(Closed) Spinoff: What's the worst job you've ever had?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I had a job that I had a love/hate relationship with. It was the only job I’ve ever been fired from and I was SO relieved. I loved it because I was working with one of my very close friends and I was exceeding all of his expectations, picking up how to do it very quickly (I learned in 2 weeks what it took the previous person 2 years to do), generally kicking butt.

I hated it because my boss was such a jerk. He had a “used car salesman” sort of vibe. Lots of words with no substance, just loved to hear himself talk, really smarmy and yucky. He thought he was the sh!t. I didn’t buy it for a second. I couldn’t stand being around him. Everyone else in the office LOVED him and I couldn’t figure out why (still don’t get it). He gave me an assignment outside of my normal work and I asked him about 6 times to talk to him about it to ask more questions, but he was always too busy to talk to me. I came up with some other awesome stuff that he loved, but then he decided he wanted that first assignment now and when I said I had been trying to talk to him about it for weeks but that he kept blowing me off he completely denied it and acted like I was out of my mind. Well that was the end of that job. It was ridiculous.

But honestly, earlier that day I had been thinking “How am I going to get out of here? I hate this place. I hate this job. I hate every second of every minute here.” I was miserable because I hated this boss so much. I guess the feeling was mutual?! LOL!

I came home and told Darling Husband what had happened and cried, but he just looked and me and said “Babe. You HATED that job!!! Why are you so upset?!” I guess it was more the sense of “failure” that I had been fired, rather than having quit. Honestly though, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m so glad I didn’t stay in that job any longer than I did. My friend still works there and I just don’t know how he does it.

I had more fun working at a coffee shop in high school than I did at that job if that tells you anything 😉

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Honey Beekeeper
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I worked at an insurance company that was absolutely the worst.  I watched them fire young very low paid employees for getting pregnant, totally illegal but they kept getting away with it.  When I was promoted, I ran into the CEO.  He asked me how I liked my promotion and also “I bet your happy not to be working under Hitler anymore”  WTF!?  If you know she is that bad how are you not firing her?  I realized that the issue wasn’t just one boss but that it was a corporate atmosphere so I quit and went to college.

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The worst and best job I’ve ever had was my last one.


It was the best because it was my first full time job, and the first time I’ve ever made more than minimum wage and had heath benefits and paid time off. It was a job where I was finally making enough to support myself and my boyfriend (who was finishing an engineering degree). And when they were in good moods, the people I worked witrh most often were pretty nice. I was a receptionist for a construciton company.


It was the worst job because I was working for people who could be inconsiderate a-holes, the owner was incompetent, and I was being used to fill in for a BUNCH of positions that they were too busy to hire people for. I was hired to answer phones and do some light administrative work, by the end of it I was sitting in on their profit meetings every friday morning at 7 am to help them strategize for the year. I was doing the job of their safety office, their events coordinator, their marketing manager, and their graphic designer- all without an increase in pay. I was forced by my boss to do personal favors for his children’s boy scout troup. And the only time I really needed them to be reasonable, they weren’t. My grandmother died suddenly after a fall. They made me work overtime the day before my flight to see my family after her death because my boss was too lazy to get me ONE SHEET OF PAPER WITH “OK” ON IT so I could finish some promotional materials for him.

I was treated as their b*tch, and I hated it.

When my boyfriend got a job which paid almost double what I was making in another state, I was all too happy to quit my sh*t job and move to keep living with him. (though looking for a new one is a pain)



What’s yours?

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Busy bee
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I did a WHOLE lot of random jobs throughout High School and College, from babysitting, to being a hostess at Outback, to working for the County Tax Assessor, to working in a University book store, to being a part-time secretary for the Chemistry Department where I had to order chemicals I couldn’t spell or pronounce.  But the worst….by far…hands down…was


I only stuck it out for 1 summer before I happily quit and found a new job. This was my usual day:

-Table comes in with 5 kids and 2 adults.  Each kid orders their free water with a special combination of bar fruits, like: a water with 1 cherry, a lime, and 2 lemons.  Parents don’t tell them no. So I have to spend 20 minutes assembling drinks for a table of 7 that are all FREE.  And makes the bartender hate me.

