and spend all your savings or go into debt!

    If you’re interested in a personal story that may help explain why my reasoning is this way here goes: A few years ago I was getting my masters when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My mom had always wanted to go to Ireland. Her whole life. But she never had the money/time so she never went. When she was diagnosed we booked a trip. We couldn’t really afford it. But it was the only chance we were going to have. It was the best decision ever. It was a great experience and after the trip she became too ill to travel. We juggled money until she passed and at that point I was able to settle everything out with her life insurance. It worked out just fine. And I got some amazing memories with my mom. This obviously doesn’t apply to all cases but it’s a good example of why, in some cases, the experience is worth way more than financial stability.

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    Why woudn’t you be able to travel when you’re older and have a career?

    I think on the contrary, you’ll be more at ease spending on travel, at least it was my own experience.


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    It depends on your priorities.

    I chose not to travel and to instead have a nice home, and was able to also buy a second vacation home at the Jersey Shore.

    Those two homes also will be a big part of my retirement funding, which also is kind of important to me.


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    @yanamari:  Seriously, he’s not even a little intrigued by Brazil or Chile?? And you don’t necessarily go to Thailand for the cities (paging Hangover II), but the beaches and smaller villages are supposed to be AMAZING. And very cheap. Like staying in a nice ecolodge is $12/day and includes breakfast, cheap. I mean, come on. Also Vietnam and Indo are supposed to be gorgeous too, but a different type of beauty.

    I would check out the forums on Lonely Planet, and pick up one of the LP ‘on a shoestring’ books. They are really great. 

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    I was with you until you mentioned that you’d be living with your parents as a married couple on one income and using your savings to travel. I just cannot imagine being 27 (which I am) and depending on my parents for shelter while I use my money for a luxury experience.

    I’ve also been “working for ten years” (no one is impressed btw), but I’ve been working to fund my independence – I got my own apartment as soon as I graduated, started making enough money to fund a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle immediately after college, and have continued to achieve my own financial goals without my parents – sure, I’d love to spend six weeks in Europe or SE Asia, but I will be working for that experience and do not see travel as an entitlement. Obviously, your priorities are really different than mine, so your decision will be made on different circumstances, but I have to say that you sound really entitled.


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    I would not travel without my husband.  Take an epic honeymoon.  We went to Europe for three weeks.  No one has to know how much it costs.

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