(Closed) Spinoff: Was College Worth It?

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  • poll: Are you happy about your college decision?
    I went, and I'm happy I did. : (162 votes)
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    I went, and I wish I hadn't. : (18 votes)
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    I didn't go, but wish I would have. : (2 votes)
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    I didn't go, and don't regret that choice. : (2 votes)
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    I didn't go, but plan on going in the future. : (4 votes)
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    I didn't finish, but wish I would have. : (5 votes)
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    I didn't finish, and I'm doing just fine. : (11 votes)
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    Have a degree that I busted my ass on. Learned a lot. Without grad school it’s useless, I can’t find a job in my field. There’s not a demand for Neuroscientists with only an undergrad..

    So it was really stupid. I have no choice but to go to grad school.


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    I went, I’m glad I did. I think that taking the GE classes helps make you a more well rounded person. Plus college was a time where I found myself and who I am. I have loans, put myself through on my own, but it’s okay! I’m proud to say I have my BA. 

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    I can’t speak highly enough of my advanced education. To me it’s worth more than I paid. I loved what I learned and I loved the experience!

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    I went, sort of wish I hadn’t.  I always wanted to be a hairstylist growing up, so I should have stuck with a program like that.  Instead I decided to go to a pricey private university to study Accounting and now I’m paying the price.  I’m making about $10K less than I thought I would and I have $90K of student loans.  I regret going.  I should have at least chosen a cheaper school.  Ah, the decisions we make when we’re 18…

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    I think it’s totally worth it to go to college. From the experience to the degree, I have found it to be incredibly valuable.

    The thing is, a college degree isn’t necessarily worth much if you HAVE one, but if you DON’T have one, I think it can work against you and close doors.

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    I went, and I had a great time, so I don’t regret it. BUT, I wouldn’t be any worse off had I not, so I sometimes wish I would have not gone

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    My weird thing about college: I’m a firm believer that it’s worth the experience, purely from the standpoint of gaining independence. When I think about college, I have no regrets because I think about how much as I grew as a person living on campus, making good friends, and kind of “finding myself” as a young adult. It makes me sad that my aunt and uncle aren’t letting my cousin go to 4 year college, because they don’t want to be wasting money on a degree she might not end up using. Instead, she’ll go to a community college to figure it out (nothing wrong with community colleges, it just makes me sad to think she doesn’t really even get the choice to have the experience I did as an 18 year old fresh out of school).

    I’m also glad I got my degree, because it did help me to get my Master’s. That said, I don’t think bachelor’s degrees are worth much, individually, unless it is something very very specific in a field that requires said specific degree. Otherwise, you can basically get a bachelor’s in anything and get a job in any field. As someone who studied music ed, I’ve done basically everything except become a music teacher with my degree. In retrospect, I kind of wish I could do school all over again to have tried something different from square one (mainly writing/journalism/media).

    Bachelor’s degrees are good stepping stones on to the next bigger and better thing. I really don’t know all that many people who went to school and ended up doing something related to their degree.

    I also don’t think college is for everyone, and there are lot of people who make great careers out of 2 year schools, programs, landing the right job out of high school, etc.

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    I went, and I’m glad I did.  I also went to law school, which is impossible without an undergrad degree.  I pay $700 a month in student loans, but with my salary it’s completely manageable, and with only paying the minimums, I will be out of debt in 9 years. (I just graduated law school last May.)

    @bluewolverine:  Are you a law professor?  I’m doing a federal judicial clerkship right now, then probably heading to biglaw after. ::shudders at the thought::  I think eventually I would like to go into academia–either teaching or being a dean/administrator.

    ETA: Also, I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything. Made awesome friends and had a great time. I’m the first person in my large extended family to go to college, and they think it’s stupid that I spent so much money in order to go to school far away when there were plenty of colleges that I could have attended while living with my parents.  Getting away from my family and gaining independence was totally worth the money.

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    Well, I wanted to get a PhD so going to undergrad was a must for me!

    I also had a full scholarship so no loans, no debts.  At least in my case, totally worth it.

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    Yes, college is absolutely worth it for me.  I also opted to go to grad school when I already had a solid full-time job.  I don’t think I could ever see education as a mistake, personally. 

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    I have 2 degrees and 3 certificates. I wouldn’t be a Teacher without doing that hard work at University/ College. I don’t regret any of it. I only wish I had socialised a bit more. I don’t keep in contact with anyone from studying.

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    @bluewolverine:  I technically didn’t “finish” because I don’t have my BSN.  I went to a nursing school instead and got my nursing diploma.  Which really doesn’t make much a difference because I took  the same nursing boards as those who got a BSN or an associates degree. All of us considered RNs as well.  I know many nurses that will work full time and go to school online to get their BSN but I just don’t have that motivation for it right now(esp now that I’m plannign and paying for a wedding).  Maybe one day, but not worth going back to school right now and paying thousands in tuition to make a dollar or two more an hour.  I make over 70K a year without a “degree” so I feel like I’m doing ok.



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    Yeah, I definitely needed a BS to sit for the CPA exam, and I was also required to take enough extra accounting/business hours that I just went ahead and got a MS. I racked up over a little over $30K in loans for my masters, but in theory it will pay for itself once I pass all sections of the exam.

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