(Closed) Spinoff. What does SO/FI/DH do that drives you CRAZY!?

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@sweetpea87:  OMG, my Fiance does the same thing with his socks.  He leaves them at the door and we end up with a few pairs of worn socks at the front door Undecided.

As for what drives me crazy…  there are a few things:

1- he checks the price of gaz (and comments on it) EVERY day. Like, oh wow it went up 1 cent.  He says it makes a difference long-term.  I take his word for it, and let him do what he wants, but I don’t go out of my way to get a few cents cheaper gaz with my own car. I prefer paying for convenience.

2- he uses his mouthwash, then flosses BEFORE he brushes his teeth.  It used to drive me nuts, but I got used to it.

3 – he sometimes compares my cooking to his mother’s.  “My mom puts cream corn in the sheperd’s pie instead”.

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@bakerella:  OMG – When you said “Take it Easy”  I immediately thought of when Fiance says “Relax”  Um, yes, blood boiling, just a tad. 🙂


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@Mrs McCain 2012:  his brushing teeth routine is ridiculous…from the over the top gargling to hawking up a loogie or whatever it is that makes soo much noise.

That one cracked me up.

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Oh where to start…

He shaves and then wipes the shaving cream on the towel i use to wash my face so i get shaving cream on my clean face.

he does laundry and then just lives out of the dryer because he’s too lazy to actually fold them. I sware he knows that when i need the dryer i’ll have to just give in and fold them for him.

He can’t fold to save his life… his shelves in the closet look like a bomb hit them. but they are supposedly “folded”.yea more like inside out and rolled. in a pile. lol

He tells me to clean up after myself… and then I find an old blow pop stick of his stuck to the endtable…. REALLY?! I point it out and he gets this guilty look on his face. I wanna smack him. lol

And I can’t even tell you how many boxers he has with holes in the crotch. Just throw them out! He’s gotten new ones and I say okay why don’t you throw those out now… “why they still work.” One of these days their just gonna end up in the trash when he’s not looking.


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1. Does not put new paper towel/toilet paper in the holder.  Instead just puts them right next to the holders where the cardboard still sits there.

2. Leaves crap all over his nightstand and DOES NOT pick up the mess the next morning.  (One time I wanted to see how long it would take for him to clean up, but I just couldn’t help seeing crusty dishes and random wrapper on his nightstand.

3. Refuses to use the hamper for his laundry, he LOOOVES using the floor for dirty clothes!

4. Uses tools, and doesn’t put them back where they belong.

5. Just because he takes a bag of trash out after I asked him too, he thinks he just cleaned up the whole house.

I could go on and on, but for some reason I love the guy to death lol


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@Mrs.H2B:  My fiance leaves cupboards open too and it drives me crazy!  He also leaves closet doors open which is equally annoying.  He’ll also drape his clothers over the side of the dresser instead of putting them IN the dresser…does it really take that much longer to put them INSIDE?  Anyway, I generally just close the doors and cupboards and put his clothes away.  It’s not worth bringing up lol

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@bakerella:  THIS.  ALL OF IT!


  • He farts while we are eating.  Seriously?  You can’t hold it or step away from the table?  Makes me want to vomit.
  • We have a deal, I cook and he cleans.  There are only 2 of us so there are usually left overs.  He always “forgets” to clean it up at night and then wastes all the food I made.
  • He is INSANELY forgetful.  He forgets everything.  Unless we are in an argument, then he “magically” remembers every word I supposedly said 2 weeks ago verbatim.  However, if he didn’t do something I asked him to, I always get the “You know I have a bad memory..” excuse.
  • When he puts clothes away he shoves them all in one drawer.  To the point where I can barely open it.  It doesn’t matter if it should be hung up, in another drawer, whatever; it gets shoved in the one stinkin’ drawer.

There are more, trust me!  Lucky I love him so much!  Lol. 

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This thread is hilarious. hahahaha

-He takes his “boyfriend” (Best guy friend) to the movies and on dates, and leaves me at home.

-He eats ALL the food in one sitting after I grocery shop, and then complains there’s nothing to eat the next day.

-I ordered a pizza last night for us both, and when I returned from the store to get some pop, there was only one slice left for me, and he ate the stuffed crust off of it.

-He insists our dog stay out of the cage at night, which means by morning, a Giant German shepherd is laying on my side of the bed and I’m on the floor.

-He must be allergic to the words “Wash” and “Dishes” in the same sentance.

There’s SO MUCH more. hahahaha



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Just thought of something – he never puts the toilet seat down!  Smile

It doesn’t really bother me, though.  So far.

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Fiance takes his clothes off at night and leaves them on the floor next to his side of the bed. He won’t pick them up until I yell at him.

He has never cleaned the litter box.

He puts hot sauce on everything and then kisses me and gets hot sauce on me.

In the middle of the night he’ll cuddle up to me while he is sleeping. The next morning he has no memory of cuddling up to me.

He leaves his comics everywhere. In every room of the house. I’ve started telling him that I will throw them out if he doesn’t but them in the boxes but he knows it’s an empty threat.

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I love him to death… but he can definitely does some annoying shit. 

*He can be a very loud chewer. It’s nasty. 

*He never stops moving. Either his foot is jiggling, his hands are drumming on something, he’s flicking his finger, or worst of all… he’s fidgeting with the seams of my clothes, pressing them into me with his thumbs. This makes me MENTAL!!! 

*He always second guesses things. I can lock the door, and he will go back to make sure it’s checked. I will I’ll tell him “This is A” and he will say “Are you sure it’s A? Maybe it’s B? Let me check. It’s A. I knew it”. Like what?!?! 

*He always has to hiccup or burp when I approach for a kiss. lol. Well, not always, and he does his fair share of approaching, but whenever I lean in for a kiss, he’ll put his finger up, hiccup/burp and then go in for the kiss. Um… ew. Let’s let that burp settle awhile before we make out, thank you very much. 

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Well, currently he stinks. He forgot his deodorant today (But he didn’t go anywhere, like to work or anything).

He HAS to control the remote, even when it is my show, like Gossip Girl.

I am sure there are a lot more that I can’t think of. But there are so many great things about him that make him the perfect FH.

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well, he’s fixing my broken shredder right now after he broke it and refused to get me a new one! drives me crazy when he tries to fix things! i get it you are an engineer but just replace the damn thing!!! LOL! 

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He leaves used tissues on his desk or a half used paper towel on the kitchen counter and when i yell at him for being disgusting he says “they’re not full yet”! Just throw them in the trash can!

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