-Same table orders 1 adult meal to be shared between the two adults, and 1 adult pizza to be shared among the 5 kids.  Table proceeds to run me back and forth to the kitchen, getting more breadsticks every 3 minutes, because they aren’t ordering enough food to eat and are just using the breadsticks as the meal.

-I re-assemble more rounds of their free “special waters”, which takes another 20 minutes each time.  I get them breadsticks a million times.  1 kid spills their special drink all over the breadsticks, sending me back to the bar and kitchen for more “special” waters and free breadsticks

-1 1/2 housr later, they pay their $20 dollar tab and leave me 1 dollar in tip.  After taking up the only big table in my section for an hour 1/2.

Repeat this scenario, all day long.


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Helper bee
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I can’t really choose…

1) AmeriCorps “serving” as a full-time juvenile probation officer making $5/hour while doing just as much, if not more, work as the full-time salaried employees who made exponentially more. Basically I was putting myself in dangerous situations and working crazy hours for less than minimum wage… talk about burnout.

2) Assistant manager at a trendy retail store during Christmas season… last straw was when I got yelled at for hiring a “fat girl”. I won’t even dive in to all the other sickening things that went on there.

3) Recruiter at a small staffing firm – I was his longest standing employee and I was only there 1 1/2 years. We went through 8 people during that time. Was expected to work practically around the clock for $30k/year. I stayed for the insurance and managed to get bumped up to $42k before I left, as I threatened to quit (which I eventually did because I was so stressed it was effecting my health)

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Buzzing bee
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I had a job at a flower shop that I loved very much for 4 years.  I wasn’t paid a lot, but it was something that I genuinly loved doing, so I dedicated my life to the place.

One day out of the blue, the female co-owner of the business (a person I had known literally my entire life) decided to pull me aside before we closed up shop one day to belittle me and tell me that I had an attitude problem, in front of another coworker.  It came completely out of left field (I’ve never been told by anyone that I’ve had an attitude problem, ever) and the instances she referred to were asinine.  Needless to say, I broke down in tears and couldn’t stop sobbing- This person I had known my ENTIRE life was sitting in front of me pointing out personality flaws that had NOTHING to do with my job performance.  I couldn’t even speak I was so upset.  No one had ever been so outwardly cruel to me before.

I decided that I wouldn’t leave the rest of my co-workers high and dry during our busiest season of the year, stayed 1 month after the incident to make sure I could get more hours at my second job to make ends meet, and quit.  Within the month that I continued working there I endured many snide comments, whispering about me behind my back, and terrible passive agressive instances with this woman.  Within my last month there, I would leave work at night and silently cry on the way home approximately 4 out of the 5 days a week.  It was terrible.

While it was the best, most fulfilling job I had ever had, the last month of my employment there was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had in a job.

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I used to deliver the local newspaper in my area (in Brisbane we have the City newspapers – City North, City South, City East, etc) and every week i had to fold them all, and place the advertisement brochures in them, put a rubber band around each one and if it looked like rain, put a little plastic bag around each (which was really hard, those plastic bags were TINY) and walk to deliver them, all in all about 120-150 newspapers. So I either had to make about 20 trips with really small loads, or take 5 trips with them all in a huge suitcase, i got lots of stares! all this which totalled about 10-15 hours work, was worth $35 TOTAL.

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Honey bee
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@Asia:  working at a carwash ; ( i was 17 and i hated it

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Sugar bee
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I wrote about this one on another similar thread several weeks ago. Hands down, it was a job as a sales assistant at a lighting company. First off, I absolutely loved my salesmen. I loved helping them with their blueprints, and going out to lunch with them and supporting them in the field. They treated me like gold, would hang out in my cube at lunch, help me unfamiliar components, etc. If I could have worked only with that group of 8 guys and one lady, my life would be amazing and I would actually love my job.

