(Closed) SPINOFF: What are your “good wife” cheats?

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@bakerella: Vinegar will help with that smell in your washer!!  Run a cup of white vinegar through an empty cycle.

I never use fabric softener or dryer sheets on my towels.  The waxy parts of the formula will make your towels less absorbent over time, but vinegar makes them soft and keeps them very absorbent.  And I PROMISE they don’t smell like vinegar afterwards!! ๐Ÿ™‚  Plus, it’s also a natural disinfectant so it gets rid of any lingering bacteria/smells from kitchen towels, etc.

Vinegar also will help loosen gross stuff in the microwave, and will clean your coffee pot.  Run 1-2 cups through twice, then run a full pot of water through 3 times and it will be super clean!

Vinegar is basically my go-to cleaning staple.  If you spray it in your shower, then rinse, it will help keep mildew away, especially on the curtain.


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@MightySapphire: Ha, I didn’t see your post before I posted!!  Vinegar does cure a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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@PutABirdOnIt:I thought I was the only one to save all my calls for cleaning and cooking ๐Ÿ˜€

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2 things.  I LOVE this thread.  I also LOVE the bra tip, but I can’t wait for DH to find me in the shower soaping up my bra.  I’ll need a camera for the look on his face.

I’m not sure I have any tips, I’m not very useful like that.  Haha.  We do have the divided laundry bins for colours, and that definitely helps.  And something I read about today is to put tennis balls in with a duvet/pillow/etc when washing/dryer (spinoff from the shoe tip…since I have no clean shoes I would put in there!)

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@MrsMaine:  Oh you’re good, MissMaine. You’re real good!


I want a Dyson, and DH can’t get past the expense of one.  When I chop stuff in the kitchen, or I’m cooking, and things drop on the floor, Frankie “helps” me by eating it and cleaning the floor.  DH watched him eat an escaped tomato the other night and said, “See?  We don’t need a Dyson.”  lol.  I’ll probably end up getting one in the next few weeks, but what kind do you recommend???

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Not a wifey, but – – microwave a cup of water for a few minutes and all the gunk comes off easier

if you buy frozen, pre diced onions, you never have to chop onions again

if candle wax gets on your carpet, lay down a paper bag or two and iron over it, it will suck up the wax. 

hair spray gets out ink stains

mr. clean magic erasers get just about anything off of any hard or relatively hard surface.

if you ever so lightly spray your bathroom mirror with aerosol hairspray, it won’t fog up (or fogs up much less)

If a cotton-type shirt has a cotton-type belt that bunches up/gets very wrinkly, or if you have a shirt with lace/embroidery around the neck or bottom, and you don’t feel like getting out your iron, you can run your straightener over it for the same affect….

and that’s what I’ve got for now.  My mom is one of those people who knows how to do anything, and I’m lucky she’s passed it down!


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White vinegar in the laundry. It will get any funky smell out of material, including cat smell. It’s also good for your towels AND cleans your washing machine to help it last longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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White vinegar works extremely well on pet stains. Cover a poo or pee spot with vinegar then soak it up with a white cloth. Removes all evidence of the stain, including the smell. 

Boil salt water and pour it down smelly drains. It really helps! Another thing to do with salt – add 1/2 cup to wash water to brighten colors. 

White heat marks on wood tables can be removed by placing a white tshirt over the area and and steaming it with an iron. 



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Subscribing now! This is good stuff!

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If I have to chop an onion, I put it in the fridge in advance (15minutes should do). It stops the tears!

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I am another for the slow cooker, it makes really good meals and is super easy.

I try to clean up as I go when I cook too, so we have less to do afterward.

I also plan our meals each week, so I don’t buy a ton of extra stuff we wind up tossing. Also, when I have time I make a big batch of sauce and meatballs to freeze, so on nights when things are hectic/stressful, I can just defrost and throw some pasta in. I guess jar sauce would serve that purpose too but I am Italian!

We drink Jack Daniels and dance while we clean so it’s less boring.

I don’t know if this is useful but I just discovered the Yankee Candle wax tart things and they’re so much more awesome than the candles. (and cheaper!) 

I have a steamer which is amazing for getting wrinkles out without ironing (although I don’t take care of his laundry so I guess that has nothing to do with me being wifey).

Lots of good tips on this thread!

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Haha omg I love the bra Idea! haha will be using it from now on. Wonder if you can do the same with panties too!


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@soon2bhis: Sorry!  I just saw this now! 

Pandora Radio is a free (although i think if you pay you can get extra things) website for music.  You can create your own stations and only include specific artists, you can have Pandora add “similar artists, songs, genres” to a station. Or, you can listen to friends/random people’s stations, or Pandora’s stations.  It’s kind of like shuffleing your iTunes, but it you don’t have to own the music.  Or, that’s how I use it.  I’m sure you can just listen to one album straight through if you wanted to.  But it’s nice because you hear new artists/songs. 

The only thing I think it’s missing (or that I haven’t searched hard enough for) is a good exercise music station… one that just plays lots of upbeat songs for a workout.  But maybe that’s a very specific thing for people that it doesn’t help to have a general station.  Check it out!  It’s a good thing to have bookmarked or the app downloaded to find new music.

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I’m not a wife yet but I do rock the house by having a chore timeline.

  • Multitasking – Laundry gets started before I start cleaning, If I am ambitions before work I’ll throw in a load and put it to dry when I get home.
  • Set the timer for your dishwasher to run before you leave for work, or while you start the laundry. By the time you are back home or done with other things they are dry.
  • Wipe down counters before sweeping and vacuuming. I see so many of my friends do the opposite.. maybe they are super careful.


  • Take apart your vacuum every 2 or three months, I have ones with a filter so I remove them and spray them outside with the hose (or you can wash them in the sink with less pressure). Just dry them in the sun before reassembling. Saves a few bucks and my machine works so much better.
  • I bought a set of terry towels to use as cleanup rags, they work great as a dish holder for drying or wiping down the mirror/stove. They are washable and it saves money on towels.
  • Steam cleaner – I have hard wood floors so I steam clean every now and then and its some much better than hand scrubbing or moping. I also clean my granite countertops in the bathroom and kitchen with it (new pad of course).
  • I leave a sacrificial tote on the bag handle of the laundry room for used rags or mop pads that need to be washed.
  • Drapes – My cat loves to sit in the windows and get fur all over the curtains, instead of washing the whole thing I just vacuum the furry areas. If I hold taut the drape and use an attachment it works really well and I don’t have to pull the whole curtain down for a wash.
  • Cut up a lemon and put it in the garbage disposal and run it. I also use lemon to clean up smells in the fridge.


  • I hate making rice, so I learned from a friend in college whose mom delivered her rice every few weeks. Make a batch and put into either ziplocks or into tuppers. Freeze add a dash of water then defrost in the microwave (it won’t be sticky rice but it works for me). Since Fiance is Latin I make recipes with rice constantly so this really helps.
  • Milk goes bad every now and again so I use a white board to write the day of the week and date the milk will likely be bad by. That way nobody is surprised and pours chunky milk. If something is due to go bad and we need to use it then he or I will write it on the white board.
  • Keeping a revolving shopping list. If he eats the last of the pudding and he wants more he better put it on the magnetic pull away list that is on the fridge. It keeps him happy because I get what he wants and I am happy because we don’t run out of TP.



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