(Closed) Spinoff? What do you call your in-laws, and why? (POLL)

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  • poll: What do you call your in-laws?
    Mom and dad : (14 votes)
    7 %
    Their first names : (162 votes)
    82 %
    Other (describe below) : (21 votes)
    11 %
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    I call them their first names. We have a weird family. I’ve lost both of my parents so Fiance doesn’t have to worry about it. Fiance lost his mom right before we met. He is closer to his stepdad. His stepdad has remarried. Me and Fiance call stepdad and his wife by first name. His wife is only 11 years older than me and Fiance so it would be beyond weird to call her anything besides her first name. I, Fiance has also started to do this lol, call FI’s dad TP. When he was married to FI’s mom and growing up he went by Tony. When he married his evil 2nd wife, who has since passed away, he started going by Paul. Idk what to call him so I just call him TP. And we call his 3rd wife by her name.

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    craigslistgirl:  We are very close to both our families, we started dating when I was 15 so my in laws are very much my second parents.  I call them the same number of times as my parents to ‘check-in’, they are very affectionate and they call me/I call them just to chat.  I do really consider them my second parents and I feel they are very much part of ‘my’ family not just my SO’s, they constantly talk about how I’m the daughter they never had (they have two sons), since I am younger than both their sons I’m the ‘little one’ of the family.  My SO also has a great relationship with my parents and my brother, he goes out to dinner with my brother and father and talks to them on a regular basis.  However, whilst on my phone they are under ‘Mum and Dad’ (in Spanish) and I address cards that way, I call them by their first name.  I have never called them Mr and Mrs ___, nor has my SO (to my parents).  That would seem very strange to us, when I tell them I love them and text them to let them know I’ve arrived home safely etc (they really do treat me as a daughter haha).  However calling them ‘Mum and Dad’ is also a bit strange for me, I am sure they wouldn’t mind but it isn’t something that is very common over here so it be strange generally.   I think I have this type of relationship with my in laws because I am my SO’s first relationship (and vice versa), plus they met me very young and have seen me grow up so that is why I think they play such a parental role in my life. 

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    I voted “other” because I don’t know what to call them! Aunts and uncles are easy – they’re just “Aunt X” and “Uncle Y”. I’m still not sure what to call my mother-in-law, even though we get along really well! I try to avoid addressing her, or I call her “Mama-san”, as we live in a very Japanese area, and it’s less awkward.

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    craigslistgirl:  I call mine by their first names. Fun story: a couple of nights before my wedding, my mother-in-law, a few friends, and I were together doing the flowers for the wedding. (MIL and I are very close and get together occasionally without Darling Husband to hang out.) So she goes, ‘once you’re married, do you want to call me mom, or keep calling me Beth?’ And my response (this is a couple of glasses of wine in) was, ‘well I already have a mom so that would be weird, but I can call you Meth.’ Which I do. To this day. And receive cards and gifts signed “Love Meth and Dan.” I’m a lucky lady.

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    I call FI’s parents Gigi and Pops. Fiance has 2 kids and I have 2 kids, since they are grandparents that’s what they are called, so thats what I call them. I don’t think I could call them mom and dad.

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    MawMaw and  PawPaw like the grandkids. They perfer it. That’s what everyone calls them. 

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    In my culture (Vietnamese/Chinese), it’s rude to call an elder by their first name but DH’s parents told me to call them by their first names when I first met them.  It was strange for me at first, but now I’m used to it.  DH still calls my parents Mr. and Mrs. Lastname though.

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    I call them by their first names if I have to address them, but that doesn’t actually come up that much.

    They probably wouldn’t care if I called them Mom and Dad, but I think it would feel weird. My step dad is, for all intents and purposes my father, my real dad hasn’t been in the picture for most of my life and my step dad has been there since I was 4. I still don’t even call him Dad (I’ve tried, it’s just so engrained that I call him by his first name, it’s hard to change), so it’d be kind of disrespectful I think if I called Father-In-Law Dad all of a sudden.

    Darling Husband does call my Mother “Mama” sometimes, he’s got a southern accent, so it doesn’t really sound weird like “hey, mama” from a hip hop song or anything.

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    I try not to adress my Mother-In-Law at all, but when I have to its by her name, as that what she told me to call her. But its not common in my culture so i feel uncomfortable doing this. In my culture we don’t use mom & dad for in laws either but everybody has a nickname. In my husbands culture they don’t have nicknames… So I can’t wait to have a baby, so I can start calling her grandma.

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    My parents are Mom and Dad to me…to Darling Husband they are called by their first names. The boys…Nana and Grandpa.

    DH’s Mom….we both call her mom. When we refer to her and her partner, they are the moms. The boys….Grandma first names.

    DH’s Dad and StepMonster…I call them by their first names (can’t stand them!) and he calls them Dad and her first name. The boys…Deropa (German for grandpa) and Granny.


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    Interesting replies. I call them Mom Last Name, for example.  I do the same with my friend’s parents that I am close to. It has never been weird.

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    I don’t call them anything. Fiance told me once that it would be rude for me to call them by their first names, and that he would feel awkward calling my parents by their first names (needless to say, Fiance is not from North America). But anything else would be weird to me. Luckily I’ve never been in a situation in which I had to get their attention by calling them out. Fingers crossed it never happens.

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    I call them by their first names because that’s what they’re called! If I’m talking about them with my husband then I’ll refer to them as “your mum” or “your dad” but with them they’re first names. They’ve never asked me to call them “Mum” or “dad” but if they did, I wouldn’t because they aren’t my parents. Yes they’re family but not my parents. 

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    My Father-In-Law is deceased, but I call Mother-In-Law by her first name.  I’m an older Bee & would feel kind of silly calling her “Mom” at my age.

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