What I didn’t love was how strictly I was micro-managed by 3 different bosses (the principals) and what a living hell some of the other workers there made it for me. The principals always contradicted one another and pulled me in 3 seperate directions. I would constantly get yelled at if I obeyed the one over the other. It was mind-blowing how they managed to run a company together. The one I liked a lot, for the most part, but he *always* needed something at the worst possible moments.

The other “admin-assistant” was the worst. She was a total abrasive bitch. She always had a hawk-eye on me over how I worked with my salesmen, which was not her job and frankly none of her business. She constantly set out to upset me, embarrass me, and make me cry (which happened more than once). It got so bad that she was forbidden to speak to me or have any interaction with me at all. The female principal treated me with such constant disrespect that I just said fuck it and quit. I warned my men/lady, and fed-exed my entry key-fob in that night. Best desicion I ever made. My Darling Husband supported me 100%. The next day I hit the pavement and found 2 part time jobs to hold us over while I looked for something more permanent, which I found less than a year later.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@LindsayMaree:  You didn’t work at a place called Wedel’s, did you?

Worst job ever was my last job as an office admin in a greenhouse (and I worked retail, so…). The owner was a nutjob and constantly yelled at everyone, harassed employees, made racist comments (we had a lot of Hispanic workers), sexist comments, piled work on the four of us in the office who had no time to do it. The ladies I worked with were all stressed to the max and had no idea how to deal with it, so I got yelled at a lot. The ops manager especially liked to yell at me and complain about everything–lady, I deal with the same stuff and make 1/3 of what you do AND have no benefits, so stfu. They also kept pushing back my hire-in date SIX MONTHS (and direct hired a lady when they were supposed to hire ME), so they were getting a college grad to do lots of work for almost nothing. Oh, and then they laid me off.

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Sugar bee
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I once operated a die-cut machine at a factory that cut the foam for things like seat cushions, crib mattresses, etc. Not only was it miserably hot, and thrird shift, but foam particles were everywhere. If I sneezed, they would come out my nose and if I coughed, there would be foam particles in the phlem. Needless to say, I lasted only a few months.

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Bumble bee
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It was my first “real” job. I was getting paid good money, and I felt useful. However, this chic drove me nuts! She was my self appointed boss, and the office control freak. Think “these plastic forks can only be used for parties, not to eat your lunch” kind of control freak. She took loooong lunches, but told the boss when I returned two minutes late from mine. She actually had accounts receivable pull up my time of clocking in and out. Again, she was not my boss! Accounts Receivable was her disgusting minion so of course he did it! Almost no one liked her, except my real boss, the CFO. She was his direct assistant, and he let her do whatever she wanted. People thought that they were sleeping together, but I never thought that is why he loved her. She was amazing at her job, and he seemed to like her as a person. I could not stand her though. She was a bitch on wheels, and the day I left I literally felt an anvil being lifted off of my shoulders. I hated going to work everyday, and I actually went from a social cigarette smoker, to an actual person who smoked. Best job I ever quit.

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Buzzing bee
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@vorpalette:  Nope, not Wedel’s.  It was a little family owned shop 2 hours away from where I live now, back in my hometown.  I’d love to post their name here, but aside from the woman who was atrocious, I do still like the other people who run it/work there.  Haha

I still sometimes think about running into her and calling her every dirty name I can think of (I do still see her occassionally, though not very often).  She doesn’t know it, but I have been holding on to a lot of her secrets- Things she doesn’t know I know.  I have little fantisies in my head where she goes to verbally attack me and I pull one of her secrets out and throw it in her face in front of other people.

I think I need to get over it.

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Helper bee
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I worked at a small christian academy teaching spanish and the boss was horrible. I could only wear long skirts, was not allowed to give bad grades even though the students would not do their projects. We had to take a cpr class and we never did and still gave us the cpr certificate. I threw a christmas party for the students at my house and he was so upset with me.  I am glad he didnt call me the following year.

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