(Closed) Spinoff: What birth control do YOU use?

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  • poll: What birth control do you currently use?
    Abstinence : (12 votes)
    3 %
    Condoms : (56 votes)
    12 %
    Diaphragms : (2 votes)
    0 %
    Birth Control Pills : (198 votes)
    44 %
    IUD : (74 votes)
    16 %
    Shot : (7 votes)
    2 %
    I had my tubes tied : (3 votes)
    1 %
    My SO had his tubes tied : (3 votes)
    1 %
    Pull & Pray : (44 votes)
    10 %
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    I USED to use NuvaRing.. We are currently NTNP

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    The pill! Been on different versions of Orthocept (yay monophasic!) for 4.5 years. With my first, we used condoms at first, and I got BC two days after my first time. Since then I always at least started with condoms, but have also been very careful about my pills. I have an alarm on my phone set for 3pm to remind me (so I’m almost always awake), and I only have 4 or 5 periods a year. 🙂 It’s worked great for me so I’ve never really messed with it. I’ve never used the pull out method, and don’t like condoms much, either way it doesn’t seem as pleasurable to me.

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    I hate, hate, hate hormonal birth control.  I don’t know why and the doctors cannot figure out why, but it causes horrible yeast infection-like symptoms with no relief from any medication because there is nothing actually “wrong” (meaning there is no infection).  I would go off the pill for about six weeks then go on a lower dose and sure as the sun rises, the symptoms would come back.  I did TONS of research and finally decided I wanted to try Paragard, the copper IUD.  Insurance paid for most of it citing it as preventative care.  I had it put in September of last year and for the first six months I had extremely heavy periods (I never had any real heavy anything or cramps in all the years I have had my cycle) and I didn’t know how to handle it.  Cramps were exactly the way I have had many women explain contractions and I just dealt with it.  I missed work only once because of it, but still thought of getting it taken out.  I am so gald I left it in.  I no longer have the horrendous cramping and back pain and the flow has headed more towards a normal amount.  If it is something you want to try, do it, but give it six months minimum to get used to it.  

    Also, no pain upon insertion or for any time following.  I am a HUGE baby when it comes to pain and having no pain was a shock to me.  

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    Pull out only for about 2.5 years now with no issues. I am against putting anything hormonal or foreign in my body and condoms did not work for us either.

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    I have Nuva Ring and I love it!!  We use condoms too, because no birth control is 100% effective (no, I don’t consider abstinence birth control).  I have a Catholic friend who used natural planning and she was preggers in less than 3 months of being married, so I rather not risk it!  My mom fell pregnant with me while on BC, and my grandmother fell pregnant with all 4 of her kids on BC- I think we are just really fertile!

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    i’ve used BC pills then had an IUD. now we’re using charting to avoid getting pregnant. i started charting to TTC and we did for awhile but then changed our minds. i like charting so i stuck with it. we know when to use condoms and when we don’t need to.

    as for the IUD insertion, it hurt like a bitch and i had taken vicodin beforehand. i had cramps the rest of the day and the next day but then i was fine. it was worth the pain and i plan on getting another one at some point (DH doesn’t want me to get one yet so when we decide to TTC again, we can get right to it). getting it out was a breeze. the gyno told me to cough and she pulled it out in that spilt second.

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    Birth control pills only.  I’ve been on the same ones for 10 years, love them.  In about 2 or so years, my Darling Husband and I are going to try to have a baby, so I’ll go off them… Not sure what I’ll do for BC between Kid #1 and Kid #2, but after Kid #2, I’m getting an IUD or my Darling Husband is getting a vasectomy.  

