(Closed) SPINOFF: What makes you respond to a post/thread?

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  • poll: What makes you want to respond to a post?
    I have specific advice or personal experience to share : (95 votes)
    27 %
    I have lots of opinions and love to share : (31 votes)
    9 %
    I strongly agree with something in OP or the thread : (62 votes)
    18 %
    I strongly disagree with something in the OP or the thread : (49 votes)
    14 %
    I know the OP : (23 votes)
    7 %
    I know most of the posters in the thread : (7 votes)
    2 %
    The thread is hot and full of debate : (11 votes)
    3 %
    The thread is relatively drama free : (32 votes)
    9 %
    OP is short and to the point : (43 votes)
    12 %
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    I like mid-length posts with a medium number of replies.  If there’s like 300 replies, I freak out and don’t want to read them all.  Super long original posts can be intimidating to read, but super short ones don’t often give enough information.

    I will admit I’m more likely to reply to people I know, just because if people have helped me out with something or if I’ve connected with them chatting about something, I’m more likely to want to help with their questions or problems.  But if the topic interests me or if I really feel like I can help, I’m totally willing to reply to people I don’t know.

    Also, I’m more like to reply to posts about whatever part of wedding planning I’m doing at the moment.

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    I read a lot of posts on here, but I mostly respond to posts on the Nesting boards (especailly the Babies board).  Maybe add that to your poll?  “Anything posted on my favorite board/boards.”

    I will usually respond if I know the OP or if I have personal experience to share.  I almost always stay out of posts that are super heated/drama-filled or ones where I don’t have anything constructive to add (e.g. Poster is looking for information on using white roses in bouquets and I’ve never worked with roses or I hate the look of them?  I just stay out).  In the recent past, I have commented on a couple threads I would normally stay out of, just because I felt really strongly about my opinion.

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    I don’t usually comment if there are already a lot of responses because someone else has usually already said what I was thinking, and said it better than I could put it!  I also stay out of the dramarama threads because they just give me a headache. 

    I like responding to threads when people are looking for things, dresses, shoes, etc, as long as the OP is responsive and doesn’t just ask for help finding something and then fall off the face of the earth.  That’s one of my pet peeves. 

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    I don’t comment if:

    -The absurdity of the situation is too much for me to bear

    -The masses are completely opposite to my opinion – like 15 posts of “OMG that dress is GORGEOUS!” will keep me from posting that I don’t care for it.

    -The situation is super complicated with tons of details

    -If abbreviations for names are used too much… it’s too hard for me to follow.  My best friend does this in real life and half the time I have no clue who she’s talking about.

    -If it’s petty/attention whoring/fishing…like “do I look fat?” posts.  Or “what do you think of the dress I just bought!?”.

    -If it’s started by teaadntoast.  Oh, crap.

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    I respond if there are under 50 replies and I have something new to add to the discussion. I don’t feel the need to repeat what others have already said.

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    I usually will respond if it’s something I have an opinion on. I prefer posts that have less responses because I don’t want to read through a lot of things. Lately I have been posting a lot more though for something to do because I have been bored at work :p

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    • if the last poster (or OP) is someone I’m familiar with, I’ll check it out.
    • If the topic’s interesting, I’ll check it out.
    • Low or medium # of replies.
    • If I open it and it’s an essay, I leave immediately.

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    “If I open it and it’s an essay, I leave immediately.”

    LOL I agree so much. If I have to hit my scroll button more than once, forget it, I’m out. I’m not that committed.

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    I usually skip replying when:

    There are several pages of replies OR if there are only a few replies but someone else has already said exactly what I would have said (and likely said it better).

    A post is VERY long with no paragraphs.  I don’t have a problem with long posts per se, but if the post is long AND hard to read, then I usually skip it.  I also don’t reply when I really can’t figure out what the question is (rare, but it has happened).

    I’ve read a post and realized it wasn’t about what I thought it was from the title and I don’t really have anything useful to add.

    There are more than 10-15 replies and the OP is nowhere to be found. Why bother?

    The thread is asking what is basicallly a yes/no question or pick A/B/C and there’s a poll.  Unless I really have something additional to add, I’ll just vote.  I’m lazy like that.

    I’ve started typing a response and realize I’m giving out WAY too much identifiable information (I know people IRL who I suspect lurk here), I may delete my response altogether, rather than taking the time to edit it (goes back to that lazy factor).

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    I’m more likely to respond to threads if I feel I have something constructive to add, if it’s my sister’s post, or if I strongly agree or disagree with the OP or someone else commenting.

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    My list is pretty similar to KristenGettingMarried’s. I usually don’t reply if:

    • there are already 3000 replies.
    • I don’t care for the OP or some of the posters.
    • it’s attention-whoring.
    • I don’t have anything nice to say.
    • the OP is really long and/or has poor grammar and spelling.
    • the post is so ridiculous it makes my brain explode.

    I usually will respond if:

    • there are little or no responses and I feel bad.
    • it’s a dress post. I’m addicted.
    • the topic is something I have personal experience with and/or I am interested in.
    • my opinion has not already been stated.

    Drama posts are certain to have me lurking, but not posting. I don’t generally like to get involved.

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