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@figgnewton:  OMG! I hate that too!! Like who cares you are going to the gym! I go all the time and I dont post about it! I personally hate when people “tag” where they are..thats so creeepy…like why do you want so many people to know where you go all the time in your life to eat, shop etc

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The tagging phenomenon is strictly for people disinteresting enough to garner the attention of an actual stalker, so they force you to stalk them unwillingly…, but I’ll admit it is nice to know where someone I dislike is all of the time, I can avoid them with the stealth of a panther….

The workout announcers get blocked after the third offense, there’s only one sweaty person I wanna see, that’s Mr. 99, so stop it, right now.

The only other thing that makes me insane, are couples that write each other love notes on each other’s wall, so it shows up in all of our feeds and we must also celebrate the special special-ness of your super special love….blarg…

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I had a friend recently post something like “So happy when karma comes around”. Someone immediately replied “I know this is about me” and thus began a series of back and forth posts about how my friend was really referring to something else.

1. Yay for someones passive agressive post backfiring

2. Clearly the person who replied felt guilty about something haha

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People that just whine everyday about everything…. their job, the economy, their failed relationship, their family……

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There are a couple girls, family friends, who POST literally everything in their life. There was actually a poop status once. It’s kind of amusing but 90% of the time I’m just like WTF! These people have no shame. 

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Honestly I was getting so bitter about how stupid, inane and self-absorbed most of my facebook friends were online, including many of my actual friends, that I deleted everyone down from 400 friends to 31, deleted everything on my wall from when I joined in 2007 on, all my photos, everything. My profile is so bare that facebook’s code treats me like a new user (Welcome!). I just don’t use it. I closed my wall. I’ve been invited to one event in a month on facebook, which I went to; the rest of the time I’ve been out with friends who actually made plans in person.

It’s made my relationships a lot better, and frankly I have a lot more spare time spent worrying about actual things, not reading other people’s boring b.s. 

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I think it is ridiculous how many people give play by play of their day. I think it is so childish and if people would stop and think about what they are doing they will STOP!!!


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My two latest facebook petpeeves are:

1. When people post about their favorite sports team 15 times during one game. Honestly, it takes up my whole news feed and to be truthful I could care less if they are super excited some sweaty athlete pranced across a goal line. I watch sports myself but if I cared about the scores in the game they were watching, then I’d watch it too!

2. Those who post their legal opinions in excess and then pick fights with every friend of theirs on facebook who slightly disagrees with their views. Same problem here – my whole news feed is consumed by their opinions (which I already knew since they already posted them every day this month).

Okay, vent over.

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My husband has a friend who used to post about how he was going to go home and make sweet love to his hot-ass wife.  “Yeah that’s right, we’re going to get it on.  I love my wife and that’s what we do.  It’s not dirty it’s love.  You wish you were married to her hot ass.”

Thank goodness he unfriended me first.  Guess a couple pictures of our puppy were just too boring.  🙂

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i hate it when people put a hashtag in #every #single #word #in #their #sentence and it’s not even linked to instagram or twitter…

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@figgnewton:  “Lol yeahhhhhh I have that friend too. They share a profile. It’s all smooches and I love yous. Barf. I am happily married and don’t do that.”

shared profiles annoy the fuck out of me. the funny thing with those though- when they do write to each other, it looks like it’s one person having a conversation with themselves. at least that part is amusing. 

i have a friend who posts vague drama statutes like “just one more day until i don’t have to deal with bullshit. karma will go around” or some stupid shit like that. i NEVER ask her what’s wrong because frankly i don’t care (we’re more like acquaintances than friends). it’s always something with a boyfriend. she can’t stay in a relationship if her life depended on it. she always dates disfunctional guys. 

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@Cady:  def +1

 and the ppl who whine the most are the ones saying “oh, I’m going to delete the next person who whines” 

or posts like
” just arrived at the gym” and tagging themselfes at the gym posting “I’m running 4k today” but you can see that they are at the mall on the other side of town at that moment (on that automatic function that tells you where someone is)…hilarious 🙂

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I hate passive agressive posts. I have a FB friend notorious for it. Every day she is constantly posting something about someone who has pissed her off. Yesterday someone made her upset because if they are over 18 and not grown up they need to grow up right now. Her latest is about how people text her when she is with her family and how she can’t put her phone on silent becuase that would affect the peopel she wants to hear from. If you hate someone that bad, why not tell them and then block them instead? I just find it something a teenager would complain about not a 26 year old married mother of one and one on the way.

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