SPINOFF: What do you do to save money?

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I do Walmart grocery pickup! I add things to my cart through the app and I’m able to see my exact total before checking out. It helps me not purchase things I don’t need in the store! Then I pay online and they bring it to my car when I’m picking up!

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Blushing bee
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I try to use cash for almost everything besides bill payments. I feel like I spend so much more with a  credit or debit card. I also save my change. I never pay with exact change. It adds up really fast. I also save my mileage checks for vacations or whatever I’m saving for. I do clip coupons for household items and family members have started to save coupons for me. We’ve bought giftcards for restaurants from Sam’s Club and saved money like $75 for Outback giftcards plus a free bonus $10 card. I am always saving for something and usually every week I put anywhere from $20 to $50 dollars or more a week in another account for vacations so when that times come I have spending money and will pay for my vacations that way. 

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My bank account has an add on that rounds up every single payment in my debit card and puts it into savings. That really starts adding up. Even when I buy a chocolate bar on my lunch break that’s rounded up and goings to savings. I use this as my little extra treat and onece a month or so there is like £40 towards a new dress of a meal and it feels like free money. 

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Bumble bee
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I use topcashback for everything, it’s always worth searching to see what I can get back money wise for things I was going to get anyway.


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I firstly don’t spend the money I haven’t got, so I don’t use credit card.  I pick up some stuff from my parents garden time to time and I go to bazaar (local food market) to find the freshest and cheapest fruits and veggies.

Regular online shopping can be toxic too. It’s all the money you haven’t seen at all in your bank account being transfered to some other account. I try to see my money as much as possible and holding cash in hand helps me spend less. Because I know it freaking runs out.

To save money honestly isn’t easy, but if I could save some I’ll buy gold as it’s always a good option to invest your money. Plus, you can’t just spend gold. Hehhe

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Busy bee

I’m a bookworm and was running up too many book purchases online- which is okay for a book from a fave author I’ll keep and treasure, but not so much for mystery paperbacks I’ll read once, so I”ve exchanged my Amazon habit for a library card 🙂 

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mrsaime :  I save money on groceries I shop sales, stick to my list, and don’t waste ANYTHING. The freezer is your friend. We had a party recently and I had leftover fruit salad but now I have pre-mixed smoothie bags in the freezer. I save vegetable bits and chicken bones in a freezer bag and when it’s full I make stock (which then gets frozen to use as needed). 

For entertainment we’ll buy discount gift cards or groupons to restaurants or dates. We also scope out free events and when family asks what we want for gifts we ask for memberships to local zoos, museums, etc. 

Everything else we just research it and/or wait until it goes on sale if we can’t find a way to get/borrow it for free. We have a very active and amazing Buy Nothing Project in our neighborhood and we ask neighbors for things to borrow rather than buying. Recently our shop vac broke and rather than replace it we borrowed one from friends. Another neighbor was dogsitting and needed some baby gates so I let her borrow ours for 2 weeks. Leftover party ballons and decorations? Yup, share them for the next kid’s birthday party because they are toddlers and don’t know or care. I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars worth of amazing free baby gear and I recently gave away a grill. When everyone buys into that community spirit it is truly awesome! 

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I pay for absolutely everything on my rewards credit card, I pay it off every month and never keep a balance, and then I use my rewards points for vacations. We paid for our honeymoon flights (like $1600) with credit card points. It’s free money and I feel like it’s dumb not to take advantage.

Also, my particular rewards credit card has quarterly 5% back categories. So last quarter was grocery stores and I made sure to stock up on anything I could freeze or put in the pantry. I’d have to buy it anyway but now I got 5% back in rewards.

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Katll222 :  I second walmart grocery pickup. I can stick to exactly what is on my list, stay within my budget, and triple check my cart before buying (which I wouldn’t do while in the actual store with all the hustle and bustle). Then, the 30 min drive to the pickup location is some extra “me time” – I listen to podcasts in the car and go for a walk at the beach beforehand. 

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I’m opposite of PP in that my bank account balance seems very very real. They are numbers that I can see and track all my purchases, while cash seems like free money I can use willy nilly with no repercussions since I can’t see the impact on my overall account after the cash has been withdrawn. I am much more likely to irresponsibly spend cash than use my card, so I try not to have much cash lying around other than an emergency stash. I also have my bank alerts set so that I get a text about any purchases over a certain dollar amount, partially for security and partially for the guilt factor. Having your bank text you “OH did you REALLY spend $80 at the shoe store?? That’s over your alert settings!!” really helps me curb those “just because” purchases.

I also use an app called Ibotta, which I can upload receipts from grocery stores and it gives me between $0.10 and $5 back for certain items I buy. Once you hit $20 back in rebates you can cash out for various giftcards or a venmo payment. It doesn’t save you money on the front end, but it is nice to earn some fun money on stuff you have to buy anyway. 

