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Busy bee
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@Laurenskii:  my friends husband is allergic to the cold too!!!! Fiance is allergic to banannas. It developed overnight too. He ate a bananna monday and was fine, tuesday there were hives, throat closing amongst a whole host of other things. That was a scare lmao.

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Sugar bee
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Certain laundry detergants, shampoos, and toothpastes. It’s easier now because I don’t live at home and just buy what doesn’t make me get hives, but when we didn’t know what it was and my mom would buy different stuff each time, it was bad. 

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I’m allergic to alcohol.  Not just any alcohol but only liquor.  I break out in hives, have shortness of breath, and turn really red when I drink liquor.  Wine and beer is fine though.  I didn’t know I was allergic for the longest time.  I started drinking when I entered college at 18.  I always experienced the shortness of breath but I always thought it was normal until I asked a friend one day if she experiences shortness of breath when she drinks too and she said no.  Well, good to know! 🙂  

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I’m allergic to the sun.  No shit.

My dad, my brother and I all are.  It’s hilarious.  Walk out in the sun and we all sneeze our brains out.  The nerves on the top of your cheeks are wired wrong.  Instead of feeling warm and tingly like a normal person when you walk out into bright sun, it makes me sneeze.  And I sneeze!  Usually 3-4 times, but at least 2. 

I’m also allergic to cats and dust, but, boring.

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It depends if you mean allergic or intolerant…

I have skin allergies to medical adhesives, nut oil (although I can eat nuts) and various soaps and shampoos. They give me chemical burns.

I am intolerant to caffeine, and various e-numbers and chemical preservatives. All that means is that, if I eat too much, I get violent sickness and diarrohea, and then I’m fine afterwards.

It does mean that I get to know how many chemicals are in food, because the sicker I am after eating it, the more processed it is. For example, I know that McDonalds has become less processed in the UK over the past 5 years, because I ate a meal from there a while back and wasn’t sick. Equally, I know there was a period where they used more chemicals in their food because I got sicker and sicker after eating fast food during my teens. I can only assume it’s due to increasingly tight UK poison controls.

This is also another reason why I don’t usually eat ****….

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Latex. I always feel awkward telling people that because you KNOW where their minds immediately go…

I’m also allergic to certain lotions and soaps with fragrances.

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@angelicd77:  I just developed a banana allergy 2 weeks ago! I know how that one started though because I got a near leathal dose of isopentyl acetate (banana oil) in college, then I ate banana ice cream. Fun fact, isopentyl acetate is also a bee pheremone found in bee stings, so you should probably have your Fiance watch out for that.  I’m also allergic to a lot of perfumes and dyes. The weirdest one is probably the dye that makes me allergic to orange and yellow clothing.

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@angelicd77:  I’m allergice to bananas too!  I had eaten them for YEARS, since I can remember.  Then a few years ago, I ate one and noticed my throat felt kinda itchy and my lips felt funny.  I didn’t think anything of it until I ate another banana and the same thing happened again!  So of course, being a scientist, I had to eat a 3rd to prove to myself I was allergic.  And I was.  It sucks because I love bananas and they are an excellent source of potassium.

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The powder in latex gloves, any kind of bandages that are NOT Band-aid brand, and troll hair. Yes, those litlte trollies make me sneeze and itch like mad crazy. Lucky no one really has them anymore.

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