SPINOFF: what do you like about social media?

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Sugar bee
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alfalfasprout10518 :  Not gonna lie, I really enjoy looking at stupid memes, my husband and I send them back and forth to each other pretty often.

I don’t really post too much of my own stuff, maybe once every couple of months I’ll post a pic or something. Maybe more if I’m traveling or something.

I have friends that live all over the place, so social media does make it easier for us to keep up on eachothers lives or stay in contact. Same with my family, I’m not close with any of them but it is nice to sometimes see a photo pop up and leave a nice comment on it or whatever.

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Honey bee
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I love Instagram, I have friends spread over various countries as I moved away for uni and then again after uni. I like seeing what friends are up to with their families or other friends.

I also just like scrolling through “aspirational” images when I’m bored, I don’t find it give me fomo it makes me insecure.

I also have a niche separate account for a hobby of mine and I get to interact with a bunch of like minded people that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise. It is a great place for me to get tips and advice and I’m hoping to base a new side business off it.

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Bumble bee
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Travel photos on Instagram & that’s it. I’ve never been on Facebook.

I’ve been limiting my time on Instagram this last month as I truly hate it.

I would love to be off social media all together.

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Busy bee

Instagram in my favorite. I just started painting so I love following other artist to see their process and geting inspritation.

Also Pinterest was, is, and always will be the shit. 

I recently started getting into Twitter. I don’t tweet myself but I love looking up hashtags while I’m watching my favorite shows like 90 day fiance. Sometimes the twitter comments are better than the actual show. lol

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futuremrs2020 :  I agree with all of this.

As much as some things annoy me on facebook, the majority of the Facebook friends I have do not post clickbait/humblebrag/vaguebook, etc. I deleted those people long ago.

I enjoy seeing updates from friends and family that live far away, especially some that I don’t feel close enough with to randomly text for updates. We might not talk often, but I still care about them and like to see they are doing well and what’s going on in their lives.

And yeah, the memes. I live for memes.

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Buzzing bee

Most of it sucks and only is helpful in wasting time. But I do have to say I like that I can see what happened to people I grew up with or knew when I was younger. It is nice to wonder what someone ended up doing with their life, and then be able to look them up and see. I would never go to a high school or college reunion so I like that I can see what people are up to without having to be friends or attend reunions. So I guess it solves my curiosity. We all know life is never as good as portrayed online, but at least I can see what happened to my ex from high school and see if he ever got married or not, or the girl I used to be friends with in middle school and see what her kids look like and who she ended up marrying. 


alfalfasprout10518 :  

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Sugar bee
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alfalfasprout10518 :  I was really surprised by some of the comments in that thread! My primary use for Facebook is keeping in touch with relatives and friends, near and far. When my grandma was still around, she was on the phone all day! So if there was news in the family, it got spread around that way. I’m not one for long or frequent phone calls, so Facebook has become how my family spreads news and plans things like parties and reunions. I like seeing everyone’s good news or pictures of their children. If I see something inappropriate then I keep scrolling, hide the post, unfollow or unfriend the person who posted it. I also belong to groups that relate to whatever phase I’m currently in. I was in wedding planning groups and now I’m in some TTC and infertility groups. My experience with social media has been largely positive.   

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Helper bee
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I like travel pictures

I like seeing my friends and family pursuing education-I love graduation photos, even kindergarten ones.

I like seeing people’s pets and holiday decorations

I like seeing people support each other, and supporting creators and artists I like by following their medias.

When I see shit I don’t like, I just mute that person. So I don’t see the political/lovey-dovey/ultrasound posts. The only person I can’t mute is my mom, who is the one who posts those stupid as dick minion memes. 

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Bumble bee
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I like it because I like to keep up with all my family and friends. Not to mention if it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have a lot of the friends I do today. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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alfalfasprout10518 :  

Pictures of German Shepherds.

Funny German Shepherd stories.

Hilarious German Shepherd memes.

Cute or funny pics or memes featuring puppies or dogs of any breed or combination thereof.

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Busy bee
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Pretty honestly, I don’t quite enjoy social media all that much anymore. I think it’s gottan pretty toxic in so many ways, like envying people or lives you probably will never have or worse probably aren’t even real.

However, I still use it. For style and decor inspiration, and for memes. haha. 

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Bee Keeper

-Travel pics

-Animal pics

-Keeping up with family & friends far away

That’s about all I use it for, and I keep it for these. 

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Sugar bee

alfalfasprout10518 :  most of my family (including my mom) live overseas so its nice to see my cousins kids achievments or what my aunt is up to. We arent close enough for conversations on the phone on the regular, but i still like to see what my family (and old friends) are up to.

 oh yes, and memes. Memes are a way of communication. I will go days with no other communication to my best friend other than tagging eachother in memes lol 

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