(Closed) Spinoff: what are your irrational fears?

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Helper bee
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I’m terrified of highway tunnels. Irrationally, horrendously terrified. I have to drive through one at least 1-2 times a month. When we do, i close my eyes, breathe heavily into my hands while my head is in my lap. I have this fear that someone will cause a wreck inside the tunnel where car after car will pile up in the tunnel, causing major damage to the structure. As I’m frantically trying to escape with my family the whole tunnel collapses on itself and I am then buried alive. Being stuck under a hughway bridge brings the same fear. I believe it all stemmed from watching the scene in “What Dreams May Come” where Robin Williams is killed in the tunnel when a car pummels into him. 

Strangely enough, if the end of the world begins, or zombie apocalypse a highway tunnel is my number one place to find for shelter. :/ 

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Busy bee
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Falling and breaking my teeth. It has been in the back of my mind for who knows how long until a girl I worked with actually had this happen a few months ago. She slipped on black ice on the sidewalk and broke like 4 teeth, bruised and scraped her face and bustard her lip bad.

I am also hyper vigilant for “Final Destination” type freak accidents LOL

ETA: lol “bustard!” I can’t bring myself to change it too funny!! Why does iPad always auto correct what I’m typing to gibberish?

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Busy bee
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I’m afraid of down escalators. I hesitate every time I step on one. That TV show Rescue 911 scarred me for life as a child.

Specifically this episode:



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Buzzing bee
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Alright.. i dont know if this is really a fear….

But NOTHING makes my anxiety go from 0 – 12,0000000 like trying to put on my left shoe (without using hands – ballet flats ext) and having the back of the shoe curl so its not sutting right, I cant get it on, or it not fitting just the right way. There’s been times ive almost broke into tears it makes me that stressed out.

I dont know what it is, my right foot… NEVER, left foot. 100% will bring me to instant panic attack, if it doesnt go on smoothly the very first time.

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Honey bee
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Butterflies and moths. Escalators. 

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Helper bee
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Shots, having blood drawn, splinters, piercings… Anything and everything that involves my skin being penetrated by something sharp. I’m not even squeamish about blood ‘n’ guts and I have a high pain tolerance… I’m just completely panicked by foreign objects stabbing me. I sit like a have a scorpion on my arm when I have IVs in and can barely watch medical shows 🙁

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Buzzing bee
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Mannequins. I detest going into Victoria’s Secret because they are ev.ery.where.

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Busy bee
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@christinamarie980:  I don’t even need to watch the video. It’s the one where the kid gets their clothes stuck in the belt or whatever, right?


Mine is long flights of stairs with openings in between each step. I actually have stress nightmares where I’m walking up stairs and either they disappear and I have to attempt to jump to the next one, or that I fall through the openings. I get extreme vertigo while walking up/down them and I just get super terrified. It’s probably really ridiculous, but in my head IT’S HORRIBLE.

I also hate driving/walking on bridges, elevators (though, I am getting slightly better with that), and I really hate walking with someone and having them split us up by walking around something. Say, you and I are walking and there’s a street sign coming up. If you walk on one side of it and I walk on the other–it makes me panic and stress o.O

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Busy Beekeeper
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Sharks in pools at night, and anything to do with collarbones.

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Bumble bee
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Okay, mine’s really weird. All of yours have some kind of rational basis. But I have a really irrational fear of portable classrooms (like in trailers). I read a book when I was in middle school where a giant sinkhole opened under a school and swallowed up the portables. Living in New Jersey we didn’t have them, but when I moved to Florida I saw them for the first time and actually had to go into one during my student teaching.

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