I also recommend a Discover savings account for Bees in the US, because instead of the .01-.03% interest that is fairly standard for most banks, their interest rate is 2%, so that can really add up depending on the balance of the account. They also offer checking accounts that have 1% cash back on purchases up to $3000 a month. Great option if you want cash back but don’t want a credit card.

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Busy bee

Basically, my main method for cutting down on pending is never having any money! LOL, but seriously. What I do is at each pay check, I calculated what expenses are coming up until the next one, get a figure that I think I need ex, $300 for 2 weeks or whatever, and then immediately drain the rest off into savings or my student loan. My savings is in a different bank and not accessible via debit card. 
Obviously I don’t actually have no money, but I have very little money in my checking account easily available to me, so then when I see that low number, I am motivated to “make it last” to next payday. 
I should add, I have the tendency to be a bit of an impulsive spender, so making most of my money an extra layer of difficulty away helps me a lot. 

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Totally nerding out with the finance posts. Thanks for starting this one! 

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charlie057 :  I have this mindset as well and so does DH. We keep minimal money in our checking accounts because if we don’t see it in there, we’re more frugal and won’t spend. I notice if we have a higher amount in our checking, we go out more and spend more. Everything else goes into savings and we’re also looking into opening a new investment account with some family inheritance money as well (once we use said money for some very large emergency house things like a new roof, meh). 

May sound immature in your mid-twenties, but we joined my ILs cell phone plan instead of getting our own because its nearly $100 cheaper a month. We just write a check to Mother-In-Law and give it to her on a certain date every month just like every other bill is due. We also only pay for DirectTV and Wifi, we don’t have a home phone bundle or whatnot (most people we know do and they pay like $200ish a month for it). 

I shop at Aldi’s for most food because its cheaper and I watch the ads for whats on sale to stock up. They rotate through produce sales, which is kind of nice because I’ll buy what’s on sale and it’ll change up our meals for 2-ish weeks. I also got a Kroger Plus Card because they have deals that are $1-2 off regular price sometimes and also do really sweet $10 for 10 deals on products that I can buy in bulk and stock up on. 

One big way we save is by purchasing our meat locally and all at once, and we hunt. The only meat I buy from the store are chicken breasts. Beef can cost anywhere from $300-$600 depending on market price and total process weight, and we buy once a year. We always have meat leftover when the next year comes as well, same for pork but pork is cheaper maybe like $100-200. Then there is hunting… yeah sure we have our clothes, guns, bows that cost a lot initially but we pay $40 for tags and if we use all of our tags, we can kill about 6 deer each (we never kill that many because that is a shit ton of meat). We process all of our own wild game (deer, turkey, duck, doves) so we don’t pay for that (minus a Foodsaver and the vaccum bags) and eat that alot too. I highly recommend to everyone trying to buy your meat from a local farmer/butcher than at the store. Not only do I personally think you save, BUT you know where your meat is coming from. Ask around for what methods you prefer (grain fed, beef fed, etc. whatever your preferences are) and develop a good relationship with the farmer. 

I know this technically falls under the “pack your lunch, don’t get starbucks” category BUT we also have a wood stove in our house. So we cut wood and try to use that as our primary heat source when the colder months come around and it saves us on our propane and electric bill big time. 

P.S. Based on those last two points… I promise I’m not a hick and don’t live in Alaska or something, LOL. 

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Blushing bee

Love these! My biggest thing is just not spending money. I can blow so much going for lunch, getting sbux, 7/11 snacks lolol. All of which are also not helping my wasitline! 

I do the gas thing too. I have a costco membership and both my car and my husbands car need premium gas. So the membership $60 a year, and we save *around* $40/month just in gas. We drive a lot for work and fill up once a week, but can sometimes stretch to 8-10 days if we have some days off. We still spend an absurd amount in gas, but it’s much better with costco! 

I also generally don’t buy things not on sale. We aren’t brand loyal to most things (thinking more along the lines of groceries), so if I go shopping and diet cola is on sale I’m grabbing that isntead of coca cola. I also buy meat on sale and freeze it. It makes some weeks shopping bill much higher, but then I don’t need to shop at all some weeks. We also eat a lot of frozen veggies. They are cheap and quick and relatively healthy side dish. Sometimes we will just bbq or bake some chicken breasts and eat it with frozen veggies. Not gourmet at all, but its easy and quick and saves us from grabbing something expensive and unhealthy on the way home from work! 

I also call our internet/cable company and try to negotiate better deals every now and then. Do some research and find out the good offers that other companies are offering. I’ve had my company price match competitors to keep me from leaving a few times. They have the authority to offer you amazing discounts to stay, so take advantage!

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