(Closed) spinoff topic – have you ever met someone overtly racist or bigoted?

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Sadly yes, but not from my own generation, only older.

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I knew a guy once who joined the marines because “After seeing what they did on 9/11 I knew I had to go to Iraq to teach them a lesson.”


Ugh. Don’t get me started.


Anyway, he would get really angry if he had to talk to anyone who was Middle Eastern.



Another guy I knew hated Muslims. Only, he didn’t know the difference between, well, any of the races of color. So he’d be making fun of the ‘horrible Muslims’, when clearly this perfectly nice and normal family was Hindu. Also, just wtf. He aso hated gay men. he was a big, ignorant mess. That was kind of a convoluted way of explaining it, but it’s hard to sort it out, since he had no idea about race/religion and so on.



I’ve also known a few people who are uncomfortable around gay men, which skeeves me out.


ETA: OH! I had a long conversation about how I don’t have health insurance and how that sucks. I was talking about how I’d like universal healthcare. The family member I was talking to told me it’s because all the illegal Mexicans would mooch it all up, so that’s why I can’t have it. Oh, and another convo where “All Muslims are evil.”


It made me SO angry.

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@newname_99:  My brother actually very recently experienced extremely overt racism from my grandmother’s ex-husband. He’s very ill, his family won’t take care of him, and she feels responsible since no one else will step up, even though him living with her is taking a toll. She called my brother to come help take care of him for a few weeks while she had some renovations done, though they told her ex that my brother was there to help fix stuff. I forget exactly how their conversation started, but my brother called me in near tears after an argument with him, mostly over his ignorant racist comments. For example, he said any black person who doesn’t follow the law of the land should go back to Africa. When my brother responded that following that logic, Native Americans should have sent us packing back to Europe about 5 centuries ago. But of course, he says, “Well, that’s different!” And this continued for about three more days. He told my brother a story about a black woman who he used to work with, whom he referred to as “a good n***er” who “knew her place.” My brother held his tongue for as long as he could, apologized to my grandmother, and left the next day, but not after letting into him, most deservedly. People are funny creatures sometimes.

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My conservative religious family (mostly just one of the oldest aunts) is awfully bigoted towards homosexuals. And anyone who dare “live in sin.” None of us nieces and nephews bring our partners around the greater family until long after we’re married for fear of scorn!

And then my batshit crazy nephew Brian (who is in his early 30s)… I have never met anyone more racist and bigoted. He served in the military (though we believe he was dishonorably discharged, but we’re not sure), and has all sorts of nasty things to say about Muslims or anyone else from that general region. And Democrats. Oh, he could bash Democrats for just as long. Actually, he could bash on anyone other than himself since he is the only perfect human being on this Earth.

Ah, Christmas time is always full of lively conversations!

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Yep. My dad is extremely racist. He always told me that I wasnt allowed to date outside my race…. Funnily enough, I’m now engaged to a black guy and he actually supports it. He’s grown soft in his old age.


One of my customers has the title of most racist person I’ve ever met though. I cannot stand him. Everytime he comes in the store, if theres someone else there thats foreign then he’ll make fun of them right there to their face. He’s constantly going on about how white Americans are the only people worth anything. He once said something to me about my Fiance being black and I ripped into him so bad, he wont even look at me anymore.

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I grew up in Texas, so I was surrounded by it, constantly. It was a big part of why I moved to Boston and then the Bay Area!

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I don’t like to get into details, because they are painful to think about, but I’ve had a lot of people act in ways that are racist towards me…even very seemingly innocuous things can be hurtful when people don’t think through what they’re saying.  I’m not just talking about older people… It got to be that I would immediately put my guard up when talking with anyone white.  I’m working on that and have gotten a lot better. 

ETA: Since I’ve moved to San Antonio, I don’t see it as much, but that may be because the city is largely minority.

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I’ve been followed in stores, accused of stealing a guy’s credit card when I worked in retail, and called slurs. And that’s just racial. I’ve encountered a ridiculous amount of biphobia too. The worst was from a “friend” in high school who refused to hug me or my girlfriend because she was convinced she would “catch the gay.”

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I have a co-worker who (while not racist) is extremely homophobic.

And whenever anyone comes in the store who doesn’t seem to fit perfectly into a gender role (a woman with a shaved head and guy clothes, a guy who is too clean cut, or even someone who has the wrong mannerisms), she mutters “faggot” under her breath and I have to shoot glares at her to make her shut her mouth.

After the customers leave, I will then go on about the latest Harry/Draco slashfic that I read in amazing detail until she walks away.

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I’d LOVE to see her back up her idea that Mexicans don’t like to work. – .-

@rosworms: Margaret Cho did a great bit on “The Gay.”  ‘My mom used to give me messages like this: “Ummmmmmm…Scott called…IS HE THE GAY??!!” “Well, God, mom, I don’t know if he’s the gay…that’s a lot of pressure on just one guy. He has to do the parade all by himself! ‘I’m here! I’m queer!…I guess I’m the only one.'”‘

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@rosworms:  Ironically, I heard she has a girlfriend now, so maybe it is! 😛

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Some of my family… I can not tell you how many times I have fought with my family when they are talking badly about Mexicans… My daughters are half Mexican and Fi is Mexican (he is the father to our kids) about 1/3rd of my family is not even invited to the wedding because I know it would be a HUGE disaster…

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