(Closed) SPINOFF: Was your high school graduation meaningful to you? Also, reunions?

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Actual graduation ceremonies have never been a big deal to me. I didn’t even go to my law school graduation and I only went to my college graduation because we had kickass speakers. I wouldn’t have gone to my HS graduation if I had a choice in the matter.

BUT I’ve always loved all the excitement of graduation events/parties leading up to or right after graduation. Those were awesome.

I’m meh on reunions. I keep in touch with the people I want to keep in touch with and the rest of them I don’t keep in touch with for a reason haha. Plus I feel like with FB I more or less know what so many of my classmates are up to now anyway.

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craigslistgirl:  I recently skipped my high school reunion. Firstly, I don’t even live in the same country anymore so it would’ve been an expensive venture and secondly… the group FB page was so full of people waxing poetic about how beautiful it was going to be to see people again was nauseating. I’m easy to find on Facebook – if you want to talk to me, come talk to me.

I didn’t attend my graduation ceremony. It was outdoors, was supposed to be close to 100 degrees that day, and I was not a fan of the people who came before and after my last name in the alphabet. Don’t get me wrong – I was happy to graduate. Ecstatic. I just didn’t want to sit through a ceremony under those conditions.

That being said – I didn’t like school until college. Like, at all. So it’s not something I feel nostalgic about. I wasn’t bullied a lot or neglected or a major outsider or anything… I just didn’t enjoy the experience.

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At the time, when I was 18, it seemed like a big deal.  I was the first one in my family to ever head to college, so it was an exciting time.  Looking back now, the whole event/process pales in comparison to other life events/accomplishments that have happened.  

And no, I did not attend my 10 year HS reunion.  I was in town the weekend of it, but had zero desire to attend.

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Nope.  First, I hated high school so I was just happy to get the hell out of there.  The graduation ceremony was just something that I was forced to sit through.  I didn’t even attend my college graduation because why?  I wasn’t friends with anyone in my graduating class (I commuted and was older then most) because due to switching majors and then only going part time one semester, I graduated a two years after others that I knew.  So I certainly wasn’t about ready to sit through a long ceremony with a bunch of strangers only to walk across a stage and be presented with a fake diploma until my real one came in the mail.  The ceremony certainly wasn’t going to make me even more of a graduate then I already was.

I have not attended a high school reunion.  Next year will be our 15 year reunion.  I doubt anything will be planned and I wouldn’t go anyways.  Everyone that I like to stay in touch with from high school I already do.  Then there is FB so I can still check out who is up to what and how many kids people have if I feel inclined.  But that is usually never.

But I do not feel nostalgic about school.  The life that I have had post high school has been 100 times more enjoyable and fun and exciting then the four years I spent in high school.

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craigslistgirl:  I posted in the other thread, but my high school graduation was definitely meaningful to me.  I went to college 12 hours away, where I didn’t know a single person.  I loved my high school friends and was sad to leave, but also excited for the future.  High school graduation was a big deal and we all had big graduation dinners and parties.  My 10 year reunion isn’t until next year, but I will probably go if it’s not inconvenient (I live 3-4 hours away).  A small 5 year reunion was planned, but it was Thanksgiving weekend and I chose to spend the weekend with my parents who no longer live near where I went to school. 

ETA: I also went to my college and law school graduations.  I’m big on milestones and like having an excuse to celebrate 😉

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At the time, my high school graduation was super important. Looking back, not so much.

I pretty much only attended my college graduation for my parents lol

ETA: I did not attend my high school reunion. It was held at a popular bar in town. I still hang out with every person I love from high school so going to see old classmates was not a priority for me.

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Went to my high school graduation. It was too long and everyone was hot and sweaty from sitting out in the sun. Skipped my college graduation cause it just wasn’t important to me. Skipped my 10 year reunion because if I wanna talk to someone from high school that I don’t already talk to, I’ll just do so through Facebook.

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craigslistgirl:  My HS graduation was important because you were finally done with it all. Ours was inside, not hot. Woot! I skipped my college graduation because I didn’t like what I majored in.

I never go to my reunions. It’d be like making small talk with a room full of strangers, not interested. My parents love their reunions, though, so what do I know??

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Was your high school graduation meaningful to you?

nope.  Don’t remember much about it other than we were told a million times not to throw our caps in the air and how they’d take our diplomas away if we did or somehting like that.  Or was it in college?  I donno, institutions never wanted us to throw our caps in the air.

I hated high school and it was the worst time in my life thus far.

My college graduation was the most meaningful one for reasons not really having to do with graduation at all.

I didn’t go to my grad school graduations.  I kinda regret not going to one becasue I think my dad had wanted me to.  But he never did tell me at the time. 

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High School graduation was a pretty big deal, I was one of the speakers, so that made it much more meaningful having to write and deliver a speech. I was disappointed though because our principal, who usually went through all the graduates and said a little bit about them, was sick and unable to attend. He had had cancer for many years, so I don’t begrudge him or anything, but that was something that I was looking forward to and didn’t get to experience. I think it was more personal because our class was so small, only 86 graduates, unlike my college and grad school graduations where it was essentially a list of names and a couple boring speakers.

My 10 year is this year. I haven’t heard anything about a reunion. I don’t think my high school really does them. Nevertheless, I live states away and would probably not drop $300+ on plane tickets to attend unless I was already visiting at that time.


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No I would not go to a HS reunion.  I would go to college but only if a select few other people were going.  Lat reunion, they did not so I did not go as well.

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craigslistgirl:  omg, no.  High school graduation, despite being a giant affair where I’m from, was not meaningful in any way to me.  I couldn’t not wait to leave, both high school and the actual graduation.  My friends and I had drifted apart by the time graduation came around and I could not get out fast enough.  

To be honest, my college graduation wasn’t all that meaningful to me either, so maybe I’m just not too graduation-sappy.

As for the ten year reunion next year, I will not be going even if I’m home.  No way, no how.  I do not talk to a single person (besides one) from high school and rather not spend a night reminising about our time there (especially since most of my classmates feel that their high school days were the *ultimate peak* of their life). 

I wasn’t bullied or anything. Had no real horror stories. My high school carreer was actually very smooth – I cheered and was in lots of groups/clubs – but I was ready to leave. And not look back 🙂

EDIT TO ADD: The 10 year high school reunion party has been in the works for YEARS!!! I’m not joking.  I remember being added to a FB group years ago for it and got out. I can’t imagine how huge it is.  

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High school was meaningless to me; it was nothing but a stepping stone to something bigger and better. A high school diploma used to be an accomplishment and now it’s just something you have to have as a bare minimum to get a job, and you probably won’t get hired anywhere real with one without seeking further skills, certifications, degrees, or training anyhow.

My college graduation meant a lot more. I did not walk for my master’s, so I have no idea how that one went.

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craigslistgirl:  I agree with monster that the anticipation/parties/plans leading up to graduation were the draw for me. The actual cermony was LONG and extremely hot (92 with head index/humidity making it closer to 98). My grandma was there I felt so bad… Years later I found out that my Dad’s graduation ceremony (for his bachelors degree) was the same day as my ceremony and he skip his to watch mine. That changed my opinion a bit. I’d say my college graduation held a lot more excitement/feelings of achievement for me.

Reunions? Not so much. I see them all on FB and I barely knew my class in highschool, I’m okay with not catching up in real life. I’m an hour and a half away now but I won’t be making an effort to go to the reunion.

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