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    I have a Mirena IUD and it has been the most wonderful BC I’ve ever been on.  No side effects besides basically not having a period anymore!  I’ve been on the shot, pills, and then finally the Nuva ring for several years.  I finally decided after many friends had gotten an IUD and really liked it, to go for it.  I will be honest, I unfortunatley had a very very painful time with the insertion.  I wasn’t able to walk the rest of the day, and the nurses wouldn’t let me leave my doctors office until my Boyfriend or Best Friend could come carry me out to the car because I passed out after insertion.  Many other women I know did not experience that much pain at all however.  That said, that one day of pain was SOOOO worth being able to have condom free sex, never refill a prescription, never have to mark my planner and change a ring and basically not having a period anymore!  I love love love that I just don’t have to think about it, and the 99.9 % protection is just always there for the next 5 years! 

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    pull and pray for 4 years now ha . 100% worked

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    I voted “other” since NFP isn’t one of the choices. I’m currently pregnant though, so nothing at the moment. We were TTC for this baby :). I love how NFP/FAM works for both TTA and TTC unlike every other method, though that’s not why we chose it.

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    Currently I use the non-hormonal Paragard copper IUD.


    The following is how I ended up with it….could be Too Much Information…..


    Started BCPs at around 17 after I became sexually active. I used those in combo with condoms thru my late teens and early 20s. 


    At 21 I switched to Depo shot…because I had a new OB/GYN and he talked me into it.  I used Depo for a year, and hated every day of it (I felt like I had ONE big period of the entire year…yuck). I was frequently crampy, had frequent bleeding (that OB/GYN dismissed as “spotting”) and had “arousal” issues that required the use of lubricants every time I had sex. Finally, he switched me back to BCPs; and I could have been a star on a Proactive commercial.  Acne was the worst it had EVER been in my life


    After another year I switched to another OB/GYN and she stoped ALL horome therapy for six months. I was great because my libido was back, no problems with “arousal”, or acne. I actually spent over a year using condoms or pull/pray method. Then she suggested the Paragard and it has been awesome. The first week after insertion was crampy….then nothing. Periods are 3-4 days with mild tollerable cramping. 




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    None and I love it.  So over birth control.  I was on the pill for 7 years and tried NuvaRing which turned me into a lunatic and killed my libido so badly I thought I could go without sex for the rest of my life.  I trust my Fiance enough to pull-and-pray.  I know it’s frowned upon but it’s worked for us for the past six months.

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    I’m insanely paranoid, so I’m on the pill and he pulls out. 

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    @PrincessBride27:  I’m responding to this thread kind of late but here it goes…


    I got the Mirena IUD put in a few months ago. Before doing so I did and ENORMOUS amount of research on it as well as other IUDs (non-hormonal ones for example).

    I was on the pill before that and I just always felt like the pill was messing with my body – if I remembered to take it and I just didn’t like it.


    I opted for the IUD because SO and I don’t use condoms and I wanted a “fool proof” BC (i.e. 99.9% effective or whatever).

    I went with the Mirena- which has hormones but only one of the two that are in the pill, a much lower dose of it, and it’s localized- it lasts 5 years and I have NOT had children or ever been pregnant.

    If your doctor tells you that you have to have had children before getting an IUD, get a new doctor.


    I was really nervous about the insertion because I read so many horror stories online! But my experience was … there is the initial “measuring” which feels like a sharp pinching type pain in your uterus for about 20 seconds. Then she inserted the IUD and it was the same cramping, pinching pain for about 20 seconds. Either I’m lucky or people exaggerate because I would say on the pain scale it is about a 6. It is very uncomfortable, enough to make me yelp a little maybe, but I did not pass out or cry or scream. And I wouldn’t say I have a high pain tolerance – I don’t. But the pain is not bad considering it lasts a very short amount of time. THAT I can put up with for the sake of not having to take the pill every day.


    So for the rest of the day I was a little crampy. Like having normal PMS cramps. I had taken the day off work being worried how it would go but I could have gone back to work. I went shopping, I drove myself home. It really wasn’t bad and the cramps were gone by the next day. For about a week or so after having it inserted I had this weird feeling like, not that I could FEEL the IUD, but just that I was strangely *aware* of it. But that was probably in my head as it has been a few months now and I’ve mostly forgotten about it.


    No mood swings, no weight gain, no acne, or other side effects I can think of.

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